Bonus Art Reveal!

The lovely folks at the Indigo Teen Blog are hosting a special Bonus Art Reveal for Goliath! I also gave them some text describing what’s going on in this Chapter 15 image, which is a BIT SPOILERY of me! If you don’t want spoilification, go look but don’t read my text!

You have been warned.

Click here to see it.

You may remember this image as one of the nominees for an earlier reveal. So those of you who voted for it and lost, victory is finally yours!

Comment here or there, as you wish.

(For you USians in the audience, Indigo is a retail book chain and online store in Canada.)

56 thoughts on “Bonus Art Reveal!

  1. @Chi
    @Lily (#9)
    Wow, now I feel dumb O.O! Never considered that…makes it all the more dramatic 😀

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I just checked my preorder form and was like “hmm why did they need my address?” and then i was like “D: Dear God NO!” because I realized that they were going to SHIP it to me! I have to wait a-whole-nother freaking DAY OR MORE TO READ GOLIATH!!!! *collapses into a pathetic blob of misery and anguish*
    This beautifully done, though. Keith is really amazing. Goliath is totally worth waiting for ^-^

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