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Yesterday at 2PM, me and a hundred-ish fans from the WesterForum hung out for about an hour and a half, and I answered many questions. For those of you who weren’t able to attend, I’ have compiled them into this blog post, typos and all! (So. Many. Typos.)


“What kind of juice do you like?”

There are many juices I love. Mango! Pear! (Especially pear cider.) Apple!

“So Scott there’s been a rivalry going on (on the forum obviously) , based on the question : If the crew of the Leviathan got in a fight with Special Circumstances who would win? What’s your opinion?”

I think in a close-quarters fight the Specials would win, because they’re too quick. But in a proper battle, the Leviathan could mess them up with strafing hawks or bat-poo without ever being in danger.


That info will be released at Leaky Con and Comic Con. THAT’S ONLY A FEW WEEKS. But I can’t tell you anything now, except maybe . . . you will SEE HIM.

“Did you use the same models on the cover of Goliath that you used on Leviathan and Behemoth?”

Yes. Same models, same photo shoot on the same day. Sometime I’ll show you guys the unaltered photos.

“At any point in Behemoth, does Dr. Barlow know that Deyrn is a girl? It has been a topic of great debate.”

Hah! Not saying now, but you WILL learn the answer to that in Goliath.

“Have you ever met someone in real life who reminds you of your characters?
Or vice versa.”

Hmm, not really. Although sometimes I see someone and say, ‘Whoa, he/she’s a total pretty!’

“Nice to meet you, btw. (and tell hi to Justine (Mrs. Larbaleister (sp?)) for me, please!)”

It’s Dr. Larbalestier, in fact.

“Can Justine cook?”

She’s a great cook of Thai food, and she wants me to add that she’s a good boxer too. (She’s been taking lessons.)

“What TV shows do you watch?”

Game of Thrones, Treme, just finished Vampire Diaries,

“This isn’t really a question, just a comment. I thought you’d like to know that I used to like history, and Leviathan made me love it again. I might even try writing something historical-ish myself. ”


“Is Lilit lesbian/bi? (Please say yes.)”

They didn’t really have those categories for women back then, but she would be if she was alive today. (Strange but true fact: Male homosexuality was illegal in England back then, but female homosexuality wasn’t because lawmakers REFUSED TO BELIEVE IT EXISTED.)

“In Uglies, there are many messages, some obvious, some not so much. What messages/lessons do you want readers to take away from Leviathan?”

Hmm. I think that the big theme is about how different sides of a conflict (war or just ideological/technological) see each other, and how that can change when people are forced to work together.

“What kind of music do you like? (Do you like Florence+and the machine?)”

I like minimalism and trip-hop, and I don’t know of this Florence person.

“What is your opinion on the Hunger Games? (Will you see the movie?)”

Want to see the movie. Liked the first book, but didn’t read the others.

“When will you go on tour?”


“Would you like to join my band of Ninjas?”

I have already infiltrated your band of ninjas!

“Do you like writing about diseases? Peeps was about parasites, Innoculata had to do with a virus and in So Yesterday the main characters dad is a Epidimiologist (I think).”

I love all kinds of biology, like beasties too. Studied philosophy of biology in college. (Yes, that’s a real thing.)

“Scott-la, in the Uglies series who was the most interesting character to create?”

Hmm, maybe Mr. Simpson Smith, because he talked funny and had a very different view of the world from everyone else.

“Is there a ball, wedding, or some other formal scene in Goliath?”


“Will we ever see Deryn in a dress in the final book?
I need some hope..

63 thoughts on “Forum Meet-Up Transcript

  1. Haha, I was right about a couple of things…

    WHY ARE YOU ENCOURAGING US VARLOW SHIPPERS? (sigh) This won’t end well…

  2. A few things…

    “clanker dirigibles?””



    ““Will there be a Russian revolution in the Leviathan-verse?”

    We don’t get all the way to 1917, so not in the books.”

    Why don’t you fudge the years like you did in behemoth?


    ““What was your favorite part of Behemoth?”

    Maybe the sultan’s palace? Or the kiss.”

    My Favorite part is where we get to the page where the behemoth swallows the german ironclad in one gulp. In mah nerdgang that is known as THE ULTIMATE OMNOMNOM *cowers in fear*


    “What is your favorite Beastie?”

    Bovril or the poo-bats.”

    I’m the Clanker Lime, I dun like ze beasties! But if I would have to choose, I would choose… A huxley, cause they sent so many darwinists to their deaths >=-{D


    ““What is your favorite machine?”

    The Stormwalker.”

    Really? I would go with the huger one, the Herkules, but the Cyklop Stormwalker is epic too… Such a shame that it fell over…

  3. You have a great sense of humor. I laughed out loud reading this, and I find myself laughing out loud while reading your books, too. 😀 I have no idea what this Croy business is, but hearing about it is just another good reason to re-read the Uglies series. Also, when I read this: “‘Do you like bugs?’ Yes, but not in my food,” I thought of the non-existent bugs in So Yesterday, which I read yesterday. Bugs in your hair, bugs in your chair. 🙂 So funny. Ah, I can’t wait for Goliath.

  4. @Nona:
    Croy is a character from Uglies that Scott ‘left behind….’
    He never exactly told us what became of Croy, and all us rabid fangurls noticed that and started FREAKING OUT about it.
    It must be annoying to have a bunch of fangurls virtually yelling at you about Croy, right Scott?

  5. It makes me sad that several people don’t know who Croy is. I need to know more about this “project”!

  6. Scottsters, do you have a vendetta against scheduling meet-ups when I can actually be there?? Grrrrr……… Even Kristina seems to have been there, and she was supposed to be camping or whatever else Canadians do in their free time(I say it with love). I think you owe it to me and my fellow SoCal-lers to come down here next autum!! And BTW I did try to get tickets to Comic Con, and even my friends dad who’s having his own booth there couldn’t get any……….

    *chuckles every time Scottsters mentions something about “working”*

  7. you never read catching fire or mockingjay??????????? shame on you!!!!!!!!
    also, if Deryn doesn’t tell Alek that she’s a girl, I will personally go to your house and kill you. I don’t care if they die, they just have to die with Alek knowing. (btw, I won’t really kill you)

  8. OH. MY. GOD.



    And speaking of which; how the hell do you expect us NOT to be obsessed with Croy!?! :DDD

  9. hmm well this is awkk cuz i dont remember who croy isss… more obsessed with leviathan than your other books………….and i am SHOCKED AND APPALLED AND HORRIFIED THAT YOU NEVER FINISHED THE HUNGER GAMES TRILOGY!!!!! TSK TSK!!! pfft…waste of gravity, thats all you are, scott….waste of gravity….jk i still love you!

  10. “What was your favorite part of Goliath?”

    The part where everyone DIES. (heh) Or maybe a certain KISS.

    I bet Eugene William Newkirk kisses Deryn, and doesn’t know she’s a girl yet.

  11. Ohmigod! I was freaking out when you didn’t know Florence the Machine or Muse, but then you redeemed yourself by knowing what a nerdfighter was! 😀 Yay!

    ALSO, can’t wait for Croy project. Thank you, Scott-la!

  12. There is no way Deryn can be 5’10 back then because the average height for a guy in scotland was 5’6. How can she be taller than the average man?

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