Trivia Night

The Obsessive Refreshing Experience has been an interesting experiment in group dynamics, but not as much fun as I’d hoped. Everyone racing to comment has been kind of disruptive to the discussion threads here, and probably to your lives as well.

Maybe it’s time for a change.

So this is the last giveaway that goes to the first commenter. We’ll have to think of something more interesting. (And maybe not based on being fast, you know?)

In the last comment thread, Kim suggested that I ask a trivia question and see who answers first. That’s still time-based, but it could be more fun and less random.

So here’s a trivia question, and the first person to post the correct answer wins a sampler! (That’s right, I’m giving away two samplers today! Oh, the excitement!)

Question: In my book So Yesterday there are two characters who each have two last names (but both in different ways). Who are these characters? Please identify both characters by their one first name and two last names.

Is this question slightly confusing? Tough. It’s supposed to be. If you post a partial answer, don’t blame me if someone steals it from you and wins with the whole answer!

Let the games begin.

Also, let’s use this comment thread to come up with some other ideas. Is there any way to do this where you don’t win based on timing at all?

My next post will be in 48 hours, give or take 15 minutes.

295 thoughts on “Trivia Night

  1. Christa, “what would scott do if he was attacked by darklings?” i dont think that would work because he would need some stainless steel, and name it a thirteen letter word. thats about it.

  2. how about scott asks what was the last book of his youve read and what did you do after you read it.

    here is what i did after each book:
    uglies: pick up pretties
    pretties: look for specials
    specials: said omg
    peeps: checked my cats eyes to see if they were red (no joke, i really did that)
    midnighters 1: picked up midnighters 2

  3. I am not allowed on the computer at home because for some inexplicable reason every time I use it it either crashes or freezes. That never happens at work. Winston is just stoopid.

  4. Kathy,
    Futura Garamond and Mwadi Wickersham are two different people involved in the same coupe d’etat. MW is the missing-black woman-formation chick and FG is the anarchy-in-the-publishing-business dude. Unless I misunderstood you.

  5. I wish there was a funnier way to this but the only answer i can find is for you take get our e-mail address and put them all in a hat and whoever pulls the first one gets a sampler. Even though i would love to have some control over if i get one or not i think this is the fairest none time related way to do this.

  6. I’m not so hot about the new look….


    78 Days until Extras or…
    2 months 16 days or…
    6,739,200 seconds or…
    112,320 minutes or…
    1872 hours or finally…
    11 weeks

  7. kadie-wa, why would anyone want to know how many seconds till extras come out? (besides dess)

  8. it sounds like forever if you say it in days, or even months, but if you say 11 weeks, it sounds not that far off.

  9. EVEN (oops) 2 months sounds scary! my mammi is making me leave an hour early! oh the HORROR!

  10. i dont get your name, toomanypeoplenamedhillary! i dont know a single person named hillary. (people i know in person) maybe there are a lot of people named hillary where you live, but not here.

  11. i know one girl named hillary. she’s really mean. but toomanypeoplenamedhillary might not be mean. or is she…

  12. hey!!! there is a little note sbouve the comment box saying the comments are stamped with Australian Eastern Standard Time. i guess thats one mistery solved.

  13. was that always there (and were we all that blind to the obvious? i hopw not…) i just spent the last 4 hours hunting down all of scotts books that i didnt hav that were young adult, scott better be happy i just spent over 50 dollars on his books….

  14. i have 7 books in three piles. (according to series)
    the first pile is peeps.
    the second pile is the midnighters trilogy
    the third pile is the uglies trilogy

  15. I agree with what Drake-la said in post 95.

    Maybe quotations from a character and people have to guess which character said it and in which book.

    Ex: “Thank you Jess. See, Mom? Totally polite.”

    Ex: “You stay. I can make it to Pulcher okay.”

    Who can guess those?

    But it should be a quote that was probably skimmed over by most readers, and a quote that is nearkly impossible to tell even what BOOK it was from.
    but that quote was said by beth in midnighters 3.
    Well I am just wasting time now, seeing as the first chapter of EXTRAS is posted already 😀

    But I just have one comment to make on Scott Westerfeld’s means of writing::
    I read the Uglies series, the Midnighters series, Peeps/The Last Days, and So Yesterday. But when I began reading The Risen Empire, I was highly disappointed. Scott’s style of writing in that book was confusing and
    ‘un-enjoyable’. I stopped reading that book after the first, say, 50 pages because I just plain didnt like that book. I’m a westerfan, but that book was a disappointment to my high standards of Scott’s writing ability.

  16. i feel bad for you scott.
    you have to read over 200 comments!
    but i think, and this is what i have thought the whole time, that there shold be no timing at all. i think that who ever has the best comment should win. like when you read a comment, and you say while your reading, “wow”. and that comment really makes your head turn. because now that i read the comments, they are all like “o crap! i lost again!” and there not even reading the blog before they answer. i think that is sad commpared to what the comments used to be befor the whole “comment first” thing. i think that this is the only fair way because then nobody has to stay up all night, and the people with bad computer internet dont have to complain. but the comments have to all be in by a certain time. that way there is no one who is left out.
    but that is my opinion.

  17. I agree with AshAngelAk. I think we should do the scrambled word.

    For Example: sdondemae

    Which is Desdemona (From Midnighters)

    or: starpaie vpetisio

    Which is Parasite Positive (From Peeps)

    (They are AshAngelAk’s examples.)
    You can make them hard, so it takes a while to figure out, and have a limit of one post/guess per person or something. But that is still timebased. Otherwise, i agree with the random number idea. Except the post has to have substance to it.. About the blog or something of his works. Not just random chit-chat or complaining that you didn’t win. That way you could still post more than once (maybe a limit of 5 or something) as you would be discussing Scott’s blog or his books, so the comments wouldn’t just be chitchat.

    Neither of those were my ideas. They have already been said a few times, I think. I just like those ideas the best.

  18. I hate you. I was actually getting closer and was planning for this week to use this as an excuse to get up early and actually get something done in the morning for a change. Did you even contemplate that this contest has actually helped some people? Other than the ones who won?

    On an annoyed rampage through Cosima’s mind,

  19. Heather R. : how rude. Don’t you realize some of us are at the mercy of random people coming down to where we live on airplanes with extra room in their suitcases and on the only two times a year we get chances to get books? So many books, so little luggage allotment…

  20. DON’T KNOW HOW ALL OF YOU HAVENT READ ALL HIS BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!i’ve been special ordering them for ages, just got “The Last Days” and The “Killing Of Worlds”… Still dont have the first to that series!!!!!!!!!! “The Risen Empire” Hopefully it will be in soon…

    SCOTT: You’ve made it difficult for me! Can you print one more copy of ” The Risen Empire”
    LOL JK but if you could that would be great! because i have to get it second hand and i’m sort of weird in a way i hate reading books that have even been semi-read in a book store! how weird am I.. i have to have them brand new or it bugs me the whole time im reading it…i will still read it though, maybe if you have one just sittin around the house you could send to me or even( depending on where you are…to my grandparents, who live in Cairns…if you havent guessed i’m Australian)but other wise i live just 3 hrs away from the City (NY) in Montauk…That little town at the end of long island… oh sry i didnt go for the contest as i just discovered your site!

    ok ADIOS ALL

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