Extras at #1

My pleas for a recount have been heeded!



Here’s something I forgot to mention from the tour: if you missed me, but are dying for signed books, check out any of the stores on the tour schedule. I signed tons of copies in all of those stores, so they must have some left. (Maybe ahead call to make sure.)

And I also signed stock in a few places not on the schedule:

Borderlands , San Francisco
Kepler’s Books , Menlo Park
University Book Store , Seattle
All for Kids , Seattle
Borders, Chicago

And one last place: When wondering around Oakland, we found a small used bookstore on Washington Street, the proceeds from which benefit the local library. On the shelves was a first edition, first printing of Blue Moon in excellent condition, so I signed that too! (After asking.)

Anyway, thanks again to everyone who got me to numbah 1.

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  1. I was doing math,Steph-la, o and i already have braces, they Hurt really bad the first week (Great encouragement Bran-la) but you cant feel them after that, ive had mine for about 1 mounth and i dont even notice them (except for the enormous amount of food that gets stuck) o and try to just swallow foods whole, it hurts to chew! (only in the beginning dont stress) o and flosseing takes about an hour and i brush my teeth at lunch time (in the bathroom, i get alot of questions. Most common: “Are you……….brushing your teeth?” o and most common under-your-breath comment: Wierdo) But again you get use to it!

  2. I am Such a Huge Fan. I’ve given your books to so many of my eighth graders and we were eager for Extras. You did not let us down.

    Congratulations on all your success.

  3. i’m not complaining, yeah midnighters fans!!!!! wooo!!!!! yeah, no offense, but personally i like midnighters better than uglies too. not that uglies aren’t awesome. and i’m a sucker for contemperary magical underground new york….as some of you may know *cough cough city of bones cough cough read it cough*

    it’s always freezing in my school. but i hate hot weather. HATE IT! i’d rather be freezing than sweaty.

    i have braces 2. had em since may 2nd, 2006.
    y r u getting them on at different times? i got the top and bottom the same day.
    and u ttly don’t notice em after a while. i don’t anymore.
    though i’m bad about brushing/flossing stuff.
    and i have to wear rubber bands, which is annoying but doesn’t really hurt.
    and night headgear, which hurts, but it’s not so bad if you don’t wear it. *laughs under breath at reeeaaally obscure reference and orthodontial rebellion*
    dentist dude never even mentions the fact i’ve worn it like, twice in 17 months.

    teachers are always evil and complaining about the room being cold when they keep it FREEZING. you’d think they’d be used to the hot, you know, back home in Hell. just kidding. most teacher’s aren’t evil. most.

  4. You are AWESOME!
    I’m so glad you take time to talk to your fans (even if it is on a blog) and though you probably don’t read all of them I appreciate your time trying to be a normal person like us.
    I absolutely love all of your books. But I especially love the Uglies, Pretties, Specials books. I am planning on reading EXTRAS soon and I have heard from many it is a great book!
    I am still in high school and a lot of people at my school adore you and your books!Especially me!
    Long Live Scott Westerfield!!
    You are definitely my favorite author!
    I hope I can meet you in person some day!

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