July Art Reveal (Voting)

It’s almost July 1, and time for another art reveal! As usual, YOU get to decide which piece of Goliath art shall be unveiled.

This time we have no less than four pieces of art to vote on. Three are the former defeated contestants, just in case you’ve changed your minds about them, but the last is all new.

So will it be the high angle shot from the June reveal, Number 1?

Or the threatening weather vista, also from June, Number 2?

Or the also-ran from way back in March, Number 3?


Or finally, there’s this new one that you MIGHT find intriguing . . . Number 4.

Leave your votes in the comment thread below. And use this space to wheedle, coax, and inveigle your fellow fans to your cause. Because democracy is good.

I shall close the polls after 250 votes.

278 thoughts on “July Art Reveal (Voting)

  1. In ‘Phineas and Ferb’ Dr. Doofinschmirtz says ‘Dummkopf’. How cool is that?

  2. well i was gonna vote for 4 but its at 123 so.. that would ruin it so um i guess i’l vote number 2?

  3. I’m just going to be different and vote for Number 2, as I’ve voted for the winners every other time.

    Now I wish I hadn’t banned myself from the internet yesterday and today… XD

  4. My vote is for number 4. The shear fact that it has the word Kappa below it has made want to see it.

  5. Shoot! Just missed it! See it just turned friday here (Kentucky) like an hour or so ago…oh well my pick wouldn’t have won anyway. I wanted # 1!!! Wanna no the reason…i’m gonna tell u anyways. It’s cuz its got the hapsburg crest in it!!!

  6. There’s no point even voting now…i hate democracy.

    I vote for three, because, well, you can see my hat 🙂

    What can I say? I’m narcissistic.

  7. Dammit! I knew I should have checked yesterday! urrghhgh! But if my vote was counted, I would’ve voted 4

  8. Well, I guess the voting is already closed, but better late then never right?

    So, number 2 please! 🙂

  9. Ehhhhh…. I think I’ll be one of the minorities but I choose #2…
    I prolly will be disapointed with the out come of the votes with #4 being the highest so #4 will be fine too…
    heheheheheheh… we all sound like we’re sending pokemon out…
    NUMBER 2! I CHOSE YOU!!! (lol…)

  10. @Lord Voldemort

    SPOILER ALERT (for those who haven’t read the 7th book of Harry Potter)

    You can’t have a wand… Harry broke yours at the end of book 7… and you can’t be alive since Harry killed you too… (sorry for ruining anybody’s dreams of Voldemort living and ruing the world… but you can’t say I warned you!)

  11. I know that voting is closed but I vote all four!!!!!

    @Lord Voldemort:
    Stargirl 8 is right!

    @Stargirl 8:
    Maybe we ARE sending out pokemon!…

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