Long Live Rex! Um, er . . . Jonathan?

My first post on this blog was about the cover of Blue Noon, book three of the Midnighters trilogy. So perhaps it’s appropriate that my real first post on the redesigned blog is the redesigned Blue Noon cover.

And it’s timely too, given that all three books of the trilogy are being re-released together on January 2!

So here’s the new Rex:


For reference, here are all three of the new covers together. That’s Jessica on book 1 and Melissa on book 2. (Poor Dess and Jonathan!)


You can pre-order the new look books now. Here are multi-store links for The Secret Hour, Touching Darkness, and Blue Noon. (Check to make sure the store you choose is showing the new cover!)

Anyway, now that you’ve seen all three covers, what do you guys think?

Update: It has been pointed out to me that this is actually Jonathan. He’s got the acrobat symbol over his eye, after all. Man, us authors can really miss the obvious sometimes.

Except, um, this guy doesn’t really look Hispanic. Hmm . . .

215 thoughts on “Long Live Rex! Um, er . . . Jonathan?

  1. ha! I’m eating dinner too. Creepy.

    I CAN’T BELIEVE ALEX TREBEK HAD A HEART ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! IT’S KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORESO THAN HIM HIMSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I’m going to die if I don’t figure out how to put a stupid page number on the heading of my essay! G-RAWR!

  3. Those are insanely cool covers! I’m tempted to ‘lose’ my current set so i have an excuse for those…hmm…

  4. David isn’t boring, though. David is perfect and lovely and the sweetest person ever and I adore him.

    And should I do my essay on Public news censorship or Book Banning?

  5. omg…I just looked on imdb and saw that it was FINALLY updated. They say possible actress for Tally is some person named Sarah Ingerson. Whoever that is.

  6. Wow this new blog is so fawsome!
    Cool covers but i like the original.

    Ok on Friday i was at the bookstore with two of my friends and this lady walked up to us and asked us how old we are and what we read. She was looking for a book for a book for her niece. So of course we gave her uglies and she bought the whole series. 😆

  7. ok i didn’t notice the acrobat sign on the eye…
    feeling stupid….
    while on 5he subject of midnighters…
    4th book please…
    Please look at this site…
    it is the chasing midnight werewolves club page…
    we ever had a contest on who could write the best first paragraph in the new book…
    there are a lot of ideas…
    you should check it out…
    if you scroll down you will see a post tilted DECISIONS..
    you can look at everyones try at it…
    its a cool page…
    the web page title (w/o the http:/ ) is 39 letters!!!!!!
    midnighter cool..
    go and cheak it out!!!!!

  8. hmm..scott, it seems the publishers are expecting you to write more books. maybe..say..2 more? one w/ rex and one with dess. …and one more with midnighter darkling werewolves. now That would be 9 kinds of fawesome.

  9. I think I might just expload. I wrote a 6 page essay about Book Banning in like less than an hour. Holy shnikes.

  10. wow, is the HQ adress really 39 letters? that’s cool.

    anytime. i master the word because it’s the only writing program i have.
    i votes Book Banning. you could use examples from our big Great Pullman Debate.

    seriously. fourth midnighters. the cover begs it.
    i mean, maybe before they wouldn’t b/c midnighters were sorta low profile, but with that Extras-publicity and these new covers and marketing, you could totally sell a sequel.
    and WHICH nine kinds of fawesome, people reading Shausto’s post may ask? well, never fear, the answers are posted on the HQ!

    *still afraid of sucking uglies movie*
    well, unknowns are always good.

    you know what you should really check out, scott-la? the wiki. see? we (say, Allie-wa) made a Midnighters wiki, and i wrote lots of articles. you should post it. it’s awesome. i sent you fanmail about it.
    here it is.
    you should post it.
    if you read these comments.
    119 (20? 28?) comments show everyone loves midnighters.
    you should talk about it more.

  11. uuuuhhhhhgggg!!! i dont WANT them to make a UGLIES movie!!!!! its gonna suck! creators of eragon! never read it! really ugly tally!

    no seriously! i just looked up that girls name! and the only pic of her is superly ugly! like…off the charts ugly!!!

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 🙁

  12. Jonathan rocks. No shame in that. lol

    I’m getting my hair cut next week and I’m wondering if I should just get a trim or go for something different like layers? I’ve had the same haircut for like 5 years.

  13. I thought it was od that rex had an acrobat sign on him. I pointed it out to my friend and she said ” who cares who he is. he makes me want to read it!” lol. gotta love her. (for the record i never imagined jonathan as hispanic anyway so its cool)

  14. I did use example from out Pullman debate! Lots and lots of them! Ms. V is totally going to think I’m obsessed with those books since I put so much stuff about them in there. It’s like… a third of the essay!
    I had a coke, and I did the thingy were you twist the cap thing on it while saying the alphabet, and I got D! D for David! Hurray! I’d be pretty difficult to get Zane, I think… :/

  15. lol. Zane would be very hard to get. did you quote peoples? If so, you quoted strangers in your essay. hehe. 😛

  16. Yeah, I quoted… and yeah, I guess it was quoting strangers, but it was quoting good stuff!

  17. so. i just died.

    my hair purple.

    hehe. scared ya there for a minute didnt i? ok never mind. anyways. i am greatly disapointed. you can only see the purple in the lite. stupid false labeling. but its jet black when its wet. which i gotta admit is pretty sly.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😀

  18. yeah lizzy! dye your hair unnatural colors! wooo!
    my hair is sort of pale purple—i need to redye it soon.

    well honestly, do you ever quote people who aren’t strangers in your essays? i don’t know Ghandi or Plato or any of those dead guys.

    dude, the Z is what makes him cool. aside from all the other stuff.

    go with layers, they’re all cooli. i haven’t cut my hair in forever. and when i do, i just go in my bathroom with scissors.

    flyboy does rock.

  19. I cut my hair just like two weeks ago… and I died it Blue this summer! It was like… neon for a few weeks. Seriously, I didn’t believe it was hair at first cause it was SO BLUE. Actually, it was only like stripes of my hair. It alternated between black and blue. Not it alternates between red and brown :] I love dyeing my hair

  20. Omg I luv the new look of ur website!!! It’s sooooo aweseom!! And I just finished Midnighters!! Now, over Winter break, im having my freiend read all of he Uglies books and All of the Modnoghters books. I stacked all 7 (but there should be 9, 2 for Dess and Jonathan, like some ppl have pointed out) and I almost screamed the stack was so high!! Melissa totally looks how I pictured her!! Well, kind of. And Jessica actually looks evil almost…I don’t know if it’s just me or I didn’t read through all the comments and it’s comeing back to haunt me….And Jonathan/Rex looks more like Rex to me!! And then in the end of Blue Noon, I actually cried it was so sad to me!! Ok well i g2g see if Neopets is working on my compy yet..if not I’ll be back here soon!!

  21. oh yeah. all members, did ya see the new layout? i don like it. all the others are boring tho. ill switch it today to see which one is better.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 🙁

  22. Well, I thought the guy on Blue Noon looked a lot like my brother, and we’re full-blood 100% Puerto Ricans here. So it could concievably be a Hispanic…We don’t really look like those guys in West Side Story; all spray-painted orange or whatever.

  23. Wow… I like the covers.

    I’ll Have to buy them eventhough I already have the old designs.

  24. I would find it hard to redo the Uglies Series covers. I am just to attached to the people on the cover already. I guess you could not put people on the cover just like the other countries did….

    Eh… I’ll have to see it.

  25. Okay…..none of those people look like how I pictured them….. Melissa, I pictured with like long brown hair and brown eyes and Jonathan…….wow…..just wow…..(well besides Jessica and I don’t like how they kinda spoil the first book with the flame-bringer sign) But anyways glad to see that you keep you freakish eye theme with your books, Scott

  26. AHHH. jonothan or rexx??

    hehe looks like rex, signs for jonothan.. hmmmm….

    err oh i know..

    ZANEEEE! heehee

  27. oh oh i know how we can tell if it’s rex ar jonothan..

    LOOK AT THE EYE COLOUR *starts manically reading through books*

  28. uhm can i marry this johnathon?
    cause uhm… he’s pretty….
    I don’t want to BUY new books…

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