Die Midnighter!

Not “die” as in “expire,” of course. “Die” as in “the.”

That’s right, the Midnighters series is now in German! And the new website for the series is far cooler than anything in English.

Like check this out:

Because, you see, German midnighters have entirely different symbols! (It’s a teutonic thing; you wouldn’t understand.)

There are pages and pages of fun to be had, including many screensavers like the one above. But the funkiest thing is the Tridecalogism-Generator, which looks like this.

Okay, if anyone knows what “abschicken” means, do tell. Is that like a dude who’s afraid to take his shirt off in public?

Go here to check out the generator.

These are the German midnighter desktops, like the one above.

And here’s the mighty home page.

Thank you, Kosmos, for a very cool site.

This just in: Justine also got some cool downloads today, including a Magic or Madness screen saver that rocks out loud. Here’s her post linking to the screensaver.

98 thoughts on “Die Midnighter!

  1. Gabby: Deep blue.

    IILWJ: Yes, you may use all the quotes you want.

    IndigoEeyes: Yes, I will use the “die” joke every time, because it’s a Simpsons bit, when Sideshow Bob claims to the parole board that his “Die Bart Die” tattoo is merely German for “The Bart The.”

    Sorry that took so long!

    Does EVERY thread have to mention Zane dying? Sadness for those who haven’t read Specials yet.

  2. happy to hear your still alive scott ^.^ jk, i think we can all forgive you for having a life while *at least I* dont. haha!

  3. OMG Scott! I love you even more now. You’ll have to come check out my website sometime. It’s still a work in progress right now but I promise it will be amazing when I’m done. If you go on photos there are tons of midnighters pics. Click on my name to see it

  4. well im still reading midnighters… but i can tell the 235 pages that iv read so far are AWESOME!!!! and also i only now how to say one thing in German… and im not sure how to spell it (if u havent already noticed I cant even spell half of the stuff i say but i dont care!! hehe) but any way here it goes… “ish libby dish” i dont now if thats right… but it means “I love you”. and ill deff have to tell Wenni (my GERMAN friend) to read your book!!! all of them!!1
    xoxo alexa

  5. o yea scott someday i hope that i could end up a famous writter like you!! i though that i might and tell you that so if your ever in a book store many days from now and see a book written by Alexa Fowler. then i hope that you will take a look at it!!!
    xoxo alexa

  6. Psh, their fault for reading the spoliers…besides, it is sad…poor, poor, Zane…I don’t know who would be sadder…Zane, although he’s dead, or Tally, since she liked him a lot…

  7. My favorite colour is French blue, which is almost purple, and how I pictured Midnighter-eyes-at-midnight.

  8. How could it not be related to the Uglies Trilogy if it is an extention of it? Wasn’t this metioned in the Extras post?! Isn’t it in the same futuristic time period? Yes, I do think so.

  9. Hmm…I guess that means I better read the Extras post, since I haven’t read that yet…and I was just curious, capt. cocktail…

  10. Rebecca, The Last Days is a sequel to Peeps, because Cal and Lace show up. And it is implied in the Extras post that Tally will show up, so…yeah.(I’ll stop babbling now.)

  11. IndigoEyes: True, but “sequel” implies a continuing story, whereas a companion, in my experience, means a story set in the same world but about different people. So even though the cover of The Last Days says it’s a sequel to Peeps, I consider it to be more of a companion because it’s told from the POV of completely different characters. However, I can see where it might be thought of as a sequel too, since Peeps does kind of end on a cliffhanger (that being the fate of the world as we know it) which is then one of the main focuses (foci?) of The Last Days. I can’t say how similar Extras will be to the Uglies series but since that storyline was resolved in Specials and the new book is told by a completely different character (Aya), it sounds like a companion story. Set in the same universe, but telling a new story about new people. That’s my take on it. I like to ramble on about stuff like this.

  12. Haha, scott and justine. you’re confusing me.
    glad to hear you’re on track with Extras! πŸ™‚

  13. Jeez, I don’t check the site for a week or two and there are like three new blogs.

    The german site is so cool. I’ve been using this site to translate it, but everything comes out funny. Like it says:

    “They immerse each night exactly around midnight one hour long into a mysterioese and fantastic world, called Ò€žthe secret hourÒ€œ. ”


    “In addition the Midnight is not completely abandoned. There are gliders, which are so similarly as queues (it is, it fly, also occur) and Darklinge, which accept so rather each shape, which pleases them – so long she large and fear is exciting.”

    It gives you a headache after a while.

    By the way, the symbols go left to right: Flamebringer, Polymath, Seer, Acrobat, Mindcaster (I know, totally not what I thought they were)

  14. Hey, Scott. This may sound quite random. But I really need to know how you came up with the symbols. I know, I know. It’s a Teutonic thing. But what kind of Teutonic thing??? This is incredibly ergent!!!!!!

  15. I want to know is Scott is the one who came up with any of the symbols period. Well, except flamebringer, we know he did that one cause Jess described it.

  16. I’m fairly sure that all of the symbols were made by Scott, since there was something in the front of the Midnighters books saying that the symbols were copyright Scott Westerfeld.
    I think.

  17. i can’t read German, but i am trying to read the ancient greek version of harry potter. Maybe they’ll do one for midnighters. That would be cool, sort of.

    Oh and how would they do the tridecalogisms in german. German does have a lot of long words, but i doubt the tridecalogism in German would have 13 letters

    Ich bin ein ‘midnighter-fan’

  18. “abschicken” is German. it means to post, submit, or send.
    P.S.-Midnighters would be a bad trilogy for someone with triskaidekaphobia to read. (That’s fear of the # 13.)

  19. I guess for the tridecalogisms they would just choose different words. For most of them it’s not like they talk about the words, they just say them. There was one word though that had something said about it in the book though, but I guess they would just have to remove it.

    Oh yeah, I’m Dess (24.3%) on the quiz! Yay!

  20. I have no idea if anyone told you :]
    I’m not going to read 88 comments to check!
    Or if you were being sarcastic.

    Abschicken means “send!”

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  22. … I’m German and I wish I knew what these signs mean. Teutonic heritage doesn’t necessarily make you smart enough to decipher that. But the symbols DO look pretty. Oh, by the way, why the heck is it so difficult to order the ENGLISH versions of the Midnighters books and send them to Germany? I tried four major book stores and they all didn’t have it in store, so now I have to wait AGES until it gets here. D’ugh.

  23. I am now reading the second book to the Midnighters series…now i have a question..which symbol is Dess? the ring with the odd triangle thing in the middle? or what? someone explain plz!

  24. Ok, i looked up “German to English Translation” on google. I clicked on the second link and once i was at the website, i typed abschicken. It means to send off. So it’s like to email.

  25. I think the curve with the star is Melissa (that’s very similar to her sign in English Midnighters), the triangle with the curve going through it is Dess, the curve with the spiky things are Jessica (the spiky things resemble flames), the curlique is Rex (they look sort of like his sign), and the curve with the triangle in it is Jonathan.
    Just because that’s the only one left.

  26. i thought that the star was mellissa, Dess is the triangle one, Jess is the flame, and Jonathon is the boy…yeah, that seems right. thatnks Aly

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