Event in Pittsburgh (w/Justine!)

As part of teaching at the Alpha Teen Workshop, I’ll be appearing in Greensburg, PA. Justine will be there with me! Here are the details:

Sunday, July 14

Barnes & Noble Greensburg
5155 Route 30
Greensburg, Pa. 15601

Click here for the store locator.

For those of you not in western PA, here’s another cool Uglies trailer (or really, a title sequence) by Kate Warinsky. It’s not the real thing, even though it looks like it.

Click here for bigger.


132 thoughts on “Event in Pittsburgh (w/Justine!)

  1. @94- they measured the years different, I think they added days to them so they were longer. But yeah, he’s really 14 at the beginning, like Viola

  2. Yeah, in Chaos Walking the year has thirteen months instead of twelve on Todd’s planet. In our years he’s fourteen, but really where he’s from he is thirteen. Or, he turned thirteen. But he’s fourteen to us. But since he’s on a different planet, on that planet he’s not. Ahhhhhhh It’s confusing, but yeah let’s just say fourteen. Or age ambiguous.

    Now, I am going to sleep. Why am I always on here at like midnight, even in a different time zone??? Sigh….

  3. I think we’ve agreed Todd was 14 😉 haha

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! It was the last day of school today so that means I can start reading again 😀 😀 😀

  4. @103: Yeah, I agree about Todd. 🙂
    And yay for you! Go read! School is such a reading blocker….

    A certain guest author is going to come….
    If you don’t hear from me ever again, I’ll have died. Just letting you know. ^^

  5. @104 (sorry I have no idea how to pronounce your name..)

    I can read during the school term but I forced myself not to read for the last week so I’d get heaps of work finished up. And we’re only halfway through the school year, the holidays are only for two weeks :/ can’t wait until summer!

    @Midshipman are you at Alpha?! Please bombard Scott-la with every single question you can think of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re so lucky! You have to tell us EVERYTHING! So please don’t die 😛

  6. @106: Yes. Yes I am. Today is day three. And he’s supposed to be here….nowish. I had to borrow a copy of Goliath from Middy Miles to calm myelf down because I left mine in the dorm because I thought it would be weird to calm myself down using, well, Goliath. But then I just got too….ack. Yeah. Chapter 123 calms me down. Don’t ask me why. (It’s that chapter where they’re in Alek’s cabin arguing about things.) And I don’t know why I’m here instead of working on my story. And if he does come in like right now, that would be sort of weird because I’m on his blog. And I’m dying. I don’t think I’ve ever been this nervous. I literally had to force myself to eat this morning. And things. And bye. And my mind is fraying. And ahhh.

  7. @44: Thanks. (Sorry, I’m way behind. :/ )
    @107: I’d probably be even worse than that! 😛

  8. @106: I’m not totally sure either. It’s fom Bogus to Bubbly. Panzercrappitastica Bonechomper was too long 😉

  9. Everyone, I am much more calm now. It’s just sort of surreal to see both Scott and Justine together….and teaching together….and they’re amazing. I haven’t really talked to either of them yet (I am calm, but I still probably shouldn’t be trusted to speak coherently) but I have more time. Also, they each chose a table at lunch to sit at (but we were the third table…. :()And the first presentation Scott did was mostly concerning Leviathan and how visuals can influence writing and when he and Justine were talking about POV, he also talked about how he alternated third person limited with Deryn and Alek, and how he used POV to show these two different characters’ view of the same thing (the Leviathan). BUT when he first started and he had pictures of the books and the portraits of Deryn and Alek, it must be confessed that I was chewing on my own hands to keep from making an rather embarrassing noises. Plus, he used fanart, too, talking about how fanart illustrates books that would otherwise have no pictures, etc. And I’m shutting up now. I really have to go write.

  10. @111: I also sort of feel guilty for telling you guys all this because you aren’t experiencing it with me…. But I don’t really know where else to go to nervous word vomit. Yeah. I’ll check out that link in a second because once again I’m on my phone and this is difficult to do. I’m in one of the dorms so we don’t have wifi except on phones if we have the right kind. So though my computer is right in front of me, my phone it is.

  11. @111: I guess Hiccup looks like Alek, but that is also Hiccup to me so….yeah. But he does look rather like Alek when he’s older.

  12. @111: There’s a How to Train Your Dragon 2? MUST SEE. But yeah, he does look like Alek. And now, I’ll keep thinking this while I see the movie.

  13. Guys, I think I just scared Scott-la because I asked him about a short story he wrote in 2009 as a dialog spine and put in a NaNo Tip…. I asked him if he’d ever finished it and….yeah. After he left our table (we were eating lunch), the other people with me told me my fangirl was showing….oops. I honestly didn’t think anything of it, but…..yeah. At first when I saw that he’d sat down at our table, I was making tea, and I came backed and freaked internally. And tried to hide behind the coffee I had (the tea was in a thermos for later). But then he started asked what everyone’s short stories were about and GUYS. wow ah ajskrrocntoweksdjagjjeksanskd

  14. @Mid K – you are so lucky to be there!!!!!!! Ask Scott about his blog, see if he remembers you 😛

  15. Good to meet you and your wife. Justine was hilarious – I had no idea you were married to an author.

  16. @116-117: Actually, Scott and Justine did a interview-each-other/book signing at Barnes and Noble In Greensburg and afterwards a group of us were talking to Scott and maybe I’d been loud earlier like yesterday or today because he actually asked me to confirm I commented here…. So I had to say yes, I’m Midshipman K, and it was insane and I also really embarrassingly mentioned my dogtags that say it, too, because I was wearing them and how it was my username everywhere, so yeah. And yeah. And I’m being really incoherent but it was awesome and Middy Miles wasn’t with me at the time but I am going to drag her over to him when he gets back because he wanted to know who she was too and yeah. Ahhh. And he and Justine are adorable, by the way. And I’m sort of worried that he’ll see this, but that’s okay. Just embarrassing. But that is character building.

  17. Midshipman K you are insanely lucky to be meeting and talking to Scott!!!!! What kind of stuff does he say? Have you been asking him anything e.g. Uglies/Leviathan movies, up coming books ??

    Hahaha that’s so awesome that he actually remembered you!! I wonder if he thinks it’s strange that we’re talking about him like this… sorry Scott 😛

  18. @111: The nose isn’t quite right… but otherwise it does look like Alek!
    @Midshipman K: I agree with Panzercrappitastica. 😉 But I have no idea what I’d do if I met him. Probably say something incoherent. 😛

  19. @122: I’d babble incoherently for like thirty seconds about how I love his books and am so excited to meet him and he’s my role model etc. Then I’d make myself for, coherent sentences.

  20. @120-124: I’m sorry…. I know if I was in your place, I’d be dying. But I didn’t know who else to freak out at. I did nearly hyperventilate before he and Justine arrived (She’s lovely by the way), but they don’t need to know that….which is why I’m commenting about it on his website…. But yeah. I did have several word vomit moments. I babbled my favorite quote from The Bonus Chapter at him, and something about me hording The Manual of Aeronautics for a year from my sister because she kept Goliath a whole day after she finished it and would’t let me read it. On August 21st, it will have been a year. And, speaking of The Bonis Chapter, if he does see this, put the French translation on here! I want to see it!

    (And I know what the mysterious novel is, but I won’t say. He hasn’t put it on here yet so I don’t think he wants everyone to know yet? Or he just hasn’t updated in a while….)

    But he and Justine did leave today. :'(

  21. MidshipmanK: It was lovely meeting you and your sister. I would never ever have guessed you were nervous. Teaching at Alpha was one of the best teaching/talking about writing/hanging out with cool people experiences of my life.

    (Your fangirl never showed too much! Not that there’s anything such thing.)

  22. It’s totally impossible to show too much fangirl/boy. Inconceivable! And that word does mean what I think it means 😉


  24. @129: I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST NOTICED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAAAAAAAAAATTTT!!!!

    @127: Hi. ^^ Middy Miles says hi, too. (The awesome person. [Her words, not mine. :D])

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