Midnighters Spoiler Zone!

Okay, some people want to comment about the ending of the Midnighters trilogy, but they feel bad about spoiling the ending for others.

So I am decreeing this post to be the Blue Noon spoiler zone!

unless you have already read all three Midnighters books.

So how does it end? He dies on the bus!

No, wait. That’s Midnight Cowboy, which is totally different.

Heh, heh.

But seriously, click on comments and let the spoilage begin!

UPDATE: Most of the conversations here have moved over to westerboard.com, the forum for all things westerfeldian.

2,049 thoughts on “Midnighters Spoiler Zone!


  2. Hi Scott) I read a lot of your books but my favourite books are midnighters i love them very much)) But why dont you write the 4th book??????? i want it very much!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you know you are very popular in russia??i live there in novosibirsk……so please write 4th book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please!!!!!!!!please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Is it just me or has Scott not posted any reply in a long long while? I really wish that he would get on board for writing at least one more Midnighters book…Some people on here have been trying to convince him to write a fourth one for TWO years, possibly even longer than that!!! I’ve recently re-read the series after re-reading Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga and I must say that his writing style/books is/are tied with hers and Rachel Caine’s (Morganville Vampires Series). While the tv show idea for Midnighter’s seems really unlikely right now, those of us Midnighter lovers who have spent much time reading and replying on this posting page are still hoping for another book. We can only hope that you’re still reading our posts and that eventually (hopefully sometime really soon) you will get writing a Midnighter related book for your hardcore dedicated fans.

  4. Oh my gosh! i dont know how this escaped me! but anyways ummm saskatchewan kinda has 12 letters… not that im scared that darklings are going to jump out of the books and eat me, but thats kinda creepy!

  5. !# i love these midnighters books but i just cant stand the fact that Jess got stuck in the secret hour if they dont get her out she is going to just sit and watch jonathan die!!!!!! *sob*
    and i hate how Rex and Mallisa broke up they were soooooo perfect for each other. ok i have a questian… ive heard that they were going to make a midnighters movie is that true???

  6. to !#Team Dess!#
    I don’t know but I really hope they do! It’s a wonderful book!
    I was Jess for my schools wax museum but I really wanted to be Melissa but then my teacher heard the speech or whatever I was gonna give….yeah she told me to change people 🙁

  7. i lllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee the midnighters books they r so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    please itss that the third book left me whith a lot of question at the end.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. the other day i was looking if there was a 4th book for the midnighers series and came across this website and someone made a fourth book in the page and its really good you should take a look it but ist not done yet. It really goes whith the other and theres evven more characters in it, it kept me reading until the last chapter andit even includeds a tini bit of twilight in it.

    yust look for it.


  11. I really like the way you ended Blue Noon, but naturally it made me so sorry for Jonathan, Melissa and Rex. It would be really great to see another book about what happens on Jessica, Jonathan and Melissa’s adventures.
    The midnighters trilogy is my favourits series, thank you so much for writing it!

  12. It would be better if jonathan also got stuck in blue time, jessica and him would age at the same rate and he could fly for his entire life.

  13. i read all 3 books and i hope there is a 4th. it would be so cool i scott decided to make a movie on all the books i would watch them every day. i think that the midnighters is better than twilight. now that says something….yeah it says that the midnighters ROCK MY SOCKS!

  14. OMG!!!!!!!! my mom bought me these books a long time ago and I just recently read them I used to be a die-hard Twihard fan but now I’m a die-hard Midnighter. I met you once in Kentucky and you signed my copy of Uglies and I have been reading your work since you have became my new favorite author and I cried at the end of blue moon i would love you eternally if you just wrote one more save Jess so her and Jon can be with each other forever and I feel so sorry for Rex i literally cried over this book

  15. i LOVE these books!!!!!!!!!!!!! i read them a long time ago! but the other day i was looking through my books and i became obsesed all over again!!!

  16. i was trying 2 read the whole comment list anddont hurt me but i got kinda board i think i spelled that wrong i am the worlds worst speller but i abousolitly lol tld u i loved the books please write more please

  17. oh and mind u this comment board / CHAT SECCSSION *cant spell member* started in 2006 also i have 13 letters in my veyr common and simmple name sierra johnson its weird that i always know when i spell things wrong

  18. i have the felling that im being supper anoying and that no ones gooing to read this for weeks but in the begining someoone mentioned sumthing about having 400 coments well thie is the 2027 th comment oh and i noe i spelled certain words wrong*hint hint* have a SUPER day i hope you realized that i wrote that in caps to show u i can spell …… that word bye

  19. i was pissed that jess is stuck in the 25th hour its depressing. jess and jonathan cant be together for real any more because she wont age the same it suckes. and her family would be a reck i feel so bad for them

  20. Okay, Scott I really hope you read this.
    So I was in the school library 2 weeks ago and I felt like reading a book. But not just any book – I prefer reading a series rather than a one-off novel. I ended up picking out your series, mainly because it was a trilogy, and because the blurbs sounded intriguing.

    THANK GOD I chose your books – they are amazing. I haven’t read any of your work before, but Midnighters just captured my imagination. I finished reading ‘Blue Noon’ this morning, and I can’t believe you ended the book like that!! How am I supposed to sleep at night without knowing what happens! And how awful that Jess’ parents blame themselves for her ‘disappearance’. And Beth! Oh my, how could she cope! Unless there is a 4th book that no-one has told me about, I am very VERY angry at you Mr. Westerfeld. You can’t do this to me! And by the looks of it, everyone else would like another book too.

    So please, think about the children who will read your books. Don’t break their fragile little hearts by ending the series there.

    Kay, thanks. Bye.

    P.S…just so you know, you are a God.

  21. So… kind of a bunch of years late on this. Actually, not even really sure how I found this blog post (I blame google…) But seeing as when these books first came out I was probably too young for them anyway, I’ll just post some old news…

    My gosh. The Midnighters series literally rocked my world. There are way too many paranormal romance-y books out there now (seriously. Entire sections of bookstores labeled “paranormal romance.” Too many sparkly vampires. I prefer peeps) and I was so, so glad to finally come across a series with super-powered characters who didn’t make me want to vomit from their nauseating romances. The Rex/Melissa and Jonathan/Jessica relationships were both far from perfect. But all four acted HUMAN (or at least, halfling-esque). They had arguments and got over them. They supported each other. They did not make out every third page. They occasionally forgot where they had their first kiss. All normal parts of healthy relationships.

    I also appreciated that Dess didn’t have a relationship and was resentful of the fact. Too many books either match everyone up with their perfect match (surprise! There’s a sixth midnighter! — so lame) or have the “awkward fifth wheel” (or third, or seventh, or whatever…) blissfully unaware of the fact that they are lacking in the couples-universe. So thanks for making Dess act human as well. Also, the fact that she gets her own small reward in the end too. Score one for the polymath (although she still can’t motivate me to do my calculus homework).

    Was I happy with Blue Noon’s ending? Well, no. I actually threw my book at a wall (both book and wall are still intact). But I think an important part of reading books is that sometimes endings are bittersweet. Sometimes relationships fall apart (because the Jonathan/Jessica eventual age difference just doesn’t strike me as something that will work out in the end). Sometimes friendships get complicated, or families get complicated, or whatever. The world doesn’t always have a Hollywood ending, and since novels (even sci-fi/fantasy/etc.) are a reflection of the things that we see in real life, they shouldn’t always have happy endings either. (Tuck Everlasting, anyone? I cried for hours. And I was ten at the time).

    So do I wish another bolt of lightning will strike exactly at midnight and free Jess from her confines in the secret hour? (I mean, presuming that would work and all). Well, yeah. But I’m glad that the book didn’t include this. Because in real life, yeah, the odds are slim. But the potential is there for it to happen (and in my mind I can believe it happens. Actually, I’m sure there have probably already been about 13×10^39 fanfics about it). Much like The Giver, the ending of the Midnighter’s trilogy leaves the potential for the reader to be an (unreasonable – gah, twelve letters) optimist or not, as they choose.

    (Of course, if you would like to write a fourth Midnighters novel, I would not be opposed at all.)

    So thank you.

  22. Must be honest, I loved the book, the action was exciting and suspense filled, especially the part where Rex pretty much gos Ranbo to save his girl and kick darkling ass. The character development was amazing, all though I must argue why dess hates Melisa. The only reason Melisa did what she did was to save Rex, and last time i checked Rex is Des’s friend to. So really I dont think Dess should of been made so hateful, she was even abit hateful in the end of the book. Then the fact Melisa leaves Rex made no sense whatsoever, I founded that no logic writing on the creators part. We did not even get a break up scene to explain why. Maybe if the creator did a scene of them discussing it it would of made more sense.

    However one thing the book did very good on was also the horror of the darklings as we learned so many things about the darkling world. I was excited in all the darkling scenes in this book as I finnally learn what makes a darkling a darkling.

    I loved the series, I hate how the creator screwed over just about every character in this series in the end. They only saved the world, jesus if this is how heros get rewarded in scott westerfield books then to hell with being the good guy i rather be the villian.

  23. @ parodox

    I was so mad with the ending that i three the book to the floor and then kicked it at the wall in public at school my reaction was

    me-*reading it in lunch at the school*……*reads the final chapter*…..
    me-*heart broken as every chary gets ripped off*

  24. Ok so I finished all the midnighters books in 6 days and the ending of the last book I was a little dissapointed about the ending. Please tell me if there is a fourth book!!! I’ve been looking online and there is nothing but if there is a fourth book is it called forever blue?! I just finished the last book today so please is there a fourth book?!

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  26. I have been absolutely addicted to the books since Blue Noon came out. These are the books that got me into reading, and gave me an unhealthy obsession with Scott Westerfeld’s books. I hope more books get written, every time I read the trilogy I crave more!

  27. You really make it appear so easy with your presentation however I to find this topic to be actually one thing that I believe I’d never understand. It kind of feels too complicated and extremely extensive for me. I am looking forward on your subsequent post, I will attempt to get the hold of it!

  28. It’s so sad when jessica gets trapped in the blue time:( I hope they find out how to safe her and that jonathan and jessica keep being together

  29. It’s so sad when jessica has to leave her sister Beth and her boyfriend and family behind.i just have a question……¿what does it mean in page 499
    “Jess lived only one hour to his twenty-five, which meant she’d be hitting her nineteen birthday just about the same time jonathan was dying of old age.and……” What does it mean “ and sometime way before that, things were going to get…..icky”? What does it mean? I’m young so I had that question. I gtg eat dinner

  30. i anit mad but it has a sad ending i wish he makes a part 4 cause the ending some what told me there are going to be a part 4 and I love all your books you the best.

  31. Midnighters is AMAZING! It should definately have a 4th book/TV show!!!!!!!! I liked the ending but I wish there was more!

  32. I would say just have 4th book to figure out Jessica’s situation. It’s morbid. I love the series just like everyone else. Though the last book left it with there being more mystery to the blue time and the powers of the midnighters their selves. You had Rex mention there could be other powers outside their own but like what? Are there other flame bridges and could they release Jess? Is there a way to end the blue time completely? I would think at least one book would be enough to satisfy readers. Even if it took donation to have to book funded I’m sure us fan would do it.

  33. I’m definitely on bored with Brett I’d definitely be willing to donate to see a forth book in this series. Honestly if it wasn’t for this series I probably never woukd have read anything throughout school. Thank you scott for midnighters please write a forth book. If yiu already have one written and just haven’t gotten a publisher to print it let your loyal fans know.

  34. I refuse to believe there is not a 4th book looming over the horizon for Midnighters. No way there is not. The way that book ended was like a second to final book. It’s like the calm before the massive storm and then it ends?! That’s like if Harry Potter and the DH stopped right before the fight with Voldemort, like NO. I must see how this ends and what becomes of everyone!

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