Fan Art Tuesday

Okay, so it’s been an unusually long time since I posted. This is because I’ve been working very hard on both Leviathan and Mind-Rain, an anthology of essays by YA writers about the Uglies series. (More about this soon. It’s going to be very cool.)

But that hasn’t left me much time to blog. I’ve only blogged, like, twice this year! (So much for that resolution.)

So in consolation, I offer you some very cool fan/fine art from Yuriy Shikhanovich:
Copyright Yuriy Shikhanovich (but cropped by me a little to fit). See the original here.

The match is so close that this photo has a great uncanny valley feel to it. Like your brain almost wants to believe the illusion, but then rejects it. (And it gives new meaning to the word “facebook.”)

And here are some awesome home-brewed Wearable Extras from Becki S.:




Love that hoodie.

Actually, working on Mind-Rain has reminded me of all the cool contributions you guys have made to the series. Both in feedback and suggestions, various threats and rants, and in fan art and discussion. So thanks to everyone who’s pinged me over the years!

Now back to the word mines.

321 thoughts on “Fan Art Tuesday

  1. Oh gosh. Can you guys be perfectly honest when telling me if you think that I’ve gone completely insane? Okay, so in drama class, we had to write monologues and I couldn’t stop writing. I’ve written maybe twelve at this point, but ten are about the same two characters. The thing is, the characters have been FOLLOWING ME AROUND! Kinda. Like, don’t get me wrong, they aren’t imaginary friends. They are far too real for that. Far, FAR too real. Or maybe they’re more like imaginary stalkers. Now, I can’t tell you their names here because they said that they don’t want me to, but really, there’s two of them, and they’re both 14 year old girls (who could possibly be more annoying?). Ummmm….So do I sound insane, or is this normal? Also, does anyone know how to make them SHUT UP? Because if I don’t write down what they want me to, they start following me around and telling me what they want to rant at each other. So yeah.

  2. oh jay-wa jacob burst out of his clothes in mid air how much more awsome can you get!

  3. Andrea-la: That’s not insane. (okay, it kind of is but…) and I think the best way to get them to shut up is to write down their story and trap them in their realm with the ending (*evil laughter*) Drama sounds fun…

    Eclipse: Almost anything is better then ruining all of your clothes. That’d get a little bogus after awhile. Not to mention the whole naked-transform thing. Weird and mildly creepy..

  4. Eclipse i have to agree with jay-wa on the jacob ruining his clothes thing. it wont be cool anymore when he runs out of clothes. Katy-la: team edward all the way!!!!!!!!

    Andrea-la: i honestly dont think your insane but do u see them or r they just in your head? and i would listen to jay-wa, that sounds like a good idea

  5. lol…they decided to leave me alone for now because i’m working on my analogy for science class. lol. and i don’t actually see them and when i do, they are semi-transparent. but i can describe them completely, even the way they walk.

  6. o ok well thats good then. ive never really heard of semi transparent people that are really annoying just visible annoying people lol its interesting let me know if they come back

  7. WOAH
    yet another book to go with the UGLIES!!!

    When will theese books come out?!?!?!
    i can not wait!!

  8. Andrea-la: that’s really cool…I hope they stop annoying you soon, though. logic is trying to tell me that that is insane, but for some reason I don’t think that’s the case. Couldn’t tell you why, but it just doesn’t seem crazy to my mind.

  9. o andrea-la i just read your poem right now and its beautiful. i think everybody has those doubts but your alive so He must love you right?! i think sometimes things just happen for a reason.

  10. great poem andrea-la it really is. Ive been trying to write music myself lately. it’s not going to tell well haha

  11. Seriously, Andrea-la? Semi transparent people? Wow, you guys are sooooo funny! I like just read every comment since my last one, which was like 131! LOL big time. Oh, me and my friends are getting together and……………………….. you’d never guess it………………….. we’re filming our own Uglies movie! Yep! There is a real life Uglies movie coming out this year by me! I’m Shay, cause I look the most like Shay. Other than the fact that I’m short and not that skinny at all… yeah. It’s gonna be sooo cool! My backyard is perfect. It’s a forest, litterally! Oh, and I’m glad to live in the good ol’ USA. Wouldn’t live anywhere else. I’d visit lots of places, but when it comes to permenent residence, its the good ol’ USA. “God Bless the USA!!” Wow, I already can’t wait till 4th of July! And my B-Days only 24 days after that! Cool, right? My school is huge, and new. Nothing to really explore.

  12. Oh, and Rosie, it’s Rosie-la, not wa. Your name doesn’t have an L in it, so it’s la. If there was an L in it, then it’d be wa. Oh, and I forgot to change mi name on the last comment to go to the official Alexwa13 studios presentation of Uglies movie site! So now click on mi name, and you’ll go to the official Uglies movie site! There you’ll find all of the most up to date info on the upcoming Uglies movie by Alexwa13 studios! Woot Woot!

  13. Alex-wa: I checked out your movie site. Sounds cool. 🙂

    Yesterday I finally bought HTDYF, but I haven’t started it yet. I’m waiting until I finish Eighth Grade Bites to start it. I’m sooo excited to read HTDYF!!! 😀 If only I had started reading that in the car instead of EGB. 😛

    Click my name. 🙂

  14. yeahh i know its Rosie- La but i think that sounds awkward with Rosie ….everyone always points it out but i’m just like i like Wa better with Rosie. now if i used Rose i would says Rose-La but i don’t lol

  15. yesss Im excited we are having a writing contest Im I have the coolest story idea for it, I just have to keep it under 1200 words, easy peasy pumpkin pie
    its inspired by a dream that was I almost positive was inspired by That Green Gentleman by Panic at the Disco

  16. UGH!!!! i don’t want 2 go 2 school 2day. we had this sub. on Friday in history and she got really mad @my class so part of our homework was to write her a sorry letter. in mine i used words such an, bogusness, brain-missing, and happy-making. i’m sure she’ll love it!!!=D

  17. i am so bored. i want to run, really far and really hard, but alas, i can’t because it’s winter. meh. oh, and i can’t cuz i ran two miles yesterday and that’s before all the swimming (STUPID TIME TRIALS!). anyways……i made an analogy for science class…that was fun….

  18. Rosie-wa: I agree with the -la and -wa thing, once you get use to it it’s a little weird to change it…

    Kenzie-La: I can’t wait to read your story! I love, love, love that song!!!

    Alex-wa: I hope your movie will be amazing! I’m kind of excited..!

    Ashley-wa: Your sub sounds bogus. If I had to write a sorry letter, I’d be like ‘I wasn’t misbehaving, so I’m not sorry. I’m sorry I don’t have mind powers to control everyone else in my class, however. If I did have mind powers, that’d be righteous.’ unless I was being loud and brain-missing…

    Andrea-la: That’s the sucky part about winter, you can’t run outside. And running outside is far superior than running inside. I, personally, have this hang up with running bare-foot. Do you do track or anything?

  19. Dahlia-wa: I went to your blog, the rain boots were amazing, along with those converse and watch rings! I saw the converse and my eyes popped out of my head. They’re pretty rad.

    Alex-wa: The flower on your Uglies movie sight it so cool! (so is the site!)

    Peace everyone!

  20. Lol. I love how people on here always end up talking about other books (mainly Twilight). i was just reading what people were talking about earlier…and i agree that it would totally suck to ruin all your clothes (like jacob) but i (both) love Edward and Jacob. 😀

  21. I love love love twilight. it rox my sox. but i also love all of scott-la’s books to. im now reading peeps its pretty good but all the parasite fun facts r gross.

  22. hehe, i LOVE the peeps funfacts. i am not grossed out by them at ALL. i’m the type of person who can watch shows about the hundreds of weird things that can be in a person’s body and think “this is so cool…”
    i seriously wish my ankle wasn’t screwed up. I really wanted to climb a tree tomorrow…

  23. sorry i disappeared for a while, guys.
    i’ve updated my shop a little bit. i added a crim hat [that will eventually be a tshirt] and changed the ‘team zane’ design because it was a bit boring.
    i’m looking at what it’ll cost me to update to a premium shop so i can have more products, etc. i’m just not sure what kind of money i’ll be making from it, so i wanna find out how much interest there really is in it.

  24. Cool! I like the cap idea… I wonder if I can submit my own ideas? Oh, and to the folks keeping up with my Uglies movie, I’m about to update the site! Click on my name.

  25. Beck-la: What program do you use for your designs??? 🙂
    BTW, awesome Crim design. Can’t wait to see it on a shirt. Oh, and I suggest starting another basic shop instead of getting a premium shop. Just seems easier if you ask me. 🙂

  26. wow…this stuff is pretty epic, and yes i say epic but i like it…i would definetly buy it…if i had money epic fail ><

  27. Dahlia-wa: lol this is so random, but I felt that I must post this 😛 when I saw those watch rings I was like- OMRG you should wear them on your middle finger! because that way if someone asks you for the time you can just give them the finger! wow… I’m a mean person :P:P

    on another completly irrelevent note- my class went curling today- I fell on my knees, back, and butt- not so fun :S

    on the way back from curling (we walked) there was a epic battle 😛 my teacher went to help somebody that had been pushed into a snowbank up, and because we were on a sidewalk, he ended up throwing her onto the other side of it! lol it was funny 😛 and she landed in snow, so she was ok, just a bit cold and wet 😛

  28. Jay-wa: No, I don’t do track, but I do triathlons. I’m actually mainly a swimmer and that’s why I joined triathlon training, but recently I’ve been coming to love the running. The biking will be better once we can do it outside. I’ve been running for that twice a week, but that’s not enough, so I’ve been running in the fitness room at school during my spares. Except I can’t do that now because apparently I have to go to counsoling. Fun.

  29. andrea-la i swim too. im on my high school swim team but honestly im not very good. they dont cut freshmen lol.

    becki-la i love the crim hat i seriously am asking for it for my b-day

  30. K sorry guys I know I said that I was updating my site and I didn’t! I was having issues getting the pics and videos on the computer. So now I will be updating it for real! So NOW you can click on my name!

  31. Andrea-la=Your poem’s very……..truthful.But you konw God shouldn’t be…..trend..or Thing in your life he should be your everything.Just sayin….

    Jay-wa=I do track.And basketball.
    Do you??

  32. alex-wa im really looking forward to your movie! im really excited.

    emi-la track looks really fun but kinda hard. i love to play basketball in my free time

  33. Lexie-wa Track’s really not that hard.I do the 50 meter dash,the relay,and somtimes the long jump.What position do you like best in basketball?

  34. dahlia-wa: yeah, i might just end up doing that. but my mom was saying she might help me with it, because she loves the idea of my opening a shop to sell my designs, even if they’re only uglies designs.
    i use mostly adobe illustrator to make my designs. but i do use indesign and photoshop some as well, depending on how in-depth the design is and what it’s for.

  35. Emi-la: i love the 50 and the 100 and the 100relay.

    the sports i do, if u can call them sports are track and ballet. i do track in the spring3 hours a week and ballet from August- July, 4.5 hours a week. idk if it should b called a sport though. =D

  36. sports are for the coordanated…. which I am not 😛 I had the best track and field last year though- I sprained my ankle and didn’t have to compete 😛 I do swim though… but they don’t offer that at my school, and that makes me mad 😛

  37. Oooh… there’s a lot of runners here. Unfortunately for me, I swim like a fish but I also happen to run like a fish (Read: I can’t).

    I used to swim at least once a week, if I’m training or smthing it can be up to four during the hols. But I stopped because I hardly have any time. I used to be in cheer but for only a single year, basing (mostly), then the cheer team broke up.

    So that leaves me with my current sports (if it can be called that) contemporary/modern dance. About 3 – 4 hours each practice, and practices are twice a week (currently, because we have an upcoming competition). Very bruising activity because of all the rolling on floor.

    Btw, Anyone watched the latest episode of Heroes on Monday?

  38. Emi-la: I did track last year and the year before that, (and shotput. LONG LIVE SHOTPUT!!) but I get too competative and mean…and I don’t like most of the people on the team. (they wear like SUPER short shorts. It should be illegal) I did softball once, and no. But I’m dying for summer so I can go outside and not freeze to death.

    Andrea-la: Wow. A triatholon sounds hard…

    Trish-la, Ashley-wa: Dancing is a sport! Ballet sounds fun, hard, but fun.

    Haley~Hyperness is ICY: Karate sounds like it would be fun, and empowering!

    Tally&Zane: Is tennis hard? I always thought it’d be fun, but I don’t have any hand-eye corrdination…so..balls hurt

    My friend and I want to make a ping-pong team. Which would be rad.

    everyone have a good day/night/noon. 😀

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