Fan Art Friday!

Sorry I’ve missed the last two Fridays, but at last FAF is BACK!

Okay, so Dalek Week is approaching over at Deviant Art. It runs from July 8 to 14, and is a seven-day challenge, each day with a different Deryn-and-Alek-y theme. (Click here for more details.) So I thought I’d start with a couple of entries from last year’s Dalek Week.

First here’s one from the estimable PrinceofParties, which reminds me of a certain schoolyard taunt (containing the line, “K-I-S-S-I-N-G”).

So romantic.

And here from Sorcaron, a sorta metaphorical image of Darwinist and Clanker angels:

Those wings of Alek’s have an interesting story behind them. When Keith and I were first conceptualizing the series, Keith wanted to start with portraits of Alek and Deryn. (Those portraits appear in the original Leviathan trailer, and will be in the Manual of Aeronautics, along with newer ones of Barlow and Volger.) He spent a lot of time on frames that signified the warring powers, and which began the notion of two distinct Clanker and Darwnist aesthetics. Then Sammy Yuen, the designer for the original Levaiathan cover, used Alek’s Clanker wings on the cover. Since then, that visual motif has become the symbol of the series. So it’s great to see it here in angelic-Alek form.

And here’s Deryn doing some Clanker stuff, and I have no idea whom this is from, or where it was created. Help me!

Update: It’s a Poptropica screenshot that reminded someone of Deryn in a walker, and rightly so.

And now some Japanese fan art! Thanks to Brita O. for sending these along.

Both from I don’t know who did them, because the whole site’s in Japanese. But they’re really cool.

This one’s called “Thinking”:

Link to original.

And the text here says, “There’s no way jellyfish balloons can be that cute!”

Update: No it doesn’t. But supposedly some text somewhere around this picture did.

Link to original. Kawaiiii!

And now a great Deryn poster from SarahD:

And finally, here’s some rare So Yesterday fan art from Camilla. It’s called “French Revolution,” which will make sense to those of you who’ve read the book.

Okay, that’s it for this FAF. Now I have to pack for visiting my dad in Savannah and San Diego Comic Con. Can’t wait to see some of you there.

Don’t forget our Team Human chat on Sunday!

Okay, let’s see Max on more time:

And make sure to watch the sequel, because the next time I see Rick Riordan, I’m totally going to call him “Rick RiorDAN.”

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  1. Okay guys, you got your wish, we got 100 comments…after 20 days. Or maybe 19. That’s FIVE COMMENTS PER DAY. That’s SAD.

  2. Okay, I need help, some people call it Manga, some people call it Anime. WHAT IS THE CORRECT NAME FOR THIS COMIC LIKE JAPANESE ART????

  3. @106-Really, you can use either name. Technically, anime is the word for movies, like Howl’s Moving Castle, and manga is comics, like Yotsuba and Sailor Moon.

  4. Has anybody read Bunnydrop? It’s another manga and it’s really good. And it’s cute.

  5. Highschool of the dead is really good, as well as Clannad, Clannad after story, death note, and many more(:

  6. Thank you all for your kind words toward my chapter of Orion.
    As for Rarkirk, some plans on that have changed, but I won’t tell you which ones. All I can say is that it continues into the sequel, Medusa! (Or some other name that starts with “M” because I want there to be four and spell “OMBS”. o.O )
    I have chapter 30 started! The very first part is a total fangirl moment… though it’s not TOO graphic. Just some kissing… 😉
    But then it gets all action-ny. HAHAHAHAHA!

  7. @118-Your smiley didn’t work our. And that was really random. No offense though.

  8. I have been exposed to a multitude of fan art – some are good, decent while others can be quietly announced as bad or ‘needs improvement’. I think that you have a nice collection here and I would like to see more.

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