One More Behemonth

One more month till Behemoth comes out, which I declare to be Behemonth!


Watch this space for excerpts from the text, some giveaways, and of course a few more pieces of Keith’s incredible art. I will do all I can to assuage the waiting. (It’s tough for me too, you know.)

And now, because I’ve now missed two Fan Art Fridays in a row, let me make amends with this lovely and quiet image from A-Wrob. It shows Alek’s watch with a cameo of his mother in it.

Alek Leviathan

It’s based on one of the illustrations from Leviathan that’s my favorite, because it’s so quiet and personal compared to all the giant walking machines and beasties. So kudos to A-Wrob for picking a subtle piece to recreate.

See you with more cool stuff soon.

20 thoughts on “One More Behemonth

  1. Does anyone have a time machine I can borrow so I can travel forward a month, get Behemoth, read it, go forward a year, get Goliath, read it, then come back and gush over the Internet about how great they were?
    I’m sure someone has an epic steampunk time machine I can use…

  2. That is actually something I would love to do.
    On another topic, that art is amazing. I am also soooooo excited to read Behemoth.

  3. Haha, Behemoth, Behemonth. That’s funny. I’m so excited!!!! And I can’t wait for excerpts and Keiths art!

  4. Can’t wait till the Behemonth is over! Though I probably won’t get this book til Christmas. 🙁

  5. I really can’t wait for this to come out. I think I might just read Leviathan again to get myself even more pumped.
    On another note, will Behmoth be coming out in hardcover? Seeing as those copies there are paperback.

  6. Yay!!! Behemoth!!!!! I can’t wait to tell all of my friends happy Behemonth!!! hehe!!!! I CANNOT wait for Behemoth….. it’s so close… yet… so far. And a A-Wrob did make some awesome art there!!! But really, October 5th needs to get here sooner. All of my friends will probably be getting annoyed at how often Ill be saying that to them. (They’ve already heard me say it at least 15 times. Proabably 15 seperate times for each friend.) But until October 5th, and glorious Behemoth, I’ll just read Midnighters because I’m not done yet with the trilogy. And I still have to read Mind Rain and all of those other books in my bookshelf. And all those other books I want to read that aren’t in my book shelf.

  7. I’m currently reading Mind Rain and I am so excited about Behemoth! I’ve been counting down the days since January! It’s been such a hard wait, I can’t believe it’s almost here!

  8. Ohhh, I definitely can’t wait till Behemoth’s release. CAN’T BEHEMONTH FINISH ANY SOONER?!
    And that picture shows only the paperback. Does the hardcover have the same cover design? *pleasesayno*

  9. I’m still excited for Behemoth but is there any chance the cover can match the hardcover of Leviathan? I paid $20 for it…and it looks better without the pilot 🙁

  10. here’s a tip for all you teenagers out there (or anyone else on a limited/nonexistant book budget) if you happen to be on a road trip when behemoth comes out, so you couldn’t get your parents to buy it for you before the trip, and you are at the store with your dad buying food, and that store has a book section, go find a copy of behemoth, bring it over to the cart, then look really cute/excited and gush about how awesome the book is, then ask if you can have it. This does not work on mom, who has heard your pleas for every new book you wanted since you could read. if your dad is as great as my dad, he will buy it, and you can spend the next three days alternatly reading as fast as you can, and staring out the window trying really hard not to throw up from carsickness. this worked for me when i wanted a copy of mockingjay, which, for anyone who has been living in a hole for the last 8 months, is the thrilling (and depressing) conclusion to suzanne collins’ hunger games trilogy (i did not get paid to say that, it just came out).

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  12. BeheMONTH?!!!!! I’m gonna go start re-reading leviathan right now.
    Have I missed out on tour dates or have they not been released yet?
    I would be very proud if I was able to get my copy of Behemoth signed to match my Leviathan.. 🙂

    and, does anyone know what we would call this trilogy/series? the Leviathan trilogy?
    A-Wrob, awesome fan art! Good scene to re-create and I can’t believe at how amazingly you can draw hands! all my sketches have no hands b/c my proportions always come out weird….
    Thanks for the update Scott-la!

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