Fan Art Friday (11 days away edition)

This is our next-to-last Fan Art Friday before I go on tour. Blogging is really hard on the road, so FAF will be restricted to shots of costumed people at my appearances. (Which will be cool, but not the same. And mostly on twitter, where I am @scottwesterfeld.)

But luckily, this is an excellent FAF!

This first bootiful drawing was tweeted at me by @marksmaster, and is a really sharp-featured color sketch of Deryn and Alek hanging out and kind of smirking, like they share some sort of SECRET or something.

Check it out in full size, and you will be amazed.

Also tweeted at me was this comical bit of non-canonical non-cross-dressing, from Shenli:

It’s Alek’s expression that rocks it. He looks so happy.

Now for some cosplay! Debuted at Dragon Con last week was Heather L’s interpretation of Dr. Barlow. Note the bee theme! The little jeweled bee is sewn onto the bowler, and the train in back is usually bustled up, but I’m showing you the down version so you can see how bee-like it is!

I’m always pleased when little quiet scenes, like the bees, make it into fan art. (This just in: This costume won the Best YA in Show at Dragon*Con! And believe me, the competition there is world-class.)

From Grace is this sketch of a scene from Behemoth, in which Volger hints at Deryn that he knows her secret, while Eddie Malone is standing right there!

That’s my most comical scene in that book, so I’m glad it has this comic-looking sort of treatment. Heh.

And here’s another nice one from Miyu999 (whom we met in last week’s FAF), showing Lilit, Alek, and Deryn all, you know, hanging out:

Very sweet. (And a bit complicated.)

Not everyone draws, of course, so here’s cool versions of Dr. Barlow and Lilit, as created by Kayla on

Pretty cool for e-paper dolls.

And to round out this week’s FAF, here’s an awesome sketch of Leviathan characters from sorcaron1379:

Actually, it’s just Deryn, Alek, and Volger in various costumes. But I’d love to see a full-cast drawing in this style. (HINT, HINT!)

Like the title of this post says, we are only 11 days away, and my tour starts even sooner! Check out my Appearances page to find out if I’ll be coming near you.


59 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday (11 days away edition)

  1. My calender is getting pretty full of X’s. I will be there in St. Louis Scott-la, and you can bet your best writing pen on it. I have also always wanted to know, do writers prefer to write on Macs or PC’s? Plus my favorite was the one where Deryn is definitely female. Also, will you remove the spoiler blck on the word web after the release?

  2. *random scream* NIIINNNEEE DDDAAAYYYSSS… feels like nine millenium. *plays beatles revolution 9 over & over* I just finished eating chocolate. so nowww… i eat more!

  3. Jeez, I just started reading this series a week ago and I’m obsessed. But Now I have to ask why I couldn’t have started just a little later, so I wouldn’t have to wait!
    I love the one with Lilit!

  4. Wait a cottonpickinminute, why does the book come out on a /Tuesday/?? That’s too random! That’s the only day of the week I work! I’m going to have to play hooky and get fired over this! Yeesh.

  5. @Brittany P: Books and DVDs always come out on Tuesdays, and movies come out in theaters on Fridays. It’s a fact of life.

    Behemoth actually came out on a Tuesday LAST year. Funny that I can remember that….

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