Fan Art Friday!

Sorry I’ve missed the last two Fridays, but at last FAF is BACK!

Okay, so Dalek Week is approaching over at Deviant Art. It runs from July 8 to 14, and is a seven-day challenge, each day with a different Deryn-and-Alek-y theme. (Click here for more details.) So I thought I’d start with a couple of entries from last year’s Dalek Week.

First here’s one from the estimable PrinceofParties, which reminds me of a certain schoolyard taunt (containing the line, “K-I-S-S-I-N-G”).

So romantic.

And here from Sorcaron, a sorta metaphorical image of Darwinist and Clanker angels:

Those wings of Alek’s have an interesting story behind them. When Keith and I were first conceptualizing the series, Keith wanted to start with portraits of Alek and Deryn. (Those portraits appear in the original Leviathan trailer, and will be in the Manual of Aeronautics, along with newer ones of Barlow and Volger.) He spent a lot of time on frames that signified the warring powers, and which began the notion of two distinct Clanker and Darwnist aesthetics. Then Sammy Yuen, the designer for the original Levaiathan cover, used Alek’s Clanker wings on the cover. Since then, that visual motif has become the symbol of the series. So it’s great to see it here in angelic-Alek form.

And here’s Deryn doing some Clanker stuff, and I have no idea whom this is from, or where it was created. Help me!

Update: It’s a Poptropica screenshot that reminded someone of Deryn in a walker, and rightly so.

And now some Japanese fan art! Thanks to Brita O. for sending these along.

Both from I don’t know who did them, because the whole site’s in Japanese. But they’re really cool.

This one’s called “Thinking”:

Link to original.

And the text here says, “There’s no way jellyfish balloons can be that cute!”

Update: No it doesn’t. But supposedly some text somewhere around this picture did.

Link to original. Kawaiiii!

And now a great Deryn poster from SarahD:

And finally, here’s some rare So Yesterday fan art from Camilla. It’s called “French Revolution,” which will make sense to those of you who’ve read the book.

Okay, that’s it for this FAF. Now I have to pack for visiting my dad in Savannah and San Diego Comic Con. Can’t wait to see some of you there.

Don’t forget our Team Human chat on Sunday!

Okay, let’s see Max on more time:

And make sure to watch the sequel, because the next time I see Rick Riordan, I’m totally going to call him “Rick RiorDAN.”

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    Okay. Here I go. The Higgs Bosun Particle is a THEORY. Scientists believe that there is a particle that gives everything MASS. Now, don’t say “Well thats boring”, because it’s NOT. Scientists are EXTREMELY CLOSE to finding the Higgs, and if they do, it will be the MOST IMPORTANT SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY OF YOUR WHOLE BARKING LIFE.

  2. @51-Sorry, I forgot to add: No, I didn’t watch that video. My mom learned about it on Science Friday, and then she got me all obsessed about it.

  3. I don’t have to worry about commenting too little. (too little? too sparsely?) I’m probably Little Miss Comments. Well, this week I haven’t commented much, but BESIDES this week I comment A LOT.

  4. Oh yeah, guess what? Has anybody ever played Fluxx? I love Monty Python Fluxx. But that’s not the point. I’m making Leviathan Fluxx!!!!

  5. It’s 1 in the morning and I’m sitting in my room writing songs on my keyboard about things I hate. I. Have. No. Life.

  6. @59-Everybody who has read Leviathan ultimately has no life because we all went crazy over how totally awesome it is and spend the rest of our lives reading it over and over and creating fanfics and fan art and doing nothing else.

    Okay. Maybe it’s only ME who does that. But. I. Don’t. Care.

  7. Okay. If anybody can guess what book this is from, I WILL BE SO HAPPY! It’s one of my favorite books, but as far as I can tell, nobody I know has read it.
    “But we have otherrr trrroubles rrright now. Justine is holding a pistol on Clairrre, Gunarrr is missing; was hit by an out-of-contrrrol vehicle and she’s lopped off at the knees. Octavia is now Septavia-she lost a tentacle, but she’ll rrregenerrrate. Sean and Meghan arrre on the rrroof playing sniperrr.”
    “I’ll say.”

  8. @67-Oh goody!!!!!! Can’t wait for it to be finished!!!!!!
    Can I have a hint as to what it’s about?

  9. The first Alice was a red lady of the spade
    In her hand she held a carefully sharpened blade
    She wandered all of Wonderland and killed everything in her path
    She left a trail of crimson blood and wrath
    In the deep forest she was called a sin
    And was confined to stay there within
    The second Alice was a most refined gentleman
    Singing songs to all the folks who lived in Wonderland

    …and that’s all I remember of that song. The lyrics aren’t even right, I just guessed.

  10. @70. No… there’s lots of stuff that goes on, so it would be hard to give you just a hint.

    Also, what color of hair and eyes do you all picture Fitzroy having?

  11. @73- I would say dirty blonde/light brown hair and grayish green eyes but it may be too late for my suggestion.

  12. Okay. He has golden hazel eyes, and the color of his hair didn’t actually come up, so that’s still for your imagination.
    And guess what.
    I will post it soon.

  13. At my grandma’s house, I discovered the BEST TV CHANNEL EVER: SyFy!!!!!!!
    There are a few shows that I now LOVE.
    Fact or Fake
    Haunted Collecter
    Haunted Highway
    School Spirits
    Insane or Inspired
    THEY ROCK!!!!

  14. I am now afraid of gas masks. Wow. Gas masks. They are kinda creepy though, aren’t they?

  15. @81. You didn’t know about SyFy until now? Oh, you poor, poor dear. Although your a few years too late–the show Eureka had it’s series finale last week. *teardrop* That was a wonderful show.
    I’ve been watching SyFy for a long time. Blisters, I watched it back when it was still SciFi.

  16. Okay. I sorta skimmed the last of chapter 27, so does Rachel really not like Newkirk or did she just make everything up so he wouldn’t get in trouble?

  17. Awesome chapter MM. You better get the next one up quick or I will find some petty, stupid and irrelevant way to get you back!!!

    On another note, I was born and raised on free antenna tv, so I’ve never gotten to see the Syfy channel. I’ve seen The A-Team, Roseanne, and Knight Rider though!

  18. I really want a cookie for some reason. Maybe PWH can send me one. On the other hand, the brownie never reached me. Maybe PWH’s powers are malfunctioned. ๐Ÿ˜‰ remember?

  19. —– ——- ——— ——— ——–
    |. |. |. |. |. |
    —– |. |. |. |. |
    __|. |____. |_____|. |. |

  20. Darn. That was supposed to read “Scott”. It looked really cool when it wasn’t a jumbled mess of lines. ๐Ÿ™

  21. I’m really anxious for the art reveal.

    I wonder if there are ANY bloggers who live on the West Coast. It seems like everybody is across the country, or not even IN the country.

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