Hoverboard Warnings

Snorgtees.com has a hoverboard safety T-shirt for sale featuring this logo:


Of course, this warning doesn’t fit in with the canonical Uglies universe rules of hoverboarding, so I felt a quick remix was in order:


Ah. Now doesn’t that feel better?

Still in Texas and having a blast.

If you’re at TLA, I’m signing Thursday for two different publishers: Penguin (So Yesterday, Peeps, Last Days) at 2PM and S&S (Uglies, etc.) at 3PM. Both at Aisle 6.

If you’re in Houston but not at TLA, there are signed copies of my books waiting at Murder By the Book, 2352 Bissonnet Street, Houston, TX 77005.

573 thoughts on “Hoverboard Warnings

  1. OMG that is such a cool hoverboard sign. Photoshop? And i really want to buy “mind-rain”.

  2. а ты интересно публикуете видосы вблоге?

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  4. That’s a lie! In the Aquatic Capital and Tempest Waterway hoverboards are good at maneuvering in water! LIAR! And the fact the top speed for a hoverboard which is 480, but the average speed they go is 163 to 180 mph, so don’t tell me you can’t ride hoverboards on the water! Got that?

  5. Plus those places are real, since I visited them this summer, and for the fact I also went to Splash and Red Canyon! So leave me, Cream, Cheese, and Chocola alone!

  6. Hoverboards work int he wild too! You pathetic morons are nothing but liars! >:C Plus the fact i went to the Botanical Kindom and you ARE able to ride the them. So get rid of your pathetic nasty, rumor please! 🙂 Thanks

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