UK Behemoth Cover

As revealed today on Wondrous Reads, here is the totally awesome new UK cover for Behemoth!


I love the tusks! In October you will all learn why there are tusks.

In related news, the UK release date for Behemoth is October 1, slightly earlier than US’s October 5. THIS IS NOT MY FAULT. (And, hey, usually the Brits get my books later, so it’s only fair.)

By the way, here’s the old cover (never printed) that this new one replaces:


Yes, I think I like the new one better.

Also, check out there new steampunk Disney figures. As I have argued before, the Mouse knows steampunk:

Ganked from the DisneyParks blog.

And to end with a word from our sponsors, don’t forget that Leviathan is out in paperback right now!

44 thoughts on “UK Behemoth Cover

  1. I like the old UK cover better, but I like the new one better then the US cover. And if there’s a reason for the tusks, then that’s cool (it’s nice when the cover actually has something to do with the book ^_^). Looks like I’ll be buying from the UK Amazon then!

  2. Ummmm… I like the old one WAY better. I admit that the space in the middle at the bottom is just slightly awkward (the dangley things could use replacing), but the new one looks… Mismatched. Cartooney. Dr. Seuss?

    So… Ummm… If they’re not going to use that cover… CAN WE PLEASE HAVE IT?!?!
    I want a copy to match my Leviathan hardcover! I’m probably not going to buy the hardcover otherwise. Sorry, but it’s the truth 🙁

    Sorry if I sound whiney

  3. Put tusks (less cartooney ones, though) at the bottom of the old one and use it for the US cover!

    Don’t worry, no one will EVER know… 😉

    It’ll be our secret!

    Ummm… All of us!

  4. Aww, I like the old UK cover soo much!! It looks steampunky and matches my hardcover! The new UK cover looks too colorful and sweet and sugary and not steampunky. And I think I can guess what the tusks are for… elephant beastie in the ottoman empire….?
    In other news, happy bad poetry day, Scott!!

  5. Cool covers! And I agree with some of the other commenters on here, can we have the old UK cover? PLEEEEAAASE? (You’re probably not in charge of that thought, are you Mr. Westerfeld.) And you’re right…, the mouse really DOES know steampunk! I just finished Bogus to Bubbly and I have to say… I think you could write an awesome Uglies book titled Cakes!!!!!

  6. The new UK cover seriously reminds me of the hot air balloon, and I’m not quiet sure why. If the US cover doesn’t change I’ll probably get Behemoth from the UK Amazon.

  7. I like both of the UK covers better than the new US covers. People-less covers for this series just seem better, especially since though the story is about the characters, the technology and steam-punky-ness also play a huge role.

  8. Ping to Sarah
    Totally agree. Just mix the two covers up a bit.

    The older one looks cooler, I think, because it’s darker and little more realistic art. The newer one looks, like everyone said, cartoon-y. Maybe if the lettering was different, and the background colour.

  9. The old cover’s neat but it looks like a blue Levaithan with the machine parts and whatnot. The new UK cover fits best I think, show casing that Darwinist style. And the Mouse… looks COOL! X-)

  10. I actually like the old one more (although the new cover is nicer than the US cover!), especially since it actually matches my copy of Leviathan. I like my copies to match. Although, if the following book(s) after Behemoth will all have completely different, un-matchy covers then I suppose that’s okay too!

    And the steampunk Mickey is awesome 😀

  11. Quite frankly, the “old” cover looks better. It sort of fits the scene more – dirty mechanisms and all, versus the happy blue skies.

  12. I like the old cover because it matches Leviathan’s hardcover and that is the one I have. Like someone said people-less covers are better. Even if the old cover needs some more art at the top and bottom…

  13. Maybe this qualifies as a neurosis, but it makes me upset when I buy a series of books but the covers don’t match each other because the art style changed half way through. It just doesn’t look right on my book shelf. I want the old version of the cover, because it matches the Leviathan hardback I already own 🙁

  14. I like the new cover better than the US paperback covers, but I really like the old cover better out of all of them, so far. HOWEVER- the old cover should still be tweaked a bit because it reminds me too much of the first one…in a bad way. I mean, I’d still like to have the grungy steampunk feel of the first cover but somehow differentiated, so that it doesn’t match it TOO much. The ‘wing thingies’ are kind of hanging and awkward as well, I think, so maybe that’s why the new cover might look more…wholesome, but I still like the old cover better, all in all.
    Also, the font of ‘Behemoth’ seems a bit odd to me, somehow.

  15. Must say I preferred the old one better. More harmonious composition and more in tune with Leviathan’s cover. I like the Thorndike hard cover best though. =)

  16. I agree, people on the cover – doesn’t always work. And this case is one of the don’ts. So both US and UK covers are a big no no for me. Let’s all have one awesome cover – the old UK one!!

  17. Since the Brits aren’t using their old cover… can we have it? If you just change the dangly things at the bottom to tusks and the gears on top to nautiluses it would be really cool.
    Love the steampunk figures! I’m almost tempted to buy some online…

  18. Yeah, same. I think the ‘old’ cover is better. The ‘new’ one looks all cartoonish and happy and stuff….not at all the steampunk World War I historical fantasy that is the Leviathan series. It looks like it could be the cover for Mickey Mouse’s first steampunk book.

  19. I just thought of something!!!! (Sorry, double commenting here…) I don’t like the new cover as much, but I think it really does seem more like Deryn…. cuz she helps pilot the Levithan Floating Whale Ship and such so….
    But I think both covers have more of a Clanker element than a Darwinist element. I think the designer(s) should make the Behemoth cover more Darwinist because Alek and Deryn are BOTH the main characters, and then they might want to make the Goliath cover a combination of the two.
    I guess I’m saying that I change my opinion and say instead that I don’t like either cover. Because… Even though the new Behemoth cover does seem slightly more Darwinist it still has too many Clanker elements to make it a Darwinist based cover, and the old one, though it is kinda cool, is all Clanker no Darwinist except for the blue coloring maybe. Sorry it took me 2 posts to say something and then change my mind and all…. I just have opinions about stuff……………

  20. The new cover is cool- it really pops. It’ll get people’s attention on the shelves. Also, those mice are pre-tty darn cool.

  21. i kind of like the old cover better. you know when you buy books and then you actually look at them sitting next to each other on your little bookshelf and they dont look like the same series. im not a fan of that. hopefully someone will read what im saying and change that cover.

  22. The old cover for the UK is exactly what I wish would be the new cover in the US. In my opinion, with a bit more detail that would be the best option 🙁

  23. i like the old cover better. the new one is to cartoony looking. but for reasons of the covers reflecting the content of the books, i really agree with Jessi. behemoth (as far as i can tell) is more Darwinist than Clanker, so the cover should be more animal, less mechanical. although, the whole point of the books is the relationship between Alek and Deryn bringing darwinist and clanker innovations together, so i think that since the cover of leviathan was so clanker, the cover of behemoth should be darwinist, and goliath should be a fusion. goliath sounds like a walker to me, so since walkers seem to be exclisively Clanker maybe it is a living walker.

  24. The old cover for Behemoth matches Leviathan better than the new one does. The clouds are a little ill fitting in my opinion. I do not think that the clouds are neccessary. And the cover DOES look cartoonish. But honestly, it’s the text that counts. Yes, the cover of a book always attracts new readers and gets people to say, for instance,”Oooh a dragon! This looks totally awesome!”, which gets people interested in the book instantly. But in other cases, it is important to keep in mind that the important part of the book is the author’s story. That is why many other people and myself enjoy reading; the author creats a great, one of a kind story that entertains the reader and holds a sentimental value to them. That always leaves the reader hungry for more text and more story. (That is probabaly why everyone wants another Uglies book)

    Oh and Disney is SO steampunk. The ideas that the imagineers have in their brains is so amazing! If anyone ever goes to Disney’s California Adventure, you should stop by Blue Sky Celler because it shows the guests all about the way Disney creates their attractions. They even have tiny models of their rides. Blue Sky Celler is a marvelous display of all the steampunki-ness of Disney.

  25. Ugh! Scott-sama, I don’t like the US cover of Behemonth, so why do the Brits get a cool cover as their original AND the new one? D:

  26. wait so…um…. WHEN IS BEHEMOTH ARRIVING DOWN UNDER IN AUSTRALIA??? Ahh i’m tearing my hair out for it to come!!!! Awesome front covers Scott, love them both!

  27. Scott, when New York Times is praising you on the front cover of your latest epic, you know you’ve made it!

    Congratulations, I feel so glad when I see authors doing as well as you have. It certainly is inspiring for a first-time published author like myself. You’re a role model.

    I love the cover, too!

  28. This looks more Darwinist than the last one, but still, too cartoonish. Darwinists can be awesome, non-cartoonish cover art subjects too, just replace gears and chains and smoke with fangs and eyes and smoke. If you want a more Darwinist cover than the last book, make it red and monstrous.

  29. It’s okay, Scott. If you actually don’t like the new cover, you don’t have to fake enthusiasm and lie. D: Because the new one sucks.

  30. Very bubbly! Though I like the old cover more, the new cover doesn’t look half bad and I’m totally going to buy the UK hardcover over the American one. I agree with Jessie, both covers still seem to be lacking in Darwinist elements but it could be worse.

    For the record Canada gets the US editions.

    I am interested to see why the tusks are important. 🙂

  31. Although I live in the US, I think I will try to get my hands on one of these UK copies. I just cannot stand the revised style of the US covers…

  32. So…. saw the US cover for the first time last week – with THAT PHOTOGRAPH.

    I about died. THe first cover for Leviathan is so stunning. I was really really looking forward to getting the hardcover of Behemoth.

    AND THEN THEY PUT PHOTOGRAPHS ON IT. Capslock cannot even begin to convey how upset I am at this. I’ll hold out buying Behemoth a little longer in the hopes that they do a special edition. Thank heaven for libraries.

    I’m going to go sulk now.

    *On a side note, the UK cover is average at best, IMO – the unprinted cover is the one I would have liked to have.

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