Bonus Art Will Post Friday

Keith and I have come up with the winning image concept, and it is SEASONALLY APPROPRIATE. And Keith has done such an awesome job with the art that as a bonus to the bonus, I’m going to write a piece of fan fiction to go with it!

Now, debatably this won’t be fan fiction, because I am not a fan of me, technically. (I mean, I think I’m fairly cool, but I AM me.) But if Middleman-creator Javier Grillo-Marxuach can write Middleman fan-fic, then surely I can also fanboy my own oeuvre.

Besides, I declare this piece non-canonical, so it has to fit SOMEWHERE in the endless fan-fictional definitional matrix. I’ll be posting both the story and the art on Friday, along with some fan art by you guys.

Oh, and starting next week, I will be doing a weekly Uglies Manga reveal from now till the first book comes out. We will start with the characters. Keep your voting hats on.

Okay, that’s it. Hope you’re having good almost-Hanukwanzamas-break times!


The Japanese version of Leviathan has just come out! Feast your eyes:

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  1. *starry eyes* It’s gorgeous! They look a bit young, but then again they were fifteen. By the way, Alek’s birthday was supposed to be near in the beginning of Leviathan. So, was he sixteen in Goliath, or even Behemoth?

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