Double-Plus FAF

Two things before we get to Fan Art Friday:

1) Next Thursday, December 8 at 7PM EST, I’m going to be part of a chat called “Forget English Class; What We Want to Do Is Write!” I’ll be joined by David Levithan, Robin Wasserman, and Lauren McLaughlin, whose book Scored inspired the panel.

This chat will be online, so ALL OF YOU CAN COME! Just click here for details.

We’ll be talking about how high-stakes testing warps education by taking holistic enterprises (like writing, thinking, and comprehension) and slices them into testable skills (like syllogisms and five-paragraph essays).

To prepare for this chat, Lauren and I actually took the essay section of the SAT, and had ourselves scored by a professional examiner. I haven’t seen our scores yet, but all will be revealed at the chat! (I think Figment are even putting my essay online. Yeesh.)

You can also click here for more about Scored, which is out now. It’s set in a dystopian world where every kid gets a Score when they turn 18, determining their prospects for the rest of their life.

2) There’s less than one week left in the Show Us Your Steampunk contest! Just take a picture of yourself in a steampunk outfit holding a copy of one of the Leviathan books, and you’re in. Click here for details.

Even if you don’t want to dress up, you should head over and check the contest out. There are some really awesome costumes and poses. (It’s a FaceBook thing, though, so you have to have an account.)

And now it’s time for FAF!

We begin with this Deryn chibi, by Jett-Wolfe98:

That is some cute stuff.

Also pinning our kawaii meter is this young-and-old diptych of Deryn by danakairi:

Yes, it’s Deryn in a dress. But it’s TINY WEE Deryn in a dress.

And to complete this chibi trifecta, here’s a lovely image of how Alek really feels about the air beast, from LilyFlowerG:

Okay, let’s leave the cute behind and switch to dark and brooding. Check out this moody picture of Alek in his engineering finery, from peibee-an-jay:

I always love seeing his princeliness covered in grease. Heh.

Now here’s some cosplay from Ben, who spent this Halloween as a rigger.

You have to like the humble cosplayer who’s not a particular character, just a rigger with an air rifle and a candy bag.

And here’s a couple of sketches, this Aya Fuse from . . . I don’t know whom!

And here’s a comic one of Alek and Volger from Ian:

From Laura, we have an Alek’s-eye-view image from the raging storm scene in Goliath. With bonus thumb!

From Clare, here’s a cool profile of Alek, proving that he doesn’t suffer from the Hapsburg chin:

Okay, I have a few more in the shed, but I always like to keep a reserve for next week. But if you’ve sent in some art in the last few months and haven’t seen it here, feel free to resend.

Hope to see you all at the chat next week!

Oh, and you can also keep voting on the BONUS piece of Leviathan art!

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  1. Does anyone else think that the little girl Deryn looks like Rapunzel from Disney’s Tangled? She’s adorable.

  2. @ comment 44, 45 Your right it does look like the doctor!
    ” The angels have the blue box” πŸ™‚
    @Emma she does kinda look like rapunzel huh? haha shes soo cute!

  3. leaviathan is the best steampunk sieries I have ever read!!!!! and I like the picture of alek in greese that is an awsome pisture here.

  4. Exusce me, but who is this LilyFlowerG by my fanart.
    I don’t want to be rude, but there must been a mistake.
    It’s my orginal fanart, which was published in

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