Fan Art Friday (Actual Friday Edition!)

So David and Dr. Cable are pretty much tied in the voting for next week’s character reveal, and I’m missing some final images for them, so I thought I’d do an actual Fan Art Friday while the election continues!

Without further ado . . .

Here are three pieces from kikane on DeviantArt, showing Deryn and Alek in a semi-chibi mode:

They are so sweet! And I love all version of chibi-flying-whale.

From Savannah comes the unlikely genre of Legend Zelda/Goliath crossover!

I kind of like steampunk in its cute-comic form.

From Abigail, another in the new genre of Goliath Bonus Chapter art, aka Alek in a dress!

Of course, if they’re going up to Scotland to visit Deryn’s mom one day, we might get something like this scene from from Camille, featuring Deryn and Alek in kilts:

And here’s some cross-dressing cosplay from Lauren:

And from McKenna, a drawing of Deryn on a Huxley, looking down at the ground with a pensive expression:

From Ashley-wa, an entry into the classic put-yourself-in-the-ugies-cover genre:

And from Sophie, an Uglies cover collage:

I also got a huge PDF of Clanker and Darwinist designs from a class in Edwards, Colorado. Here’s one of them by “BBA”:

I’ll be featuring more of these works in future FAFs.

And finally, I don’t know who this is from. Identify yourself!

Okay, that’s it for today’s FAF.

Don’t forget to keep voting between David and Dr. Cable, and remember that Shay’s Story now comes out March 6. That’s in

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  1. *Rose deduces that there is, in fact, NOT a fan meeting, that she has missed it, and goes back to listening to the Kinks and Beatles*

  2. @471… don’t worry… I’ve done way worse then realized that I didn’t even get the number i wanted(haha)
    @488 Ok I see then… 😀
    So like when you look at the fan art friday… aren’t the German book covers for the Uglies series creepy? Of course the ones that have like the face covered and the legs and all that, they’re pretty creepy too.

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