An April Fool’s Confession

Well, yes, last week’s Goliath art reveal was a bit of an April Fool’s Day joke from me and Keith, as many of you realized/suspected/hoped.

The comment thread of that post is excellent reading, however, because your myriad theories are awesome and amusing. (Two hundred, eleven comments and counting!) Many of you wondered if this illustration was photoshopped from lots of real Goliath art, but I shall not answer that question. You’ll have to read the book to see!


But I will say that the bride in the image is Lilit, and everyone else is basically who they appear to be, some of your more madcap theories notwithstanding. (I liked the place-switching ones. And sheeze, a LOT of you want to see Alek in a dress.)

Of course, this means that I owe you another piece of art from Goliath. And a REAL one this time.

So here it is, a piece of spot art from Chapter 23, which I aver to be entirely non-bogus and non-photoshopped. (And you still trust me now, right? RIGHT?)

Edwardian loris is Edwardian. Heh, heh.

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The meetup next weekend is still on!

126 thoughts on “An April Fool’s Confession

  1. @The Joker-la
    Even an excerpt would be amazing. I’m dying for something new haha. I started reading these books about a month ago and I’ve already read them both three times…

  2. Actually, I don’t think the picture was photoshopped or anything. It was just ridiculous, cuz if you check out Keith’s website, the “photoshopped” pic’s there on sale and it looks pretty official. I just think the picture was ridiculous….but it could be totally possible.

  3. New idea: It’s a marriage proposal. From Volger to Barlow! He gets the loris, gives it a mustache, and teaches it to say,”Will you marry me Nora Barlow?” She better say yes if my idea is correct.

  4. Yeah, Hannah, Volger’s TOTALLY that kind of person. Have you even read the books?!

    BARLOW might have done it; in fact, I’m SURE she did it. She’d totally do something like that.

  5. Oh, that was cruel. That was really, really CRUEL. I had a feeling that was a April Fool’s Joke, but still….that was cruel.

    But, cuteness trumps all. I *temporarily* forgive you.

  6. @Jessica

    It is Barlow’s loris. If you look at the illustrations from Behemoth, her loris is darker than Borvil and Borvil has darker stripes running up his side.

  7. Perhaps the loris is trying to communicate to tell alek that “dylan” is actually a woman. Not sure what this has to do with th plot…. BUT the loris is still freakin adorable, wish i had one.

    WAIT!!!!!!! I got this! People say that after a while pets and owners tend to start to look a like (my sister told me i look like my fish). So the loris is with volger to much and they’re starting to look alike!

  8. @ Alice, I once had a pet Russell Crowe and he started to look like my ass. So I put him up for adoption in LA and look where he’s gotten now: starring in crappy movies and acting like crap.

  9. Looking back at the fake picture, real or not it would make a great movie poster. Hint, hint, Mr. Westefeld. 😉

  10. NO FREAKING WAY! when i saw the loris i instantly thought that volger had been turned into a loris! hahaha but of course thats impossible right? please say im right!

  11. that was also not a funny april fools joke i was really worried! i don’t want Deryn to end up with Lilit she needs to be with ALEK!!! ALEK I SAY!! my so called “friend” on the other hand keeps torturing me with that picture saying its going to happen and i know it but i don’t because she will marry ALEK!!

    P.S. Dr. Barlow should end up with Volger ;D

  12. guys freaking out about lilit and deryn:

    doesn’t lilt realize that deryn is a girl cuz right before she jumps off a cliff she says, “Mr sharp”. i may be looking too far into it but thats what i thought.

  13. Yes! YES! *Hi-fives Jamie*

    I KNEW someone out there thought the same!

    ….Actually, I think Lilt knew about Deryn…and for some reason, I had a dream that Lilt and NEWKIRK ended up togeather. Ugh…creepy..

    Anywayz, I hope Amazon will allow me to peek into the book before it gets released….and I hope Skyward Sword gets released around the same time. That way, I have something to do while I think about the ending…

  14. Dear Livy,
    What’s so wrong with Lilit and Deryn? I think it’s cute.
    Your “friend”

  15. I agree with Dar. I want to see Alek in a Dress!!!!!

  16. im so excited for Goliath!! I loved the books so much i read them each in one day… i wish i dragged it out longer.. if only..

    love the pic!!

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