Russian Covers Rock My World

Oh, yes they do rock my world. “Why is that?” you ask.

Well, first let us look at the Russian cover for Leviathan. JUST LOOK AT IT.

The Huxleys! The airbeast’s eye! DERYN IN JODHPURS!

I love her weird glove, and the awesome spikiness of the Leviathan‘s bridge. (Plus, she has red scarf, because is Russian cover! Da!)

I sent this to Keith and he was all, “Now that’s more like it!”

Here is that image in a zoomable version of bigness.

But it’s not just the Leviathan series that has enjoyed the Awesome Russian Cover effect. Check out the paired covers for Uglies and Pretties.

Do you see what they did there? DO YOU?

It’s interesting to see what “ugly” and “pretty” mean in this context. Like, freckles are ugly? I think not. (Maybe they’re zits.)

The only problem with this amazing visual idea is that, of course, Uglies is a trilogy, not a duology. So the Specials cover is lonely:

The hawk(?) is cool, though, because Tally’s like a Cutter bird of prey!

And I’m not sure if there’s a Russian Extras yet. No word from my friends there. (See below.) But thanks to @Radda_in_motion for letting me know about these covers. They really are splendidly pulptastic.

As you may have noticed, I’ve been linking to my Appearances page on every post. That may be annoying for those of you who have already checked it and been saddened, but if it saves even one life, then it’s all been worth it. So, HEY LOOK, IT’S MY APPEARANCES PAGE!

My tour starts in only a few days. Must. Pack. Soon.

In comment 13 below, Alexandra_Piro tells me that there is indeed a Russian Extras, and it looks like this:

Thanks, Alexandra!

92 thoughts on “Russian Covers Rock My World

  1. WOW O.O I’m LOVING the Russian Leviathan cover!!! Deryn looks AWESOME!!! *sigh* I wish… Exactly a week left :O yaaaaaaay!!!!

  2. you can totaly tell that deryn is a girl but she looks so flipin awesome omgggggggggggggggggggggggg

  3. If I understood russian… I would totally but that book… maybe I’ll just buy it anyway cuz that cover is epic!!

  4. I find it funny/cool that the only Russian Uglies book to not translate the title was Extras. It’s just…. extra. I wonder if it’s a borrowed word, or if it didn’t translate well? What’s the Russian word for Extraterrestrial? The internet says it’s ????????– vnezemno [methinks], which probably eliminates the play on words Mr. Westerfeld did in Extras. I’m interested in seeing how it was translated on the inside! ^.^ The Russian covers make me super excited…. ^___^ Thanks for sharing!

  5. Is that supposed to be Tally on the Extras cover? Because the girl and boy and totally not Japanese….

    @Ruth – I support your theory on the Uglies/Specials model. Uglies weren’t actually ugly, but the social norm stated that they were.

    And I would love to have a huge poster of that Leviathan cover.

  6. Gah! I wish I lived in Russia (and I guess it would help if I could read and understand Russian too) The covers are so prettyful ?

  7. @ tapioca pudding cup
    why must we be so mad at micah?

    ckottckottcott oh i luv ur name in russian scott!

  8. gah scott my comp wont work on the contact link so i really need your email address pleeeeeaaaassssss

  9. @Sam, that what’s I thought. I’m thinking the girl is Tally and the boy is David…who, is totally not ‘ugly’ enough!

  10. omg only a few more days i get my copy on the 22 or 23 omg and make sure you make lilth die i hat her sooooooooooooo much who dose she think she is trying to marry dryn and what chp is this in becuse alek obviosly knows dryn secrat thats why he came to save her oh and pleas let lilith D I E DIE


    My brain haz been fried by excitement. I’ll need a replacement in order to read Goliath……

  12. @gillian
    i apologize. he’s kinda infuriating me
    haha my favorite part is the huxleys. or maybe ckott. or maybe deryn’s gorgeousness

  13. I love leviathans cover!!!! I’m glad they put huxleys on it…. by the way I’m feeling really dumb for saying but I just found out who the person Huxley was….. seriously, like JUST 5 seconds ago.

  14. What the french toast!? No offence or anything but why do the Russian covers look more, well, spiffy than the American ones!? *pouts* That’s it! I’m movin to Russia for alittle while! *throws hands into the air and stomps off*

  15. Well no one can say the Russian’s can’t make awesome covers because they can. THEY CAN. I LOVE Leviathan’s US cover but this is just :o. Now I have to figure out a way to get my hands on it without breaking the bank in shipping costs. Well Book Depository did have the German Behemoth maybe they’ll get the Russian Leviathan (one hopes).

    Also I may love their Uglies book cover versions more than the US and UK, it just shouts futuristic πŸ™‚

  16. Is it just me, or do those covers make the book look dramatic? I love them! Although, you aren’t supposed to judge a book by its cover…

    If you did though, it would probably make you want to read it, cause its absolutely amazing!

  17. I can speak Russian so this is totally BUBBLY! Congrats Scott-la! your books are completely BUBBLY!
    Your my favorite author, Scott-la!

  18. Whoaa!!! I just searched where I can order the Russian version for Leviathan and I got your blog and this front cover is absolutely amazing! I think I’m going to try my hardest to buy all three in Russian! ??????? ?????! ?? ?????? ???????????!

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