FAF (Mostly Monochromatic Edition)

Here’s a round up of fan art from the last two weeks, mostly in a black and white mode, with some BONUS NEWS at the end.

Let’s start with the art that was handed to me at my Free Comic Book Day event at Kinokuniya in Sydney. Thanks again to everyone who came and said nice things to me on my birthday, and especially to those who handed me art and cake.

First there was some Midnighters art from (appropriately) Melissa:

Yes, that’s Rex looking pretty cool, and I like how Melissa seems a bit annoyed at having to pose for the drawing.

And from Christina, a triptych of Tallys:

The hot air balloons are a cool touch, as are the necklace, interface cuff, and knife for each Tallyversion.

And finally, from Meshell, I got Alek and Deryn as lovebirds:

It’s cool that I got fan art from every trilogy at that event. You’re all doing a good job of coordinating! Plus: OBLIGATORY LORIS WITH MUSTACHE.

And now return to the regular mode of art delivery, these were all sent to me via the internets.

Here from Laura is a bit of Darwinist fashion design!

One of the coolest thing about Keith’s art is how it hints that there would be a whole different Darwinist culture out there, with clothes, furniture, and whatnot all influenced by the Victorian biotechnology at the base of Darwinist society. This hat is a great example of what all that might look like, complete with bee and nautilus-shell motifs.

And here’s a very a spunky-looking Deryn from Lilly.

I like her haircut, and the way she’s leaning forward, ready to go.

And briefly leaving the monochrome, here’s some Deryn cosplay from Alexa, showing before and after:

Pretty amazing difference. According to Alexa, this transformation required “two rolls of athletic tape, half a can of hairspray, and many uncountable bobby pins.” Just remember that the next time you’re cross-dressing: Never say die!

And finally, here’s a lovely still life in the stack-of-books mode, which for some reason I have lost all attribution to except the letter “g”:

Please identify yourself, G!

And now for the NEWS . . .

Given that the Manual of Aeronautics, the all-color large-format guide to the world of Leviathan, will be appearing on August 21, it’s almost time to start THE OBLIGATORY ART REVEALS. I’ve decided to do one twice a month, on the 1st and 15th. (I hope that’s not too much for you guys.)

May 15 will be the first of these, or maybe that’s when we’ll do some voting for the first reveal. BUT SOON.

And finally, Sydneysiders can see me tonight at:

The Aurealis Awards
Saturday, May 12
7:30 for an 8PM start
Independent Theatre
269 Miller Street
North Sydney NSW 2060

The Aurealis Awards celebrate the achievements of Australian science fiction, fantasy and horror writers every year. Kate Forsyth with be mistress of ceremonies, and I’ll be presenting the award for Best Illustrated Book or Graphic Novel.

You can get tickets here.

182 thoughts on “FAF (Mostly Monochromatic Edition)

  1. Soooo. In super tiered. And I’m going to bed. Night everyone!!!! πŸ˜€

  2. @sophie-la ive been on planes, but my parents took me when I was 1, 3, 4, and 7, so I dont even remember the airport. Yet I remember what I was wearing when we went to the airport when I was 7… I have a weird memory. Once, My brother and I were watching TV and my brother said he didnt get a dish comercial, and I was able to quote it exactly. Let us see if I still can.

    When waiting for the cable guy, you look out windows. When you look out windows, you see things you shouldn’t see. WHen you see things you shouldn’t see, you need to disappear. WHen you need to disappear, you fake your own death. When you fake your own death, you dye your eyebrows. When you dye your own eyebrows, you attend your own funeral as a guy named Phill/ Fill. Don’t attend your own funeral as a guy named Phill/ Fill. Get Dish.

    It is sad I can remember that.

  3. Um… Coco is me…*facepalm*… Why the name thing was set to Coco, I have no idea. This is the shared computer, so maybe my brother changed it… Well, that’s weird. I can remember what I wore when I was 7, but not why my desktop was set to Coco… *shrugs* oh, well…

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  5. So…sad. I have officially turned in my school laptop, and now I’m back to the now dinosaur-ish family computer–I’ll be fighting for time on it with my sibs all summer. Which means little writing to come. πŸ™

  6. @MM
    You make Dr. Barlow have expression .-.
    And in Goliath? I think it was when Deryn told Dr. Barlow she was a girl Dr. Barlow specifically said she doesn’t act surprised. aaannnd I still don’t like that you killed Jasper off ._. Just tossing the last part in there. hehe.
    other than that love it all ^-^

    I’m not ‘hating’ as them young, hip, ‘cool’ people say these days, I’m only pointing out.

  7. ohmiigreakinggoooOOooooooooooOOooOOOoooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think it was ummmmm……ugh!! i can NEVER remember but who liked Franz Ferniand???
    ugh! damn this memory!!
    but i just remembered ive beeen in love with that band since i was small and NEVER realized it till now!!
    im so OBLIVIOUS! curse this memory, yet AGAIN!
    but, AHHHHH!!!
    THANK YOU!!!!!!! YET AGAIN!!!

  8. wow, i freaked a but ._.
    my bad….lol
    you know what?
    the ‘lol’ looks like a person drowning xD

  9. I’m sorry i could not remember who liked Franz Ferniand :/

    im just terrible a memory stuff, at times.
    i still wonder sometimes how i passed second grade…

  10. @165. I thought about that when I was writing it. But I’m taking poetic license on this one, dear, and letting my readers assume that it was just that shocking. When I go back through and edit the story, I may phase some of her humanity out πŸ™‚

  11. @168 I, PERSON WITH HAT, LOVE FRANZ FERDINAND. They’re my absolute favorite. I excuse your bad memory but it not be forgotten again the PWH likes Franz Ferdinand!!!

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  13. Very nice drawing. It;’s good that it was in black or white as they retain and project a certain image. I don’t guess at once that they were derived from other medium. Thanks for posting them!

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