Blue Mountains

We had a great time in the Blue Mountains, so I thought I’d share some snaps and movies with you guys.

The Blue Mountains’ most famous landmark is probably the Three Sisters, which are not in fact siblings but three sticky-uppy rocks. Early-rising tourists are rewarded by seeing them backdropped against the awesome mist coming up from the Megalong Valley.

Yes, it’s called the Megalong Valley, but not because it’s mega-super-duper-long. The name is derived from an Aboriginal word meaning “Valley Under The Rock.” (Well, it was thought by early European explorers to mean “Valley Under The Rock,” but early European explorers don’t really have a good track record with this stuff. Megalong could also mean, “Why are you asking me all these stupid questions, easily sunburnt invader?”)

In any case, the Three Sisters are cool:

As you can see, the valley is almost completely unspoiled. No roads in, so you descend into it with a vertiginous walk down among the Sisters.

Yes, that walkway looks crowded, but the valley below is huge. Even mega-huge. So it’s easy to find yourself completely alone after walking down a few paths. Well, alone except for the ubiquitous bellbirds, so named for their bell-like cries.

Turn up your volume and put on headphones for this video, the bellbirds make a strange and awesome sound. This is only two singing here, but when the whole forest is full of their cries, it makes for a mesmerizing soundscape.

This is my new iPhone wallpaper, because I love me some Australian bark:

We also saw a lyrebird. They are excellent mimics, but this one was quietly digging for grubs, and so did not mimic, or even taunt us.

For those of you who worry about such things, the collective noun is “a musket of lyrebirds.” They have cool tails.

As we climbed out of the valley, I got this shot, proving that the Blue Mountains is beautiful. Not bad for a place only 90 minutes from Sydney.

Click here for the bigness!

That’s it for now. See you on Friday.

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  1. Ah….back from a lovely weekend of watching fools drop 250 feet and fly under a bridge. In France (and if you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about, I salute you. Yeah, I went to THAT PLACE.).

    So, no Fan Art? Eh, at least I don’t have to be writing on three different posts at one time…

    PSN’s back up. I can hear the nerds rejoicing across America.

  2. F< Fan art?
    XD I'm done with that.

    But I love the videos .> I’m jealous that you got to go XD Gives me hope that the world is still beautiful. The bellbirds sounded delightful >.> and in the background of the Lyrebird video (which has a very cool tail, btw) they sounded kinda like Christmas bells XD

  3. Come on Scott its already tuesday (in the US at least) I vote this friday you give us twice as much fanart! Or you can just do your normal thing, whatever.

  4. Please tell me you rode the glass floored cable car thing. It’s mind blowing.

    I went a couple years ago. I was attacked by a kangaroo earlier in the day and had muddy paw prints all over me…. but the humiliation of that event couldn’t overshadow the glorious beauty of the area.

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  9. Crud! That’s a lot! But I guess it would be worth it for a plaything that takes so much time and energy….jeezum.

  10. All right, friends and neighbours, if Scott-la does not post SOMETHING before the 20th, I will journey to Australia to investigate the mystery of his untimely murder.

    I’m like that; I jump to conclusions.

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  14. “It’s hovering and it’s not an aircraft.”

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  16. @ alice He said that when he died? Sounds pretty lucid…

    And, yes, it DOES sound like someone I know; in my head, at least.

  17. @Joker-la: Not sure if he said that when he died, this encyclopedia isn’t very specific. *slams 15 lb. book on table* I just thought it sounded cool. And the fact he reminded me of a certain midshipman, with all his rebellions ect.

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  19. Well, I said something earlier and I guess they deleted it cause I cussed. It said Jesse James’s last words; that’s why that comment about it doesn’t make any sense now. YA BLOODY YANKS!!

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