Bionic Aya?

The Albany Times Union‘s book blog points out a mysterious similarity between a promo for the new version of The Bionic Woman and the cover of Extras.

Of course, as we 1970s kids already knew, the Bionic Woman’s right eye was bionical, whereas Aya’s eyescreen is on the left. So it’s totally different. Totally.

Still, this frame is kinda spooky:

Congratulations, you collectively managed about 2,500 page loads in under 20 minutes. Now return to your summers!

My next post will be between 7PM and 7:30PM on Saturday, US EST. (That’s 6PM Central, 4PM Pacific, and 9AM Sunday in Sydney.)

145 thoughts on “Bionic Aya?

  1. Hmm I’ve read uglies, pretties, specials, midnighters secret our, midnighters touching darkness, midnighers blue noon, peeps. (don’t ask me how many times I’ve read each…I’ve lost count!)

    My christmas list : Extras, So yesterday, The last Days. Plus other books by other authors!

    Woo yay for Friday the 13!

  2. He means that since he posted a time frame for when he was going to post, that during that time everyone was refreshing like crazy and in the 20 minutes of waiting for him to post, everyone managed to reload about 2,500 times. Heh that’s awesome!

  3. This is getting totally crazy. Like, comment n° 45 says “A second too late!” Huh!? You guys are insane.
    The frame looks kinda alike, but… Not that much. I wouldn’t’ve noticed at all if you hadn’t pointed it out.

  4. well congrats the person that won ☺!!! and i have to try harde on the next post {cant wait for EXTRAS}

  5. I no what u aaaall r thinking. “How many people are we up against”. Well i can answer that lol. Me and Kheidi-la figured it out for you. There are 180 and different people that have commented since the Extras Page 1 post so theres probably more. Here they are: and sorry if we missed you. it wasnt the easiest thing in the world lol:

    Sylvia Ertert Emzie Kayily Mayre Poodle Margan Marflanda Ryan Brila Chelsea-wa Iminlovewithjon. Ally Quinton Amber Olivia Kjait Ash Dawn Kristen Amy-la Morgan Olivia
    Capt. Cock. Kim Maria-wa Kaylee Peyton-la Haddy-wa Korbe Lauren Luna Megan D. Mandy
    Oltiana Raychii-wa Kali Alyssa Ali Ruhi Chellebelle Nessa-wa Kaitlyn Pryme Sophie-la
    Elaine Bri-la ShellTheShark Kailyx Cat-kha Rainy Mayra Reyna Allichie Kali Meghan d. Aubrey M Isabel Zo-la *Jessie* Taylor ~Kathy Kheidi-la Hannah-chan Soxy AshAngelAk
    Rosie-la Mary Missy Maya ccandyc Rae Jackie Rebecca Gwendolyn Shan Eka-la Charlye
    Jessi-wa Vanessa Gabby Shelby L. Sarah-la Nanner-la Gabroelle Alissa Ana Jessie**
    Courtney-wa Meg-la Reyna Haley Rae bassoonbabe Claudia Kadie-wa Ekic Letticia Alaina Camille Un.Un.Wo. Hannah Nichole Jess Katerate Shelby Lil Anna-wa Emily Peep Grrl Amy
    Mayrabchillin Aye Isabel Loej Lindsey-wa Jen Kelbey Danica Nick Bob Dawie Alex
    Nel-wa Breanna Zachary D. Maddie-la OsrisOmega IndigoEyes Bnicki Heather R. Jenny
    Greeneyes Nona Dawn Chelsea Drake Keia drianna SCOTT Heather W. Rose Casey-wa Patricia Kaliana Kelly Dream_Writer Sammie-wa Holly Steph-la Dee Tara-wa Kimberly Ayre-la Dennis JD Addie-wa Matthew-wa Jessica Fig Jillian Abbey Marie Chima-la Lindsay Stephanie Punkroxta

    they arn’t in order or anything.. hmm its 1:30 here i think im going to watch tv

  6. i doubt i’ll win a copy. but by some mirical i do, well you’ll just see (or read) what happens.

  7. YAY! i’m on the list! hehe i feel famous (pathetic i know). and I WANT A SAMPLER TOO! but is there anyone here who doesn’t? besides the luckyluckylucky people who already one…hey is it good? (dumb question, but w/e)

  8. Happy Bday Amy-la (or if it’s past your bday then happy late bday). I’m turning 15 in February and I’m already trying to think of great party ideas. I think ice skating would be fun…OMG I’m soooo excited another post is today!!! I hope I can win (or at least get Top 5)!!!

  9. Omg Sylvia u already won one??? LUCKY!!! You gotta post once you get it and tell everyone how it is (if ur allowed)…seriously I really really want one! Uglies/Pretties/Specials are my FAVORITE books!!!

  10. @ Morgan: haha, duh I won one, look @ teh first commenter of this blog. x] And no, I won’t post it cuz I don’t wanna spoil it for everyone so.. :p

    @ Taylor: I’ve haven’t recieved the sampler yet, Scott has to mail ’em first so probably in a couple of days or something.

    Good luck to everyone who wants to win the next one :]

  11. Sylvia: Oh sry haha didn’t look. Aw man well I guess I’ll just have to win one myself!

  12. Well Well Well…..

    The competition is too stiff, I don’t stand a blooming chance here. Ah well…I’m just biding my time until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows comes out, and then until Extras comes. 🙂

    Ah, the life of a book-nerd. What agonizing bliss.

  13. youre not a nerd nor a book nerd for tht matter. dont degrade yourself. labels only downgrade your self esteem. be happy who you are and anyways technically we all are “book nerds” as you refer to, we all love the books Scott wrote. and other authors write for that matter. it still doesnt make us any “nerds”

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