Russian Last Days

Because we’ve all been enjoying my Russian covers lately, I want to show you one of the paintings without any clutter, like my name and the title.

So here’s The Last Days (sequel to Peeps) from our Russian brothers, pure and unadulterated:

Not sure how YA this looks, given how much it ups the ante on the bondage-y look of the first cover. And points are subtracted because no cat, but that’s made up for by Brooklyn Bridge bonus points!

Here’s the cover with the title and stuff, which for some reason I can’t find except in low-res form.

If anyone finds a bigger version with type, please let me know.

And now, three other things:

1) If you want to check out more of my foreign covers, Michael Grimm is building a site with all the Westerfeldian foreign covers he can find. It’s not done yet, but it has a ton of covers, including ones I’ve never received copies of. (Serbia, I’m looking at you!)

Click here to check it out.

2) Team Human, the next book by my lovely wife Justine and Sarah Rees Brennan, just got it’s third starred review, this one from Publisher’s Weekly.

“This smart and entertaining novel—part Nancy Drew with vampires, part thoughtful and provocative story about assumptions—fully blooms in the second half. Themes of honest friendship and freedom of choice mix with zombies, accidental romance, a diverse and complex cast, and sharply funny dialogue to create a thoroughly enjoyable read with a core of unexpected depth.”

Here’s the rest of that review. And click here for more reviews of TH.

3) Sticking with Justine, last year she gave a Guest of Honor speech at Sirens, a fantasy lit conference in Colorado, about monsters, feminism, and Elvis. (And about being raised on an aboriginal settlement, being a fan of problematic songs, movies, and many other things.) She’s just turned it into a lengthy post on her blog, which can read by clicking here.

Okay, that’s it. No FAF this week, because we are on the fortnightly schedule at the moment. But I’ll have a new Manual of Aeronautics art reveal voting thread up soon!

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  1. @53-Silly! It wasn’t a person! If you have “mojo”, it means you can dance really well. (I thiiiiiiiink)

  2. @56 We call my friend smurf because she is really short and turns blue if it’s colder than 60 degrees. (not really; she starts turning blue if it’s around 50 degrees).

    cuz for a while there i was completely lost.

  4. I AM GINNY-LA!!! ONLY WITH A DEFFERENT NAME!!! Ok. Just making sure we’re all on the same page.

    If you look up Nora Darwin on Wikapedia, it actually has the fact that she’s in Leviathan!

  5. It’s 10:00 FOR ME!!!

    …I’m sad. I tried to sign up for the Forum…but I forgot my username.

  6. Stone soup
    Stone soup
    Stone soup tonight!!!
    I read the comic Stone Soup…does anybody else?


  8. Rue-
    READ THE REST OF THE SERIES. SERIOUSLY. I’m only on Specials, but I can assure you, they are AWESOME.

  9. OKAY!! THANKS GUYS! your reassurance is priceless!!!
    i am officially starting pretties…. NOW!

  10. When you think of opera…you think of Count Volger.

    …HA just something my sis and I made up there’s more to the joke but IM NOT TELLING *evil laugh* MUAHAHAHAHAHA

  11. Effie Trinket: *Rummages around in big glass bowl* “And our girl tribute will be:….DLYAN SHARP????”

    (Like halfway around the world somewhere):
    Alek: *dreamy voice* “I wish I could be the boy tribute…we’d be just like Katniss and Peeta…”
    Newkirk:Um…maybe they got the name in the wrong bowl?…

  12. Darn I’m at the library but their only copy of Specials is checked out and is due back on JUNE 27 how long does that person WANT IT????

  13. @80-*jaw drops, eyes grow wide* YOU’VE NEVER READ THE HUNGER GAMES????? HOW CAN YOU SURVIVE???????? Read it NOW.

  14. I love that you did a series about ugly and pretty, Scott, because when you look at the different covers from different covers, it really does show what they country perceives as ugly and pretty; some may have the US covers, but then you get “Specials,” where you see what the country perceives as “inhumanely pretty” and “Extras,” where you see what a country sees as “foreign” or “alien.” It’s an interesting thing to note sociologically.

    I mean, the Korean editions all use BJDs (Ball Jointed Dolls) which is BEYOND creepy! The Estonians took a more conceptual approach to the whole idea. I won’t discuss the “Pretties” German cover (THAT is CREEPY. I’m officially creeped out.)

    It’s just so interesting to see how everyone in the world not only looks at how they go about making book covers for YA readers, but about how we perceive beauty (and this doesn’t just apply to the Uglies Trilogy.) It’s so fascinating.

    Of course, I’m possibly the only one that thinks this.

  15. @Yolo! No, I’m one person. However, I’m most commonly seen with my Decker Terrier, Zena. If I’m not seen with her, most ask where she is which is why Kate & Zena has become a common nom de plume for me. Zena does “type” though, if you like reading dog.

  16. @Tobi: Thanks for the links. I’ll replace the image on my site.

    @Kate & Zena: Those are very interesting observations. I hadn’t considered the Korean covers as dolls. I just assumed they were photo-realistic renderings with a Korean-manga-like look.

  17. @87-WOOF! WOOF! *grooooooowl* BARK BARK BARK BARK!!!! woooof! woooof! *whimper whimper* BARK!

  18. @Mike: A lot of Westerners aren’t familiar with them. These aren’t the plastic BJDs that you see now with Barbie or Disney (which allows children to pose their arms and legs unlike when I was younger.) These BJDs start out at around $150 bare minimum, without their outfits. They’re completely customizable dolls (everything is customizable, even the makeup.) They’re made out of high quality resin and made by hand by artisans. Some of them are really neat, but some are downright creepy!

    The ones on the Korean covers are most likely some version of Dream of Doll BJDs, as they’re the most popular BJDs in Korea. I didn’t even think about it until I went onto the website again (okay, I sort of dream about owning one, but for nearly $540 minimum for one with one outfit, I can’t justify it to myself.) This one gives you an idea of how elaborate a Dream of Doll one can get:|0002|&Search_Cate=&Order_Name=p_num&Order_Type=Desc&Order_Num=16

    Believe it or not, that’s just the tip of the iceberg with Asian BJDs. These other two are on the more extreme, but still not quite as extreme as I’ve seen them. I’ve seen some come with goat legs, horns and forest like makeup (with the price tag to boot!)

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