Blue Mountains

We had a great time in the Blue Mountains, so I thought I’d share some snaps and movies with you guys.

The Blue Mountains’ most famous landmark is probably the Three Sisters, which are not in fact siblings but three sticky-uppy rocks. Early-rising tourists are rewarded by seeing them backdropped against the awesome mist coming up from the Megalong Valley.

Yes, it’s called the Megalong Valley, but not because it’s mega-super-duper-long. The name is derived from an Aboriginal word meaning “Valley Under The Rock.” (Well, it was thought by early European explorers to mean “Valley Under The Rock,” but early European explorers don’t really have a good track record with this stuff. Megalong could also mean, “Why are you asking me all these stupid questions, easily sunburnt invader?”)

In any case, the Three Sisters are cool:

As you can see, the valley is almost completely unspoiled. No roads in, so you descend into it with a vertiginous walk down among the Sisters.

Yes, that walkway looks crowded, but the valley below is huge. Even mega-huge. So it’s easy to find yourself completely alone after walking down a few paths. Well, alone except for the ubiquitous bellbirds, so named for their bell-like cries.

Turn up your volume and put on headphones for this video, the bellbirds make a strange and awesome sound. This is only two singing here, but when the whole forest is full of their cries, it makes for a mesmerizing soundscape.

This is my new iPhone wallpaper, because I love me some Australian bark:

We also saw a lyrebird. They are excellent mimics, but this one was quietly digging for grubs, and so did not mimic, or even taunt us.

For those of you who worry about such things, the collective noun is “a musket of lyrebirds.” They have cool tails.

As we climbed out of the valley, I got this shot, proving that the Blue Mountains is beautiful. Not bad for a place only 90 minutes from Sydney.

Click here for the bigness!

That’s it for now. See you on Friday.

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  1. Scott-la I’m truly honored you’d share this with us. It’s soooo preeetttyyyy. And I love the beastie videos…sorry about the lyrebird not being interested in mimicry when you saw it I’ve always wanted to hear that

  2. This is why I love it when authors I like live in Australia. When they say what places they’ve been to I can say “I’ve been there!” XD

  3. OMG, that’s hilarious. Little random Oregon fact- We have Blue Mountains too! And in those we also have our own three sisters, just a lot more Pacific Northwesty. Coincidence much?

  4. 😀
    ya, thats all i can say. much prettier than SoCal. hope u had a good birfday Scottsters!!

  5. WOW!! GO AUSTRALIA!! I went there one. Melbourne though. COM TO NZ FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!! I want you to sign my collection!! 😀

  6. Those pictures are gorgeous! 😀 I used to live where I could see the mountains everyday…then we moved. 🙁 Thanks for sharing!

  7. 😀 I was there just a few weeks ago!! I remember the exact spot in the second picture…
    Did you go to Scenic World while you were there? I hope so 🙂

    This weekend, I’m heading over past that way to Lithgow, for the IRONFEST: a land of medieval and steampunky awesomeness. I shall have heaps of fun, and wear my Leviathan pride 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Good to see you had fun, Scott-la!!!

  8. Since I am a silly American I cannot comprehend the true beauty of that bark like you Australians. Now if you excuse me I think I’ll just go increase my carbon foot print…

  9. Cool Point of Information: they are called the ‘Blue” mountains because of the colour that the Eukalyptus oil turns the air- a hazy blue.
    We also have them near Melbourne.

  10. Wow, those bellbirds do their name justice it really sounded like bells when it was singing. Hope you had a great birthday weekend, Scott-la!

  11. Shiny pictures, Scott-la! It makes me wish I was there…by the way, isn’t it wintertime in Australia?

  12. very pretty. the bellbirds sounded cool and the other one had a sweet feathery backside. in a book called Spud placed in Sounth Africa they had a Three Sisters as well. except everyone called them the three bitches cuz they were hard to climb. i don’t know why i just remembered that.

    it’s crazy how many ‘Blue Mountains’ and ‘Three Sisters’ there are. we actually have the Blue Ridge Mountains here in VA.

  13. Those mountains are georgeous. Sometimes we need to appreciate the small things in life and look all around us at the beauty of nature. (Unfortunatly the human race is slowly killing it…) Lovely! It’s great that there are people ou there who appreciate what Mother Nature gave us!

  14. For someone who has lived in Newcastle for 8 years I have never been. These photos though are really makin me want to now.

  15. they do have cool tails. Well i know what i’m gonna be for halloween- a giant bird with a cool tail

  16. AWESOMELY AMAZING people at The Seems do a really good job don’t they? (hahaha sorry laughing at inside joke)

  17. That’s absolutely stunning! Darn, now I wish /I/ could go there. ^^ That’s definitely one place to add to the list when I visit Australia someday! Those pictures are beautiful. ^^ And again, happy birthday! (Though by now, that’s quite belated.)

    And yay, it’s Friday! I can’t wait for the fan art!

    *goes back to admiring photos*

  18. @Jetteh: I just read your fanfic Memories! Loved it! Read all ten (so far) under my desk during biology, who wants to learn about mollusk reproduction when you can read fanfics? When is the 11th one coming? MUST KNOW WHOSE GETTING HUNG!!!!! *drools all over table*

  19. @bailey-wa: Our VA Blue Mountains can’t compare to these though….and we don’t have koalas…..

    @Michelle-wa: HAHAHA! Becker sure did a great job, didn’t he?

  20. @alice mollusk repro? Ewwwww talk about Darwinist studies! And thank you very much! I appreciate it! I am currently working on the 11th part and wanna hope to wrap it all up in 12.

  21. I’ve been there before it was 7 years ago I went with my mom and dad (I have a sis but she wasnt born yet) Of course I was only 6 so I didn’t really appreciate the beauty of it all. All I remember is Complaining that my feet hurt I wish I could redo that day but of course I can’t time travels not invented yet and my parents are dead (they died exactly a year ago) Its such a beautiful place thanks for sharing it with us

  22. Just found out that if I was ever to join a certain organization that wore a certain color cloak and did certain things to certain people in a certain world(s), my name would be….Xamnada. Bossssssssssss…..

    And my numerous characters would be Daxovan, Hendrix, Danaxiel, Loxola..and Scott-la would be Jaxson.
    GUMMI SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. That is awesome! The bellbirds sound like bells! It’s so gorgeous…. Haha now I have a reason to make my parents take me too Australia!
    I hope you had a fun birhtdya weekend!

  24. Wow, excellent shots 🙂 Makes me sad that the day my family and I visited the Three Sisters it was overcast and you could barely see anything through the fog 🙁 Guess I’ll just have to go back there some day 🙂

  25. don’t worry mr. scott, we won’t make you wear the imaginary cone of shame forever 😉

  26. @Kirsten haha, yeah, i had a show on friday the 13 and everybody was totally freaking out… it was kinda funny.

  27. Wow, so pretty! and Happy Birthday (or happy late birthday, I guess) to you! The bellbirds sounded so cool, and I loved the lyrebird’s fuzzy tail!!!! That must’ve been so cool to visit!

  28. yeah just do it…today/whatever day it is there? 🙂 I mean sure I get disappointed every time I don’t see it but that’s okay…right?

  29. THE Blue Mountains ARE beautiful, Mr. Westerfeld. Perhaps your editorial skills are wavering in efficiency, eh? Or am I being harsh? Because I’ve come to expect perfectly written blogs from this fellow…

  30. I leave for the weekend on a fishing trip and when I come back no fan art. All is forgiven but that was a what I was looking forward to when sticking my fingers into a fish mouth, and pulling leeches from between my toes.

  31. Scott-La!

    I came on to your website this fine Monday morning and found there was no Fan Art Friday on Friday the 13th 🙁 why?

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