Fan Art Friday (cosmic all-kissing edition)

Hey, all. It’s time for FAF(cake), the cosmic all-kissing edition of Fan Art Friday. I think this needs no explanation, because we all love cake.

Let’s start with Alek and Deryn, shall we?

First a tiny wee gif from UniYuki:


And here’s an eerily similar in style, but way bigger and non-moving, image from Ridgetail95:

She looks like the surprised one here, which tells a story. (Like, he’s figured out her secret and is like, ba-BOOM, and she’s all, “Wha??”)

That’s something I’ve noticed while trawling the interweebz for Dalek lip-on-lip action: every picture tells a story. Sometimes they’ve obviously been together for a while, and are just chillin’; sometimes she’s surprising him, and sometimes it’s the other way around, like the above.

Here’s a case of them having obviously known each other’s secrets for a while, from stkidd (who seems to specialize in kissing fan art!):

Go check out all of stkidd’s art. She has a great one of Deryn snoozing with a sketch of Alek. Heh.

From DanyDiSalvo, here’s one with the ever popular title, “Engine Grease.”

Pretty intense. (And seriously, I do see the title “Engine Grease” a lot. Is THAT what the kids are calling it these days?)

Here, from Miyu999, comes a more comical approach. Clearly it’s right before a battle (“Will we ever see each other again?”), and it also proves what I learned while writing this series: all scenes that feature Bovril are fundamentally awesome.

Note that we’ve made the all-important jump to Alek being on the left side of the frame! Is it just me, or do the vast majority of Dalek kisses have Alek on the right? Is this a geographical thing, like Austria is kissing Britain?


And now an even more comical, in the sense of sequential comics, take on kissing from britata348. (Note that Alek is back where he belongs, on the right!)

And here’s a fanciful image from Art-BandGeek (who we’ve seen here before, but CAKE demanded a revisit) that actually is a bit like a scene from Goliath. (only in that Deryn’s wearing wings. But this was drawn BEFORE yesterday’s art reveal. Hmm.)

And yes, Alek on the right again. Hmm.

Are we bored of Alek and Deryn yet? Never!

But let’s have a slightly different take anyway, another lovely sketch from stkidd:

As the French say: Yowza.

All you naughty shippers, Dr. Barlow is married, you know, and had had two children by 1914!

And finally, one last Dalek kiss, a sweet one from MaiaBlackWolf:

Again, I say: Awww.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for all the kisses!

(Don’t forget: I’m going on tour soon. Check out my Appearances page to see if I’m coming anywhere near you.)

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    Anyways, like the majority of other Dr. Who fans, “Dalek” went straight to “EXTERMINATE!” for me too. Now I need to draw some random crossover fanart…

  2. i know there should be a pic in the next post of deryn and alek eating cake!!! like lady and the tramp with the spaghetti! YES

  3. @deryn sharpie

    Really? We’re ‘sickos’ because we called you out on being homophobic? You can say you’re ‘conservitive’ all you want, but you’re also being a huge jerk. If you’re going to call a girl/girl couple ‘eww’ and call someone a ‘sick puppy’ for daring to like said couple, you’re going to get called homophobic.

    Lilit is confirmed bi/lesbian, so I guess Scott is a ‘sicko’ too.

  4. As a lesbian I certainly hope you don’t think I’m a sicko, deryn sharpie-spof. Because I actually have quite good health; my doctor says I’m in peak physical condition.

  5. Also, definitely also a Doctor Who fan who thought of something different when Scott said “Dalek lip-on-lip action”.

  6. @deryn sharpie-spof: Thinking someone is a sicko for having same-sex attraction, or even for not thinking somebody who is attracted to their own sex is perverted is the very definition of a homophobe. It always feels so good to hear my sexuality be called sick.

    And another thing, I’m disabled, and it offends me that you would equate being sick, something I neither can help nor lessens me in any way as a person, nor makes me morally weaker, as a synonym for wrong or evil.

    And lastly, you sad “ewwwโ€ฆ. wait that would make deryn lesbian!”. Given her confirmed attraction for Alek, a boy, no, it would make her bi. Like me. We exist, thanks.


    Also, Attackfish, I’m glad you mentioned her ableism, too. YOU ARE AWESOME.

  8. @ ally-wa: your comment made me laugh.
    @ deryn- sharpie spof: Please stop with the homophobia. I’m sorry if it freaks you out a little but you’re gonna have to get used to it. I’m straight and it’s not problem with me. You could seriously hurt feelings/ tick people off with these comments.

  9. @Narplaid i totally agree dude! i have one as a pet. i call him Nippy and he lives with our goat and bearcoon!

    Random passer by: “Oh look it’s Yana’s hopes and Dreams!” Passer by pulls out shot gun and shoots. My hopes and Dreams fall to the ground in a broken heap. * sob sob sob*

    ok I’m over it now. My dreams live on in all this awesome fan art.

  11. Even if she is married Volger could at least have a crush on her and Dr. Barlow could go through that whole I-love-you-but-I’m-married dilemma.

  12. i bet alek would scream if he saw the whole varlow thing goin on!!! and then deryn would walk up and be like “pshhh, sisssy” but secretly b thinking “hes just so cute when he screams!”

  13. Ohmygod….. some o’ that’s real cute……. but i did laugh at Dr. Barlow and The count…. just a little………

  14. “Is it just me, or do the vast majority of Dalek kisses have Alek on the right? Is this a geographical thing, like Austria is kissing Britain?”

    Erm… scott-la…

    You *do* know that a ‘Dalek’ is a villain from the Sci-Fi series from Doctor Who, which looks like a massive candie-colored (the newest version) pepper shaker with an egg whisk and toilet plunger sticking out of it, that shoots laz0rs of death and screams ‘EXTERMINATE!!!’ all day…riiiiiiiight?

  15. Yes, “Dalek” is a bit of an unfortunate nickname for cute kissing stuff. Now I’ve got Daleks kissing each other in my brain. Then shooting each other. And yelling EXTERMINATE. While kissing. I wonder if Alek and Deryn can regenerate. GODIAMSOTIRED. Stop trollin the web, and finish your homework, clare. Maybe then you won’t have weird visions and stuff.
    Awesome art as usual. I love cake.

  16. My sister, who came up with the portmanteau couple name of Dalek is a massive Doctor Who fan…she loves how quickly it got picked up by the rest of the fandom ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. @The Joker-la: Still, for all his annoying nasty language, he actually made me laugh. Who knows, maybe he’ll turn up on here soon!

  18. I’m not sure where all the animosity over Deryn being bi or not is coming from. I’m not totally done with Behemoth, but I’ve not read anything that showed her having any emotion but jealousy towards Lilit so far, but she has definitely shown an attraction towards Alek. Now, I wouldn’t really care if she had been attracted to Lilit, I just didn’t see it in the book.

    I can see where people might write fanfic of it, (Sort of falls under “Rule 34-if it exists, there is porn of it.”) but I just don’t see it in the book.

    What I love about Deryn/Dylan is that in that she’s such a model airman. I am a retired female Navy Chief and from what we see of her in her work, she wouldn’t be any different if she could serve openly as a woman. She’s only pretending because she’s forced by society. But she is fully capable, and confident in herself as a female and as a Officer. She’s a really fun and inspiring character.

    I love reading stories like this with my daughter because it allows her to see she can be whatever she wants. The sad thing about any relationship between the two is that it is clearly impossible because of their class differences. Today we can have Prince William marry a commoner, but that is a very recent development… somehow I don’t see this working out with them together.

    @Clare Nice to meet another person named Clare! There are very few of us! (Especially with the spelling that has no i.) -Clare

  19. I’m going to be hated forever, but… I actually kind of, sort of support Newkirk and Deryn. O___O Maybe there should be a crack couple week. That would be a fun time.

  20. @Magialuna:

    It wasn’t that we were arguing that Deryn was bi. I mentioned that I would like to see (in fandom, not in canon and fandom pairing preferences don’t have to make sense, as the huge numbers of Draco/Harry shippers attest to) Lilit/Deryn. Another user responded with some very homophobic comments, calling me sick, and saying that would make Deryn a lesbian, and later called anyone who didn’ t think the pairing was badevilwrong “sickos”. As part of my response, calling said user out on their homophobia and ablism (prejudice against people with disabilities) I said that given her canonical attraction for Alek, being attracted to another girl in a fanwork would make her bi in said fanwork, not lesbian.

  21. first, let me say that a lot and i mean a lot of people like to comment. I had to scroll a bajillion times to get to the bottom, second I love the idea of faf. After i say this, i had to draw something of my own. I’ll try to scan it tonite, hopefully it will be picked next week

  22. cake….1st and 5th one is epical. (If that is a word?) Where did Bovril learn WTF? Volger’s ghost lol.

  23. I kinda hope Alek kisses Deryn… before he realizes she’s a girl. That would make my life. I would simply die of happiness.

    Or, with regards to the picture in the last post, maybe Deryn’ll be doped up on some freaky pain-killing drugs or something and just… you know, does/says stuff. o 3o

  24. these books are the best ive ever read and im just now reading the 2nd book cause my library didnt have it or the first book until now which im in 8th grade and loving these.i dont care who the haterz are but they can build a bridge and get over it!lol anywho you should really come to laurens south carolina though this lil town in the south maybe stupid but theres a couple of us hardcore steampunk readers! (p.s. im one of them) one quick question though….Are you going to write a 4th book? i hope you do cause i dont want the seeries to just end on book 3 its to good to do that.thanks bye!

  25. hey scott, ive been looking for some cheap steampunk clothing and im a gtirl but i prefer the guys steampunk look. if you have any ideas please contac me at with the info it would be great to hear from thanks. oh and yeah i did my gmail account after your first book i loved it so much thanks again bye!

  26. Please, Scott, I beg you. Stop calling them Dalek. It isn’t that I don’t ship them–they’re, like, one of my main ships– it’s what you call them. Dalek. That’s a squshy alien inside an inpenetrable shell (they look prettty steampunk, actually) that wants to kill all nations/species other than Daleks. They’re from Doctor Who, the best damn British TV I ever saw.

    See my problem? Dalek==Monster (boohaha kill everyone variety)

    Kay? Kay.


  27. Hey, Mr. Westerfeld? If you’re reading this, I was wondering if “Peeps” is the first book in the series. Is it?
    Thanks a bunch! ~btw I absolutly LOVE the “Uglies” series!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  28. Random Levvy crew :*sees any รณ the smooches b4 him* That DOES IT! I’m abandoning ship! *ramms into window,window shatters,falls* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGHH

  29. But not in the Bonus Chapter, or the rookery scene in Goliath, or the third-page illustration from topside-in-the-storm. The full page one, I don’t know)

    But in most fanart (which I spend sad hours drowning myself in), he IS on the right.

    *cue Bovril’s maniacal laughter*

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