Bogus to Bubbly

So you may remember from these three posts that I’ve been working on a guide to the Uglies universe. Well, I’m happy to say that the project is now real enough to have a title and a cover:

That familiar face is, of course, the model from the Uglies cover. In fact, it’s a photo from the same shoot, which almost made it onto the book. But at the last minute, the powers that be decided to switch to the cover we all know and love.

Fascinating factoids like this are what Bogus to Bubbly is all about: tons of background info on how the series came to be conceived, researched, written, and produced. It’s sort of a giant FAQ, in which I try to answer the thousand-or-so most common questions that I’ve been asked by fans over the years.

Among its many sections are the following:
Research notes on the science behind the series;
A massive history of the world (including the Rusty Crash and recovery);
Maps of Tally’s city and the greater continent;
Illustrations of various gadgets from the books;
A complete glossary, plus an essay on slang generation;
Mini-histories of all the cliques and derivations of the character names;
The definitive essay on the inspiration for the books;
An illustrated hoverboard manual!

Bogus to Bubbly doesn’t come out till October 21, and at the moment it can be pre-ordered only on Amazon, but I’m sure the other online booksellers will be listing it soon. And, of course, come October your friendly local bricks-and-mortar bookstore will be stocking them in quantity.

As that date gets closer, watch this space for sneak previews of Bogus content.

Did I mention the hoverboard manual?

340 thoughts on “Bogus to Bubbly

  1. when do you add the -wa or -la at the end of a name. ha, i like never understood that.

    the uglies series are so motherfrickin addicting just love em with a burning passionn 😀

  2. i LOVE all those books more then anythingg. Im almost done with Extras!!!! Is there gonna be another bookk????????????

  3. Hey, Westerfeld. Love your book “Uglies” my friends convinced me into reading it (course im not done yet, but its already awesome) should i read this book after i read the book series or is it ok to read it between chapters?

  4. I just got done with extras and i can’t wait for bogus to bubbly to come out (its not out where i live). my friend suggested it but i never got to read it last year so, i picked it up like a month ago (i didn’t have any other books to read) I COULDN’T PUT IT DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. yah i got it and i was like omg nano foodies are real and i then wore out my science teacher with nano tech questions hooray fo me!
    p.s my aunt has a really cool table cloth that uses nanos if you spill any liquid on it then i will bead up so cool yeah safety Mercury

  6. david and zane r both good. i was just so sad when zane died. but the guide it was pretty good i guess. not wat i really wanted. but ok. there is gonna be a movie (im pretty sure) and i think its coming out in 2011. still a long time but at least there’s probly gonna be 1. I DEMAND ANOTHER BOOK AND A MOVIE SCOTT-LA!!!! PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ IM DYING RIGHT HERE.

  7. omg i just got this book and once i finish reading the books specals and extras ill read it. BTW…. is extras the start of a new seires? i have to no because i read fast and i mean very very fast. i started the seires uglies wednesday morrning and im in like the middle of specals(and yes i have a life!!!)so i need to have something to read all the ttime sooo…type fasta plz

  8. omg will they ever make real hoverboreds? omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg!!!!! i need one badly!! it would be the best wany to get around. especaly for meee. really

    tell me if they make oneeeeeee thanxsssssssss

  9. Jessy-la: yes, u r correct w/the name things -la if u have no “l” in your name& -wa if u have an “l”=D

  10. okay, i have been wondering this for AGES and i cannot find it ANYWHERE!
    ngoimsmfdasusmg. this is so frustrating.
    someone PLEASE tell me!

  11. *I can not believe you actually put this much time into ONE book series. I am happy you did though so I could see the background of the uglies Series.*

    *I got so sad when Zane died cuz they were REALLY cute together but I wish she just never broke up with David and was just with him the whole time.*

    *I just read So Yesterday and I LOVED it*

    *Jen and Hunter were so cute together*

  12. I loved this. Knowing that flash tattoos are kinda real is really fascinating. Also it never really paid attention, but when you said that the last word of each book had the name of the next book was really cool. I also re-read Pretties (Zanes in it, and not dead, so i read it). In chapter Rain the last word of the first sentence is “mind”. I thought it was really cool because he mentioned the mind-rain before it actually took place, or it could’ve just been a coincidence, but either way it is really cool. Also Zane and David mean beloved is so weird.

    These books were amazing, and its really sad that he stopped writing them, but So Yesterday seems pretty cool. I might read it.

  13. I may only still be on Pretties but I can’t wait for Bogus to Bubbly to come out also I have finally convesed my friend to read the seris

  14. Shay-la

    LOL can’t wait to get this book.
    Scott-sensi should write a fith book in the uglies series(hint)

  15. I LOVE YOUR BOOKS, MR. WESTERFELD! AND I SURE WILL LIKE THIS ONE! (Especially the hoverboard manual!!!!!!!!!)

  16. oh my friggin god!!! are you serious?!?!? maps and pictuers and everything???? that is soooo happy-making!!!!!!!!!! XD
    GAHHH!!! im so excited now ^^
    im all shivery and whatnot :]]]]
    i want a hoverboard….
    reeeeeeeaaaaallllyyyyy bad. lol my friend made one, but i cant do it!

    <333333333333 zane-la

    i cried when he died…. :,(
    a lot.

    Mr. Westerfeld should write another book about tally. forget aya-chan. hehe XP

  17. wait wait wait. did that guy just say they’re gonna make a MOVIE?!?!?!?!?!
    that’ll completely and utterly RUIN the whole thing!!!!!!
    they cant POSSIBLY portray the same affect and emotion and pure awesomeness of the books!!!!!
    theres no way.
    im going on strike, dangit. DX
    no movie.
    more books.

  18. omg! i love ur books!!!!! how did u come up with radical-honesty? that was sooo cool!!!! why did zane have to die?! i cried at that part! :”( that was so sad! i want this book so bad! why?! did u change characters? i didnt like whats her face? the asian chick! she stupid! HUGE FAN OF UR BOOKS!!!

  19. I liked bogus to bubbly :] i thought it was very informative, if thats even a word? But i will admit i didn’t like the maps and pictures :[ i thought they’d be more detailed with scott-la’s descriptions and everything. But i guess my imagination will have to do for now…but it was way happy-making with a few bogus pictures :]

  20. I’m so excited! my friend told me about it and i had to see it myself. YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAA!

  21. omg this is a cool cover i want to know werer to get it im am a BIG FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i wish to get this

  22. this was a really good series but the extra book seemed really stupid i mean they should stick with the tally and david theme and go on about there love life and stuff but i am really glad she ended up with david cuz i always liked him better but i was still really sad when zane died but anyway they should make another book about tally and david but the name thing kinda stupid and i never really got it sorry

  23. OK, i just finished the book(i got it yesterday) and i have to say…. OMG I LOVED IT SO MUCH ITS GREAT IT EXPLAINS EVERYTHING OMG WOW! ahem. now that thats over, id like to make a suggestion about “wearable extras” u sshould make a shirt for all the main cliques! like “join the crims” or ” Be a manga-hesd!”

  24. OMG I can’t wait to get this book!Right now I’m reading Speacials!Speacials is sooooo bubbly-making!

  25. OMG im going to read this on monday as soon as I get it out of the library!!! I just finished Extras abnd im sooo excited to read this!

  26. Scott-la, where is this alternate ending I have heard about at the end of Specials?!

    I’m so curious now!

  27. Scott-la, where is this alternate ending I have heard about at the end of Specials?!

    I’m so curious now!

  28. i so want this book! I have read all except Bogus To Bubbly and am going to get it tonight! yeah! But……… what happens to Dr.Cable ? I t never told of the end of her besides Tally shooting her with the needle Fausto gave her.

  29. I can’t wait to get this either. i looked at in the bookstore and pretty town looked rather small. but anyway, i was trying to find a hovercar pic for a report i was doin in science

  30. Are you going all pretty-minded fake or is this real? I am obsessed with this series. Every cave i go into must be checked for secret holes LOL! Unfortunatley though i am displeased with the last book. The extras world is specials crazy and totally not icy. Heck with Aya-chan lets go back to Tally-wa! I want to know what goes on with her and David! We need lots more of these books! Thanks Scott!

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