Melbourne Writers Festival

I have three appearances at MWF this August. If you’re in Melbourne, now might be a good time to book them. (The first appears to be sold out already.)

NOTE: The MWF brochure says that adults can only come to school events if they are accompanying a child. On the website, however, you can just buy an “Extra Adult” ticket alone. Or, you can just rent a kid. I’m not sure anyone will actually kick you out either way.

Tuesday 27 Aug 2013 at 12.30 pm

Scott Westerfeld grew up surrounded by science and technology. It’s no wonder that his books – including Uglies, Leviathan, Midnighters and Peeps – are shaped by science. Find out what makes his stories tick, and how science can be a novelist’s best friend.

Venue: ACMI Cinema 2
Code: 2603; Age: Year 6-9
Price: $7 (SOLD OUT)

Wednesday 28 Aug 2013 at 10.00 am

The Leviathan trilogy is set in a steampunk World War I. The books even look like they were published in 1914, when almost all books were illustrated, even books for adults. Tour this extraordinarily rich world with the perfect guide, author Scott Westerfeld.

Venue: Deakin Edge
Code: 1701; Age: Year 5-8
Price: $7

Wednesday 28 Aug 2013 at 12.30 pm

Scott Westerfeld and Michael Pryor talk about the inventions and ideas first put forward in fiction, later proved to be fact – or wildly off the mark. Who is the better guide: scientist or novelist? Or does the future rely on both?

Venue: ACMI Cinema 2
Code: 2703; Age: Year 5-8
Price: $7

Click here for more info and to book tickets.

34 thoughts on “Melbourne Writers Festival

  1. YES! I am so happy! I’ve never been the first comment before….ANYWAY.
    I am so supremely jealous of anyone who goes to these events. ESPECIALLY that second one. *sob*

    Now, I actually have to go finish my Alpha story and try not to actually pull all my hair out for having to rewrite it in a different POV….

  2. @2: “Supremely jealous”? You got to MEET Scott on a personal(ish) level no signing can live up to. You got TWO lectures from him, and even had lunch together I believe — experiences that aren’t likely to ever be beaten by a signing or panel or whatever.
    No offense, but I don’t feel sorry for you one bit! 😉

  3. Huh. It’s not the twentieth here yet. That being the first thing I notice. The second being: Aw, I can’t come; and the third: Midnighters? Science centered? No, no, it’s really just fantasy. And fourth: YAY! Scott posted something again!

  4. I’m never anywhere near the places Mr. Westerfeld goes…*sob*

    Why is it that almost every person I ask has read the Uglies series, but I have yet to find someone who at least has HEARD of Leviathan? Deryn and Alek need more love.
    On the other hand, I was looking at somebody’s Deviantart gallery, and I found some random Leviathan fanart. :’D

  5. @5: I haz read Leviathan! And Uglies! And Midnighters and Peeps and So Yesterday and Succession! Has anyone else read Succession; that’s what I’d like to know! I’ve found one other person who has so far.

  6. @5: I KNOW!!! Uglies is so mainstream, but beautiful, amazing, perfect LBG is virtually unheard of. :\
    You should just type in “Deryn Alek” into the DeviantArt search engine….it makes me happy (I often search “funny” too, there are some pretty good LBG memes, 😀 ).

    @6: I’ve read LBG (obviously), about half of Uglies (the book, not the series), the first two Midnighters books, Peeps (love!), and The Last Days (eh…). I really want to read Succession, but ya know, LIFE. 😉

  7. @7: I really liked Uglies, too. And The Last Days. And… all of them.

    Has anyone else noticed that the winky face: 😉 kind of looks like someone with their face contorted in pain? Or is that just me?

  8. @3: Okay, yeah, I have no reason to complain. He was here for four days….

    @5: I have read LBG! (obviously) There’s lots of Dalek on dA! There are so many groups! Deryn-and-Alek, Leviathaneers, The Leviathan Crew, Leviathan Middies….others I don’t remember right now.

    @8: I think it looks fine….

  9. @2. Really, Midshipman K? You’re jealous of the people who get to see him speak in front of potentially hundreds of people, when you spent four days with him in a group of twenty students? I think our experiences pwn theirs.

  10. Has anyone watched the new Catching Fire trailer? I have to say that this movie may very well be better than the 1st one!

  11. Awww. I can never come to your talks! Any chance you’ll come to Kansas City in the near future? (Like in a year or whatever…)

  12. @15: Yes! It looks AMAZING!!! 😀 😀 😀
    I’m disappointed there was literally only a split second of Finnick though… :\ I’m sure they’ll come out with another trailer though, and there’s only 4 more months until it comes out anyway! 😀

  13. @17 at least we got to see him and the other Tributes (even if it was for just a second 😛 ) and the AREANA!!!!!!

    Heaps of people were saying – and I completely agree – that Finnick is wearing too much clothing. Haha that sounds really strange but in the book I believe he is just wearing a net..

  14. @15- it does!! I do hope it’s better, the last one I didn’t like so much.
    @18- but that was just in one part of the book, no? Just the tribute parade.

  15. @Zac-la and Middy Me: I don’t really remember how much clothes he was wearing. But as for the arena, it looks EXACTLY how I imagined it! 😀

  16. I hope a lot of people enjoy seeing you at the event. Sadly, I’m nowhere near Melbourne.

    @15: It certainly looks interesting.

  17. @20: The arena is just how I imagine it as well. It must have been described thoroughly, although I can’t remember the specifics.

  18. @20 – well I rewatched the trailer and I think he is wearing a net, though it looks more like a towel….weird. Besides, he doesn’t look at all how I imagined him but well, the arena does look amazing 🙂

  19. What’s Midshipman’s real name????!!!!!!!!!! Does it begin with ‘K’ or was I totally amusing wrong there…

    This blog is starting to remind me of a empty field… no (fence)POSTS and not much interest 😛

  20. @25 Heaps of people seem to be saying they don’t like Sam Claifin (Finnick).. personally I thought he was exactly like the O’Dair I’d imagined but anyway..

  21. @ Zac-la – sorry for not replying. For some reason all through yesterday and the day before I’ve been trying to get into this website but it kept saying “bandwidth exceeded” or something like that. Dunno why….but it works now!!

    I don’t like him as Finnick, you know, no offense. I imagined him looking younger and frankly, a bit more handsome. But that’s me, I haven’t really asked much people what do they think.

    For the Bonus Chapter I don’t have a link, but there’s a little search box near the top of the page that says “search site”, maybe you could try there 🙂

  22. @Middy Me: I was having the same problem!

    @Zac-la: Haha, I’ll never tell! 😀 I think it’s safe to say it does start with a ‘K’ though (didn’t she already mention that on here?).

    Sam Claflin as Finnick Odair is perfection! (I’ve only seen him in SW&Huntsman, and I didn’t know it was Finnick at the time so I wasn’t judging him, but based on looks alone, he is fantastic! I hope he pulls off the arrogant sexiness properly! 🙂

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