Diary of Midnight

Behold my new beautiful Italian cover!

cop Diari della mezzanotte-ok

I Diari Della Mezzanotte means The Diary of Midnight, I presume, which is quite pretty. And I like me a simple iconic rose for a cover image.

One of you can probably translate the tagline better than Google Translator, which can’t do better that, “When midnight chimes worst, nightmares are advancing in the dark.”

Um, yeah. What the machine said.

It comes in Italy out on Thursday, March 5!

Meanwhile, you should all head over to the new fansite, thesmokelives.com, which is the most populated Uglies fansite I’ve seen in a while. (That’s probably because their sister site is His Golden Eyes, which is Twilight-related.)


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  1. Bethany-la: Unicorns, unicorns, UNICORNS!!! Mwhahahaha!!!!

    Hehe, sorry about that, I couldn’t resist. 🙂 So, what’s wrong with unicorns (other than all previous interpretations of them)???

  2. Alex-wa: Wow that was quite a rant but I completely agree
    hmm what in the crap is TAKS and SOL

    In other news I am officialy obsessed with vampires now I read only vampire books and watch only vampire movies * Against the Darkness was awsome* and I ave started to have vampire dreams so if you have any suggestions I have read the Vampire Kisses series obviously I’ve read the Twilight Saga I’ve read Marked but not Betrayed ummm lets see I’m starting Vampire Academy and thats all….

  3. Eclipse (Mrs. Emmett Cullen Jacob Black): I haven’t read many vampire books, but the ones I have read were really good. Like In the Forest of the Night by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, and the Vladimir Tod books by Heather Brewer (Im almost done with Ninth Grade Slays, and it’s sooo good). I’m going to read Demon in My View by AAR soon. Hm, I really haven’t read that many vampire books. There were vampires in Darkside by Tom Becker, and that was pretty good. 🙂

  4. TAKS:

    Assessment of
    Knowladge and

    TAKS. Ya know. The big test thing you have to take every year? Every state has a different name for them. TAKS is for Texas, SOL is for… IDK. Lol. MEEP is for like Michigan… Ya know. Yours is called something different, I’m sure.

  5. GUYS, IF YOU WANT TO READ 2 AMAZING VAMPIRE SERIES, READ “THE VAMPIRE DIARIES” AND ” THE HOUSE OF NIGHT”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Lol. Go to Justine’s blog and go to the Unicorns category. You’ll figure it out.

    Eclipse – a TAKS is a big Texan test, and an SOL is a big Virginian test. Do you have tests that the whole state participates in and that’s taken seriously and blah blah blah? If so, that’s basically what we-re talking about.

  7. STAR… interesting. I wonder what it could stand for. Hm… oh, and what does SOL stand for, too? We had our Reading TAKS today, btw. I think I did nearly 100%. I always get commended on those…

  8. Hi! I was reading all the posts than got bored and skipped to the bottom. lol. =D
    Any way…. I have read twilight and loved it, but than I picked up other vampire stuff and realised [sorry I spelled that wrong] that it wasn’t really worth the hype. (Oh and Scott-la, Twilight can’t touch your books, just FYI). The house of Night series is incredible! As are a few other random vamp books, my fav being Jessica’s Guide To Dating On The Dark Side. So romantic!
    Anyway, since I read The Vampire Lestat [by Anne Rice] and its sequel (which has a not-nice word in the title so I won’t say it by name) I realised [misspelled, I know] that Edward wasn’t the first mind reading vampire (I had given Stephenie Meyer lots of credit for the idea) and his looks sound suspiciously like the character Armand. Oh well…
    Oh- to make this relevant- I absoulutly LOVE the Italian cover. =]

  9. Yeah. Twilight really isn’t all that special. For example on your mind reading thing. In The Vampire Diaries, like all vamps have Power to control human minds. It’s the only way they can get to them to feed. They manipulate the victem and put them in a trance when like they don’t do anything unless they are told, like just sit there. And then I think they put happy thoughts in afterwords? So they don’t really remember well, or care much, I think… yeah, and that series is like from the 80s. So yeah. Edward is nothing special. And the Powers in The Vampire Diaries vary, too. To an extent, anyways. So again, yeah.

  10. Alex-wa: I know I need more sleep, haha
    but I can never fall asleep easily
    it’s like a curse…. or maybe just a sleeping disorder

  11. SOL stands for Standards Of Learning I think…didn’t I already go through this?…Hmm…

    Also, right now I’m reading a vampire book that came out in the 90’s, and the vampire can read minds and make the person do something/ calm him down and is strong. And yeh. Edward really is nothing compared to many many other books.

    Hey Scott-la, maybe you should make some more vampire books. They don’t have to be romantic. Actually I would love it if it wasn’t romantic. Seems like vampires are mighty popular right now.

    You know, I’m kind of upset that so many people are into vampires anymore. Again very territorial. I loved vampires for a long time, and then suddenly, boom, everyone loves vampires. Not fair.

  12. Holas. I don’t have time I don’t think to read all the comments so yeah…But happy March 3rd peoples. What’s up?

  13. Aha! I knew I’d read (most of) another vampire book! I totally forgot about Dangerous Girls by R.L. Stine. *smacks head for forgetting one of only three vampire books I own*
    I haven’t finished it yet, and it’s been ages since I read any of it, but I’m pretty sure the vampire in DG could read/control minds too (I forgot his name, but I’m pretty sure it was stupid). 🙂

  14. Dahlia-wa- I almost started to read that series, and then I realized I had checked out the 2nd book instead of the 1st book. So…didn’t happen.

  15. Does anyone twitter. I just started like 30 minutes ago. It’s strangely enjoyable. Weird.
    It’s now in my blue name. Woot. I have something!

  16. What does WWTBD stand for?
    What would the Budah do? Ha ha should I feel stupid and unknowing for asking this question?

  17. hm… Vampire books and tests is whats the dealio… I thought it was a scortched topic? Guess i was wrong yet right. Its everywher!!! Run people!!!

  18. i looked up wwtbd cuz i thought it was whats with the something and i think i was wrong. Google gave me some weird things so i’d stick with what you had :] lol

  19. Lol. Okay. Cheese is yummy. I don’t like Bri though. It’s yucky for me. Well, I must go. I need to take a shower and fall asleep by ten (according to me), but I doubt that would happen.

  20. Oh and i love brie!!! On bread with some jam :]

    And i just read on the extrs day page that someone read the books online. I think… Maybe i read wrong cuz i usually do. Stupid dyslexia!! Gr!!!!

  21. Well, they’re talking about cheese because they don’t want to talk about vamp books and tests. Lol. Cheese? Let’s think of something else… I think I suck at starting new topics, though. But hey! Get this! A NEW VIDEO FOR HUNTED HAS BEEN RELEASED!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S FOR ZOEY!!!!!!!! CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Whats up with the cheese convo you guys got goin on here??

    well i think the cover is nice, maybe a little monochromatic but very pretty. you could write a book that had a piece of crap on the cover but if it had your name on it i’d read it lol

  23. you said it karley-wa!!!!!

    And the cheese was a distraction from cough*twlight/vampires/tests*cough!! So ya. Completely random, totally necessary.

  24. Lol. I’m sad I have school today. I was hoping for a 2 hour delay. =(
    I ended up falling asleep after ten. I’m bad at this got to sleep at a certain time thing…

    Mmmm cheese. In 6th grade, I would draw pictures of winged cheese. It looked awesome.

    Alex-wa: Where can I see the video?

    Really someone likes brie? I dunno why, but I really dislike it. I love cheese, just not brie. I guess it’s a hate or love kind of taste..

  25. Can we talk about chocolate/ cake/ brownie instead of cheese I love cheese though). I celebrated two people’s birthday in school. For one, a friend ordered a cake to share. For the other, who is my best friend, me and some of my other best friends made brownies and choc cookies for her, and they were so diabetic. And she got a gimassive teddy bear, a cd, earrings made by a freind, two deck of cards (double blanks and black ghost)

    I noticed that some were you were talking about your sleeping time. I’m fifteen this year and I happen to have been sleeping at around 12 – 1 for the past 3 months. Then I wake up at like 6.30 to go to school.

    Eclipse: Just read your post. That’s seriously sad. *Places free hugs here for anyone who needs/wants them*

  26. This Sunday is my mom’s birthday. I don’t know what to give her for a present. It’s her big five oh.

    Trish-la- Oh my god, I could not do that. I run on like an 8-9 hour sleep system. Which I never get, so I never run too well…

  27. On the topic of sleep, I never fall asleep until 1:30-2:00 am. Let’s just say I’m never very happy in the morning (unless it’s Christmas or something). 😛

  28. speaking of sleep…i go to sleep around 10 or 11 and wake up at 5:30… i’m really not all that tired when i wake up though…

  29. yea im kinda tired in the morning but it usually catches up with me when i get home from school

  30. lol sleep is the topic now? Interesting. I’m always asleep. Lol. I only have one class, its at 1, so i’m asleep pretty much all day. I feel super old compared to you gals… Jeeze.

  31. OMG! Ok, say you had a boyfriend who’s birthday was tomorrow, but you TOTALLY forgot, you’re completely broke til friday and you STILL dont have a gift! What do you do? Lol. Hypothetically…

  32. on the topic of sleeping, as strange as it may be, i go to sleep around 9:30- 11:00 time range and wake up at 6:15. i m never really tired =D

  33. lol just a random question since there was that small conversation of birthday! Lol

    But with sleep, i wonder if any of the midnighters ever thought of using the blue time for extra sleep? Lol

  34. Lala-wa: Umm….I would ask my mom for money and say it’s for something really important. Or I guess I could make something…..

    Ashley-wa: Lol, I also have no experiences with boys. And I’ve never been totally broke. I always end up finding dollars here and there in my house so…yeh.

    I always need sleep. Except, I only need it during the day. During the night, I feel as awake as the vampires in the House of Night series do.

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