I’m on tour and not posting much, because Goliath just came out! But my auto-updator keeps clanking along, and today’s update is the info for my California events. (Check my Appearances page for info about the whole tour.)

What will you use this comment thread for? I don’t know, but don’t put spoilers here. Put them in the comment thread of this post!

Wednesday, September 28

1010 El Camino Real
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Click here for the facts.

Thursday, September 29

140 Kentucky Avenue
Petaluma, CA 94952

Event info will eventually appear here.

That is all.

53 thoughts on “California!

  1. I was at laverne!!! 🙂 so exciting!!!! I finished Goliath that day but i havent been on the site yet.

    Hi Moonie! I loved ur barking spiders shirt 😉 lol i sat next to u and ur mom

  2. Hey! It was weird to see people who post here @ the book signing. (yes, I’m still obsessing after what, 2 weeks now?) I am being Barlow for Halloween and got the Most Epic Costume Ever by running about a secondhand store. (PLUS BOWLER HAT.) any ideas for added steampunk-ness just to make Barlow MORE obvious anybody?

  3. WAIT. Everybody. I am NOT SURE ‘BOUT THIS. But… I asked Signore Scott about another novel/ novels and he said something (VAGUELY) about… … … … Manga. (yay) like “the London Zoological Society might have some further adventures in manga.” or something like that. Or we can just all burn our computers and wait in the woods until some smart person decides to make a MOOOVVVIIIEEE. I repeat, I am NOT sure about this, so don’t press the panic button.

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