Art Reveal 5(a)

I have officially declared the voting for the Manual of Aeronautics art reveal to be over, and to be a tie between #1 (portrait of Dr. Barlow and Tazza) and #2 (rigger’s uniform).

SO YOU GET THEM BOTH. Now, we just need to vote again to see which one to show first . . .

“Um, but that would be stupid,” you say. And you would be right. So instead I shall flip a coin.

*flips coin*
*realizes hadn’t chosen which side was which*
*flips coin again*

We start with the rigger’s uniform!

compressed air rifle: check
rigger’s knife boot sheath: check
safety harness and clip: check
steampunk goggles: check

I don’t know how Keith remembers all this stuff, because I never do.

Oh, and I also promised you the rank and specialist patches that go on the shoulders:

There you have it! Enjoy, cosplayers! PLS SEND PIX 4 FAF.

I’ll be posting the portrait of Dr. Barlow in a couple of days, and the new and astounding cover for the Chinese edition of Leviathan very soon.

(Usual blah, blah: You can pre-order the Manual from Powell’s, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or IndieBound. Or support your local bricks-and-mortar store by buying it on Tuesday, August 21.)

65 thoughts on “Art Reveal 5(a)

  1. i find this odd, but i am agreeing with a Daft Prince. well Scott, you’ve read these comments once, can you come to the rescue with an answer again please?

  2. Next you should reveal art of Deryn Sharp!! She’s the coolest character in the entire series!!!

  3. Yes, the middies do have their own patches, which are also in the Manual. But their patches go in the Manual section with the officer’s uniforms, although they’d probably stick one onto their personal flight suit as well.

  4. 1) I’m gone for two weeks on vacation and this is all you have?!?!?!?!?! Sad! (faf).

    2) MM: You knocked me out?
    2b) By Newkirk, I mean, it was a cheap blow, but still!
    2c) NEWKIRK STOLE ZEUS! How dare you.

    3) Rigger uniform= awesome possum!

    4) Come on, all foreign covers are awesome!

    That is all.

  5. oh god, now i’m actually going to watch what i comment. so you DO read our comments, Scott. usually you don’t… btw can you please post some of my FanArt? PLEASE?

  6. @58-I STILL remember when Scott lectured me when I told you to shut up…now I regret that…cause I shoulda told you to shut the F*CK up! JK sorry if that was harsh. I meant it as a joke JUST SO YOU KNOW.

  7. Did anyone else see Eric Idle singing “always look on the bright side of life” at the Olympic closing ceremony just now? I think it made my day.

  8. @59- I knew it’d be only a matter of time before you brought that up! I’ve been just waiting for you to explode (not literally, obviously). I have to say, I thought it’d be a little more stupendous. 😉

  9. @61-Well, I could scream my head off about it, but what is Scott have me another lecture about not screaming on the blog?

    Actually I’m just too lazy to be stupendous. Plus Scott will be reading the new post’s comments, so I can do whatever on here.

  10. @62 (last sentence): He evidently has been reading the new ones, but I don’t believe that is a good mentality.

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