Goliath Tour (early draft)

Here at last are the dates for my upcoming tour for Goliath, which comes out September 20.

As always: I’m very sorry if I’m not coming to your city/town/iceberg, but rest assured that this is NOT because I don’t love you all; it’s because you outnumber me.

Here we go.


Can’t wait to see you guys.

118 thoughts on “Goliath Tour (early draft)

  1. Yaaaay! Your coming to Austin and Round Rock! Maybe this year, I will actually buy the book and have you sign it. Time to start searching for a bowler hat…..

  2. I hate to add to the list of fan complaints, but there are so many Westerfans in the ever-so-neglected Indiana!

    But Goliath was such an awesome series end, I may have to slide over to the NY event come October…

  3. Don’t take this as a complaint but why do you hate Ohio? The Wright brothers are from Ohio which makes us steampunk-ish. And yet… *sigh of sadness*

  4. YES! You’re coming to vancouver again!!!!
    PLEASE let it be sky train accessible this time :p
    I mean-it was rather hard to get there when it was in point grey. That’s really far away and I can only drive one person with me.And there are three of us. Problem! :p
    Please be at metrotown!

  5. oohhhhhh, you’re so close I can practically smell the hydrogen in the air already!!!!!!!! I WILL GET TO THE OTHER SIDE OF PHOENIX OR MY NAME ISN’T TAMARA-LA!!!! (Which it isn’t, but my overwhelming sorrow would make the adorning “-la” in my name wither, fall off, and die if I don’t get to attend!) I knew I should have gotten my license during the summer!… *grumble, grumble* procrastinator *grumble*… But no need to fret Scott-la, I will ride a Huxley in the middle of a sandstorm if I have to!!!

  6. AW-ERS! No Birmingham, Alabama, again this year? I am throughly saddened, Scott-la. Still, it was an honor to meet my favorite author! Have fun on tour! And nevertheless, I will be buying my goliath copy first thing! :DDD

  7. Why don’t you like New England Scott-la? :'( If it’s at all possible you should try and make a pit-stop in Boston or even Portsmouth, NH? *hintidy-hint* We have a real nice Barnes & Noble. 😉 But enjoy your tour Scott-la, I’ll just wallow in my in my Scottlessness… And yes, that’s a word now.

  8. are you suuuuure you won’t head up to MA? Boston has me, HPF, TTB and a load of other fans…

  9. Holy. Crap. Shoot me in the freaking. Face.

    You’re comming here? To Missouri? Probably the most boring state in the country? To a boring city where the only place to hang out closes at 9 pm? Where one of the only sources of entertainment is to pants mannequins in Hollister and constantly refill our freebie cup at Teavana?

    That is so freaking mint.

    I feel like it’s Christmas and Halloween all at the same time. :3

  10. ARRRGH!!!

    you come to california the days that I’ll be leaving for boarding school!!


    and im going to NEW ENGLAND!! *cries*

    lol jk ill just have to look at my friends with their books on fb and sulk lol

  11. So the closest you’ll be to KY is Kansas City. Which is funny because a few years ago my best friend and I made a trip there and went to Rainy Day Books to see an author we really liked. Unfortunately, that won’t be happening this time around (I have a real job that I am not allowed out of). So, I’m really sad :’-(

  12. OMGOMGOMGOGMOGMOGMOGMOGMGOMGOMGOGMOGMOMOMGOMGOMGOGMOGMOGMOGMGOMGOMGOGMOGMOGMOGMOAJRHFJDKSHFUREIOSARBJEAILBFJIAHFJDISLFBNDKASLFHJDKSALHFJD You’re coming to Arizona! I’m so happy! Thank you thank you thank you! Tempe and Mesa are kind of far away from Scottsdale (heh) but whatever….thank you for coming and visiting probably one of the hottest and least exciting states (at least in the southern area of Arizona….we don’t have all the tourism of Sedona and the Grand Canyon) in the west!!!!

  13. Aw, nothing even remotely close to me.
    I’m so mad I didn’t get to go to the one in Miami last time. No way I’m going to be allowed to fly up the NYC from Naples. Curses!
    Well have fun at least, can’t wait for Goliath!

  14. at first I thought that I’d have to settle for seattle… but no! the great scott westerfeld is coming to MY hometown(portland,OR)! TWICE!!! also.. is it possible to get all three books signed?

  15. Yes!!!!!
    Of course we live in the same city!
    (I’m so lucky :3 all this takes is a short subway ride!)

  16. Oh. My. Gosh. Scottla is coming to St. Louis. Webster Grvoves to be exact, but hey, who is complaining? I will be there Scott Westerffeld, of die trying…

  17. Have you ever considered coming to Alaska? We never get any authors up here, and I’m sure you would have a great time!

  18. What about good old Connecticut? ah well i’ll just go to NYC WOOT!!! I GET TO MEET AN AUTHOR I LOVE WOOOT!!!!!! have fun with your tour!!

  19. If we want our copy of Goliath signed, do we have to mail-order it for all of the events? (*cough cough specifically St. Paul cough cough*) Or just for the Books of Wonder event? How does this mysterious, enchanted process work??

    [book signing n00b here, don’t mind me)

  20. OMG! You’re coming to Arizona! I have told my BFF and you will see us fangirling at Changing Hands. I’m actually going to be ditching my night class to come see you. I am so excited! XD

  21. Please, please, please, please, PLEASE look into coming to the DC area (that is, if you want!) during the tour! It’s my absolute DREAM to meet you and I don’t think I’ll be able to talk my mom into taking me to New York! Lol

  22. Question for you Scott! If I bring books from home, how many are we allowed to have you sign? Or can I only buy a book from the bookstore in order for you to sign it?
    I’ll *hopefully* be able to come to Minneapolis. SUPER EXCITED that one of my favorite authors is coming around where I live! I may live four hours away, but I just don’t care! 😀

  23. I am in Dallas.

    You are coming to Austin, and Round Rock.



    They did it for Brian Jacques. THEY SHALL DO IT FOR YOU!!!!

    I would drive, since I’m old enough and all, buuuut…I not have license. Nor will for a long time, at that matter. (There. Is. No. Time. To. Learn!)

    Plus, I have no sense of direction.

    This is dire. Absolutely dire.

    Also, you’re from Texas? That rocks!!

    I shall see you there! Hopefully. Maybe. I dunno. BUT I WILL TRY.

    (…Wow…a little caps lock heavy in this post…eh.)

  24. VonEbs-
    It’s not Webster Groves! The address has been changed. (See above.)

    Cassidy F-
    You don’t have to mail order anything if you’re coming to an event. Just bring your books. (It’s nice to buy them at the store, but you don’t have to. The mail order thing is for people who want one held for them, or who can’t come and want one SHIPPED to them.)

    Sorry the Forum is being weird again. I haz people on it.

  25. Ohmigosh! I saw Oregon and SQUEALED!!!! 😀

    Maybe mam will be sellin a pup on one of those days and I can go with her to the city…

    …..nope. Sunday. DANG YOU WESTERFELD!!! D:

  26. YAY! You’re coming to NY! I just realized how lucky I am to live just outside the city though… lots of authors stop there on tours! Now I just need a ride…

  27. I am dying, Scott. I am DYING. XD seriously the best birthday ever, just coming to this website and seeing this =3= because I’m going to New York in October soooo *cough* If I can convince my parents to go a day early my life will be complete~

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