Hungarian Behemoth

And another non-US cover, the Hungarian version of Behemoth!


I just love these covers from Hungary. They have the same crazy energy as the propaganda poster in the endpapers of Behemoth, which is so totally from the period. There seems to be a steampunk thing happening in Hungary right now. (As you can see here.)

In case you missed it, I posted about the Hungarian cover for Leviathan last September, but here it is again, for reference:

Can’t wait to see the third one. Who will they choose for giant mechano-posterization?

Klopp? Volger? Barlow? Varlow? BOVRIL WITH MUSTACHE??? We can only wait and see.

As you can see, I am blogging SLIGHTLY more regularly now, despite having already written 994 words of my next novel today. Congratulate me.

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  1. So many long posts! Brain overload!

    @38: The book’s more than ten years old, I believe, so the expression I mentioned may be outdated. There are a lot of things in Spanish that vary across places, though, like certain foods (or so I’ve heard.)

  2. @50: Thanks. I can only hope that it will publish someday. But honestly, it has a VERY dry and sarcastic wit that may not be desirable… My book is (or at least I think it is) the kind of book that is very hard to write a blurb for, at least not without spoiling things. Of course, I can’t be sure until it’s done.
    I hope you get published too! How far are you on it, did you say? Wait, you’re done with the first one and are working on the second, right? Have you tried sending out the first to publishers yet, or is it not quite there?

    Well, when he’s the only attractive male throughout a 3-hour-long movie, you can’t help but get overly-attached, lol. 😀 But yeah, Aragorn and Legolas are super awesome (and of course, attractive).

    Six MC’s? Wow, that’s a lot. It’s like HP all over again. Another good reason to just quit after CoG. But anyway: I love Jace! He is one of my most favorite favorites, and by extension of his happiness, so is Clary. I don’t even know Jordan, and barely know Maia, so it’s cool if they die. Luke and Jocelyn…I’m kinda on the fence. I don’t care for Jocelyn much, but they’re so cute together! Why not Simon? I never really liked him… And maybe Cassie’s being tricky and Sebastian is one of the six? Just because he’s evil doesn’t make him less of a MC. (Love Magnus!)

    And, I’m not sure what brought on your WWI/Dalek story, but I will chime saying that Dalek is one of the best OTP’s ever! Love them so much! Their relationship was so completely opposite of “insta-love” which I can’t stand.

  3. @52: It’s okay. And I like sarcasm. 🙂
    Yeah, I’m gonna start the second book for CampNaNo this summer, but that doesn’t mean I’ve finished editing the first….or even started….hehe….yeah. *hides*

    Hmm, I suppose you’re right. But I spent most of the movie going, “Martin Freeman, YOU ARE THE PERFECT BILBO.” Or, “Lord Elrond I missed you! Why are you leaving so soon?” I am SUCH an Elven fan….Leaving Rivendell is always like tearing some part of me away. Part of me will go to Imladris when I die….The other part is going to the Leviathan, of course. 🙂

    Well, it’s just something I saw on the internet, like a twitter screenshot or something….I’m not good with all this network stuff….OHMYGOD. Jonathan could be considered an MC! He’s a bad guy, but he’s pretty prominent. Yes! That saves….Jace. Because it would hurt Alec if he died. (Again. But Alec doesn’t know that and it would kill him if he did.) But then Jace would go into more annoying angst if Clary died….and I find it hard to believe Cassie would kill Clary. But I can dream….I just hope against hope that my Magnus and Alec make it through this together. I wouldn’t mind if Magnus became mortal either….So that they could be together forever….because page 511 does not exist. 🙂 (I used to like Jace, don’t worry. Just got annoyed with him in Fallen Angels and have been annoyed since. I like Jamie as Jace though, but I can’t not like Jamie. He was in Harry Potter, Anonymous, and Sweeney Todd.)

    Oh gosh, I KNOW. Deryn and Alek….I love them so much they break my heart. Rereading that one scene from Leviathan, I was like, “AHHHHH!!!! I miss you guys!”
    Quick story, my sister and I somehow got into a conversation where elephants came up and (we do this a lot) we just looked at each other and said, “It’s elephants all the way down.”
    People are always like, “OMG TWIN TELEPATHY!” But we really just have similar thought processes, like when we start singing the same line of the same song at the same time. Or do something unconsciously because the other was doing it.
    Me: Why am I singing this song all of a sudden?
    My sister: I’ve been singing it for the last hour, Dummkopf.
    And yes, that is our favorite insult. Okay, I’m shutting up now.
    But the elephant thing is from Behemoth:

    Alek tried not to laugh. “Then what does the elephant stand on, madam?”
    “Don’t try to be clever, young man.” She narrowed her eyes. “It’s elephants all the way down!”
    (Nene and Alek)

  4. @50 I’m not sure Season three will be the last. Various lead actors have signed on for a fourth.

  5. @50- Yeah, I don’t want it to end either. Benedict is such a cool Sherlock! I can’t wait to see him in Star Trek!

    @51- Well, I suppose that is an old expression. The food does vary. A LOT. You can get a lot of different tastes just by going to the next city. Except here in my state, Nuevo Leon. Here it’s just meat, meat and meat. It gets kind of disgusting after a while.
    But the expressions also change a lot. The accents too. But I guess it’s slang mostly, what changes.

  6. I like the Hungarian covers. They look like propaganda posters, but in a cool way. Who designs them, I wonder?

    @ Middy Me: I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish. Tell me, is it as easy to learn as it is cool sounding?

  7. @Sgt. Pepper – Well, I can’t tell you about learning it really, because it’s my native language. But I have some friends who came here to Mexico from the US and it didn’t take them quite so long to get the hang of it. I think the easy part is that you don’t need too many words to get yourself understood. You don’t have to know everything, and if you get it wrong, chances are someone will tell you and help you get it right 🙂

  8. @57, Middy Me: I was just going to say “Move it over to the new thread,” but I have to let you know that your English is extremely good, I wish I was bilingual like that.

  9. In the April National Geographic that I just read they said it’s now possible to bring back Thylacines and other extinct animals

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