Art Reveal Democracy

It’s June 1, time for another art reveal! And it’s time to decide which of the fifty-something pieces of art in Goliath should be unveiled next. Which will have the perfect mix of mystery and appetite-whetting spoileriness?

It is up to you, the readers, to decide . . .

Will it be the enigmatic interior of illustration Number 1?

The extreme high angle of image Number 2?

Or the threatening weather vista of Number 3?

Leave your votes in the comment thread below. And don’t just vote. Debate! Squabble! Cajole! Enjoin others to your cause!

And enjoy.

Also check out this fanmade countdown timer to the Goliath release! (Man, that’s a long time from now.)


The splendid librarians of Seattle have launched Steampunk Summer, which means they’ve hidden copies of both Leviathan and Cherie Priest’s awesome Boneshaker in s3krit locations around the city. If you live in Seattle, check out the comments thread here for clues on how to find them!

Then read the book, initial the back, and pass it to a friend or re-hide it.

Then go back to the Steampunk Summer comments thread and leave clues where you hid the book (and where you found it, what you thought of it, etc.).

Then claim a free book at the Library as your prize!

This sounds like fun.

Update 2!

As usual, you have all voted early and often. I will close the balloting at 300, and then the art shall be revealed!

290 thoughts on “Art Reveal Democracy

  1. Number one looks interesting… But I think I already know what’s happening in that… So I’ll have to vote Number 2!

  2. Gah!!! Why do you have to make it so DIFFICULT?!?!?!?!?!?! I can’t decide!!! Ok, I’m going to close my eyes and hit a number. Ready? 1. Alright, I guess I’m voting for number one!

  3. Damn i love all of them………..
    I’ll have to go with 3 maybe 1 but i like 3 sounds interesting!

  4. Hmmm, I see another landslide win in the future… Except this time my picture won’t be winning. Argh! I need this book now!!

  5. i sent him a book idea about a few months ago and NO respond non SO I SENT IT AGAIN

  6. Well i want number 1 or 2 and just cause everyone is picking 1 i pick number 2!!!!!!! 🙂

  7. I vote #2. In #1 we can already see a lot of what’s going on, and if #3 is revealed it’ll probably be a sky or landscape scene with not much in it, but with #2 it’s hard to tell, and will probably contain a hint to the plot. Plus, AIRSHIPS ARE COOL.

  8. #1 please it looks interesting
    by the way can’t wait for the areonautics (I don’t think I spelled that right, sorry) book

  9. I’m going with #1 because it has at least one main character in it. I like the ones with the characters. As my grandmother would say “Put some people in those pictures!” Plust I see a bit of dark hair right where the picture is cut out. I’m guessing Alek, but who knows.

    Althought I think #3 would be my second pick. Maybe for the July picture reveal???

  10. Scottla says we must squabble for this. SO SQUABBLE I WILL!!!!
    First, in one, deryn is holding something, SO WHAT? She does her fair share of heavy lifting all the time. And the title is just something about extraction. What ever, Sciency stuff…
    Second one- an impressive border, probably even an exciting scene, but it’s a vague angle. If that one wins we’ll see maybe a couple heads and that’s about it,
    NOW THREE- the title, the border, THE TITLE?! ‘a coming storm’? You know what that means, right? It’s a metaphor for the characters’ relationship AND a freakingawesomesauce chapter! I’d say the picture is RIGHT before the climax, and I want to know what it is.


  11. @ Julia: YES!!

    I’ll admit, I want to see all three (who doesn’t?), but number three is by far the most mysterious and eluding picture!

    With the first picture, we know Deryn is on some sort of mission and doing something sneaky. But even if we see the full picture, we’re not really going to know what is going on without the dialogue (just like Secrets in the Rookery)!

    The second picture is obviously an intense, action-filled one. I’ll admit the feathery(?) thing has me the most intrigued, but like Julia said, we’ll probably only see a head or two. And again, we’ll have no way of knowing what’s going on without the words!

    But the third! Oho, the third picture is the only one REALLY hiding something, and that something could be a huge plot point of the story!! Don’t you want to know what it is that’s so threatening in the skies? Don’t you want to know what is looming over Alek and Deryn? I DO! I mean, come on! How can you not want to know what “The Coming Storm” is? The title just screams of a profound twist in the story! it’s the Rising Action, people! Vote for number three!!

    Anyone want to campaign for a different picture? Bring it on! Let’s get some more thoughts here on the comments thread!

  12. One, three, one, three, one, three, one, three…..They both look so interesting…, three…oh look a turtle! Haha! =P

    NUMBER THREE!!!!!! (Duh duh duh…)

  13. its so hard to decide!
    in number three it looks like whatever that thing is isnt the leviathan… it looks too long to me, therefore I want to figure out what it actually is…

    in number one it looks like Deryn is trying to pull someone or something away, Deryn’s face looks awesome and I’m curious as to what exactly she’s doing

    this is a hard decision to make but…I wanna see number 1!

  14. number 1, just ‘cuz it looks like there’s a dead person in the background xD but i’d like to see number 2 also;)

  15. (May I just explain my name with the two after it as being because someone else who has my name already posted? You on the forum know me as Skye Redlin)
    NUMBER 1!!!!!
    Becuase Deryn’s fighting. Oooooh, I hope it’s with Alek (though I doubt it!).
    Number 2 also intruiges me, becuase of the possible Hapsburg seal on one of the ships.
    Number 3 is okay, I guess….
    AHHHH! The wait is killing me!
    and I have to say, I really wish I lived in Seattle. Nobody does anything that fun where I live…

  16. Hmmmm. It was between one and three.

    But the hand in that image of number one sealed it. I need to know what that image has.

    So. NUMERO UNO!!! #1~~~

  17. Number one, because that caption is just amazing. Also, the rope on number 2 looks like someone might be doing another sliding escape…

  18. Is it possible that the round thing on top of the gray box in #1, could be Dr. Barlow’s hat?

  19. You know, I find it interesting that people mostly vote for the pictures where you see the characters. The way I feel, you don’t get much suspense for the PLOT. You see a lot of their emotion and any of what their thinking by facial expressions and body language, but you don’t get much essence of the plot. UNLESS they are in a great big action scene that is like the CLIMAX of the story. And usually the pictures for that include multiple characters, explosions, an epic backdrop, and some great facial expressions that, instead of giving us a window into their minds, are trying to communicate to their fellow characters.

    Personally, I am stuck between 2 and 3. Number two is entitled “Firefight in the Air” I believe. So that may include the formula for a suspenceful piece of spoilery. I am willing to bet that this would be because of A) a hydrogen leak, or B) a Clanker-Darwin smackdown in the middle of their quest to wherever they are going.

    Number three is entitled “The Coming Storm.” This sounds particullarly entriguing because, in my personal experience, storms/natural disasters/any-other-epic-bad-thing are used to punctuate a particullarly significant event. Whether to interrupt it, make it even more “GASP!” or to make it completely hectic, followed by a nice touchy-feely moment. So, you all can fill in which of these puncuations this could be (or possibly a combonation?) and what it could POSSIBLY be punctuating.

    I suppose I have to vote for number 3! It seems to me that not only would it be a beautiful scenic picture (kinda), but it will also leave a lot more to the imagination on the spoilery-ness of it all!!!

    I VOTE NUMBER 3!!!!!!

  20. Also, I would like to retract, my vote for #1, and vote #3 instead. #3 is very mysterious.

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