Japanese LB Covers

Just got copies of the mass-market Japanese version of Behemoth, shown here with Leviathan. (Goliath isn’t out yet, but will be in October!)

Love these covers.


The art for these smaller editions is by the same artist as the larger format, Pablo Uchida. Here’s his site, where he often posts the studies for his covers.

For example, the bigger format Goliath cover, with the studies bloew:



Too bad novels don’t get alternate covers, like comic books sometimes do. It would have been cool to have seen all four.

More cool Levithan art is coming soon, including an incredible model of the Stormwalker.

And don’t forget, Afterworlds comes out in 43 days!

8 thoughts on “Japanese LB Covers

  1. First time First Comment!!!The covers are so awesome and bubbly!!!! Can’t wait to read Afterworlds!!!
    (Scott-la, Third to last sentence is the wrong “to.” Sorry, I had to point that out.)

  2. I love seeing other countries’ covers for Scott’s books! But then I always get jealous. Only 43 more days! Eeeeep!

  3. Oh my god, that’s SO COOL! I love all the foreign covers for LBG! It’s a good thing they aren’t in English (or easily available in the US) or else I’d buy them all!

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