Provo Interview

Last year on the Behemoth tour, one of my favorite stops was at Provo, Utah, where they have an awesome teen author festival every year.

In addition to my usual presentations and signings, I did an interview there, which seems to have turned out pretty well.

Check it out:

Click here to see it on the YouTubes. Bigger! More controls!

Okay, that’s it for today. Much more blogging this week, though, because I’m headed off on tour on Thursday. (Where am I touring? Check out my Appearances page to find out.)

Ciao for now.

27 thoughts on “Provo Interview

  1. Ha ha, I can see a little you with a novel “Is this guy dead?”… Will you be doing any sightseeing around the places you visit?

  2. omg dont go to amaazon or book barnes and noble go to wal mart it is selling there for $16.99 and scott pleas pushe the date to the 15 pleas and why did you not put texas in your book and pleas let deryn and alek get to gether and kiss and have a futer srry i know i cant spell even if my life depended on it and i can not wait untill goliath comes out yaaay

  3. oh and i hate lilith she trying to marry/kill deryn then alek comes to the rescue yaaaaaaaaay lol and go america

  4. mystery carroll- is actually selling the book for like $12.
    That’s where I pre-ordered originally, then I found out Scott is coming to KC so I had to buy the book again for $20, but it is so worth it! I’ll just have a copy I read and one I admire from afar because it will be signed =)

  5. Just so you know, Scott, the city is just Provo, Utah, not Provo City. But either way, it’s definitely a great event. I love that library–used to live around the block from it.

  6. SCOTT! what is your mailing adresss? i have been looking everywhere! my letter is way to long to comment to you so i was wondering what the best way to contact you is. (ya, the email thing on this site doesnt work on my comp. dont know why)
    thanks so much

  7. Heh I love that writing mostly consists of staring at your computer screen, and only typing, like three sentences every half hour. I think it would be so fun to be in a ‘writing group’ even though it hardly relates to writing most of the time.

    DFTBA, and as always, BEST WISHES! 😉

  8. Hey, Scott-la! you SHOULD get a countdown for Goliath up on this here website! Like in the corner or something. Then we’d always know just how far away we are from getting our minds blown.

  9. I see what the Russians did there! Every creative, and the Leviathan cover was absolutely gorgeous! I wish it was the US Cover….

  10. Yay! Utah! Somebody actually likes Utah, thats refreshing (and yes, i live in Utah, not that far from Provo but i’ve never heard of this teen author festival…)

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