Uglies Trailer — Official!

Back in the sepia-toned days of early 2005—before Twitter, T-Pain, or even Twilight—I published a book called Uglies. Of course, back in those days, we didn’t call them books. We called them codexes, but it was much the same object: a quantity of papyrus that told a story.

Anyway, back then, book trailers weren’t really a thing. Trailers were for movies (which we called flicker-shows) or sometimes for videogames (which were collectively known as Pong). So Uglies was unleashed into the world with only the whispers of a few score Simon & Schuster sales reps (or bookmongers, as we knew them) to guide its passage.

By the time my next big series, Leviathan, hit bookstores in 2009, trailers were all the rage. So this beautiful example was created, and has since been viewed over half a million times. And yet Uglies remained untrailered.

Many of you sought to correct this imbalance by creating your own Uglies trailers, like this one, this one, this one, or this one. All of which are pretty (heh) cool.

But the time has come for Uglies to have its own official trailer!

So here it is at last: Uglies, the trailer!

If you know any other unofficial Uglies trailers, please link to them in the comments!

183 thoughts on “Uglies Trailer — Official!

  1. I’m still mad because I haven’t heard anything about an Uglies’s Movie, and Hollywood keeps recycled dumb movies instead of branching out and doing more book movies like this one. Uglie’s could be such a cool movie, and with the technology we have nowadays, it can be made EASILY and look so amazing. Not to mention the social commentary it would have.

    But NOOOO.
    Let’s get out ANOTHER Transformers! or some ish like that.


  2. hey, so I’ve been thinking about your books a lot lately and have been looking around to see if I missed the movie or anything really and found that you were supposed to have a movie come out?? And really I was just wondering what happened because I love your books and would love to see it on the big screen!! love the books :))

    excuse my grammar errors. I’m illiterate but I love to read and write lol

  3. My name actually is Tally, and this series really helps me imagine a life different from my own. While all of the struggles are relatable in some aspect of every teenager’s life, this book provides reassurance on a higher level. It’s pretty amazing what an impact this series has had on my life. It would be awesome if these books became movies. Pleaseeee make it happen. Thank you for creating these masterpieces 🙂

  4. This series was awesome with great imagery. It would need huge following to make this happen. Please please make this happen. Put the money and time into it to really get the attention from Hollywood that it deserves.

  5. Let’s do a movie for it please?! That would be great. I’m totally in love and obsessed with this book and it would be an amazing movie. Thanks!

  6. I’m reading uglies for my summer reading and I really like it so far and I thing it would make a great movie <3

  7. I read the series five years ago and I’m still waiting for them to be turned into movies… I loved them so much; it felt like I was a part of the book! I hope that someday they realize how good this could be…

  8. I’m in 7th grade and I am reading the series, I’m only on book 1 but love it and can’t wait to get the the others. Anyway I would love for there to be a movie!!

  9. I just read the Uglies book, I love it sooo much!! I was wondering how it looked as a movie instead of my imagination. I’m really obsessed with these books!! Please make this a movie, or a series of movies.

  10. I’ve read this book series about five or more times now, and I’m still absolutely obsessed with it. If a movie came out for the series I would die of excitement!

  11. It’s 2019 and there is still no movie on these books. I am quite disappointed because these books are so good and deserve a movie to each book. It could be made into a movie series like Divergent and Harry Potter. There is so much potential to these books and i just wish and hope that one day a movie could finally made….. is there a reason as to why there hasn’t been a movie made yet?

  12. My daughter had to read these books for her summer reading two years ago. We had to but the book and I’m glad we’re are hooked and are buying the rest with crazy lives we’re haven’t raff them all yet, but we definitely enjoy them when we can and when we’re done Pay (my daughter) is donating them to the school. We’re also waiting for the movie.

  13. hi i love your book called extras it very retro and cool , and if u do make a move i will be happy to watch

  14. So many people, including myself want the Uglies series to be out on the big screen, I love every book from this series and it would be amazing if there was an accurate movie of this series. Also, is it possible that this is already happening, because it says on this page “Comments will be closed on April 23, 2020.” I know this is a stretch, but I can’t imagine why else the comments would be put down if the movie still (supposedly) isn’t being made yet.

  15. I found this book 3 years ago on the internet while searching for some Dystopian or Young Adult Novels and I’m hooked! I was amazed with all the adventures, characters improvement, to its futuristic slang and twist. I really hope that more people will know about the existence of this book ‘cuz I know they will love it the way I do. I’m always hoping for the movie, this surely has the potential.

    I appreciate this “Impostor Trailer” ( it gets me more excited for a movie version of “Uglies Series” specially when I saw that Hover Board and that markings “The Smokes Lives” on a tree trunk. Please make it happen. Thank you!

  16. I’ve been waiting for an Uglies movie series since I read the first book in 2005. I’m a little disappointed that it still hasn’t happened. I’m sure it would be a huge success if you would just get the ball rolling. I’ll be here waiting…

  17. I usually am not big on reading but back in junior high I literally read these books at least twice each and I still have hoped and wished that it would become a movie and it still hasn’t!! #ugliesmovie

  18. Read this book series for the first time almost 12 years ago. I read it again almost 2 years ago, and I’m probably going to read the series again this year. Every other year I search for official articles hoping that one says theres finally a movie in the works, but almost 15 years later still nothing, so disappointing.

  19. I have been reading this series for quite awhile now and it is most definitally my most favorite. I just wanted to ask if there would PLEASE be a movie of this magnificent book series!? I just think that considering there is such great technology nowadays that they could make a freaking killer movie out of this amazing freaking series. I’ve always thought people that create movies always make such weird movies, they should make Uglies into a movie because, 1st of all they will get a CRAP TON of views, and EVERY SINGLE FREAKING FAN WILL LOVE IT AND HELLO ITS UGLIES WHO DOESN’T WANT THIS MOVIE!!!!!?????
    xoxo ~ Macy <3

  20. OMG I JUST FINISHED THE SPECIALS AND THIS BOOK SERIES IS MY FAVORITE OF ALL THE BOOK SERIES. And trust me I have read a lot! This book series NEEDS to be made into a movie I mean they put out some pretty stupid movies and this is over the top so why put out stupid movies while you could put this out. This series is just fantastic and I will soon start reading the extras. HOLLYWOOD SHOULD DEFINITELY MAKE THIS A MOVIE SERIES!!!!!

  21. I am with a lot of the people above. I am really hoping this movie will make it to us soon! I loved getting lost in these stories so I am really hoping to see it come to life. Like someone mentioned about, I have also been waiting over 10 years.

  22. This book is something that keeps me up at night: I’ve never thought about a book as much as I’ve thought about this. It shaped my life differently and I see life in a new light since the moment I picked this book up so long ago. Every time I try to explain this book I deem it impossible. It’s futuristic. It’s poetic. It’s true to nature. It’s before AND after all at once. Please consider making a movie. I’ve never felt more about anything then these books.

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