Me in San Diego (PLUS VOTING!)

Okay, so it’s time to vote for the next Manual of Aeronautics art reveal. But first, my appearances at San Diego Comic Con have been finalized. There will be two signings, one panel, and two Cool Random Things. Keep reading to find out what those are.

Thursday July 12
Signing at Mysterious Galaxy Booth #1119
I’ll be signing and chatting to anyone who drops by, and there will be plenty of my books for sale. SPECIAL RANDOM THING: Mysterious Galaxy may have secret advanced copies of The Manual of Aeronautics, which you can actually buy! There will be a code word or something. (Check back here to see if this becomes a real thing, rather than a thing that didn’t really happen, because I dreamt it.)

UPDATE: Yeah, this is real. Twelve copies only. First twelve peeps in line for this signing gets to buy one each. (The code word is “WEASEL-FACE”!)

Saturday, July 14
Me having coffee with you.
That’s right. SPECIAL RANDOM THING 2 is that during Comic Con I will announce a phone number via this blog and my twitter (@scottwesterfeld). Text the name “SCOTT” to this number to be automatically entered into a contest. The winner of this contest will have coffee with me on Saturday at 4PM, at Comic Con. Or maybe instead of coffee we will saunter across the convention floor and pose with Full Metal Alchemist cosplayers. That is the sort of thing that would be fun. (I asked, and you will NOT be signed up for spam by entering this contest. But you will received a text asking you to opt in for more “news and offers.”)

UPDATE: New rules: Just go by the Simon & Schuster booth (#1138) to find out how to enter.

Sunday July 15th
Room 25ABC
I’m on a panel called: What’s Hot in YA, with Kami Garcia (Beautiful Creatures series), Tahereh Mafi (Shatter Me), Lish McBride (Necromancing The Stone), Leigh Bardugo (Shadow and Bone), Melina Marchetta (The Lumatere Chronicles), Myra McEntire (Hourglass series), James Dashner (The Maze Runner series), and moderator Nathan Bransford (Jacob Wonderbar series). After the panel is another signing:

Sunday July 15th
Autograph area AA09 in the Sails Pavilion
Signing with me will be all the people above, plus bonus guest Veronica Rossi (Under the Never Sky). My books will be for sale here too, but I can’t guarantee there will be any Manual of Aeronautics left.

And finally, if you’re in Sydney instead of San Diego, you might want to check out my wife Justine’s book launch for Team Human:

Thursday, July 12
Kinokuniya Sydney
Lvl 2, The Galeries, 500 George Street
Sydney, Australia 2000

Justine will be in conversation with the lovely and talented Margo Lanagan. Come say hi! It’s free and stuff. Click here for the event details on Facebook.


This will be the all-beastie extravaganza! Would you rather see . . .

1) The mighty Behemoth!

2) The fearsome spike-pooing flechette bat!

3) Or the all-knowing message lizard!?!

How do you even DECIDE such a thing when the choices are so awesomely Thompson-esque?

Oh right. You decide by voting—by number, please. And as always, feel free to use this comment thread to debate and inveigle your co-commenters.

Let the voting begin. See some of you at SDCC.

Team Human Chat Tonight

UPDATE: This chat already happened. But you can read the transcript here. It’s pretty funny, I think.


Just a reminder that I’m doing a chat tonight with with Justine Larbalestier and Sarah Rees Brennan, co-authors of the upcoming book, Team Human.

Here are some ways in which the chat may be interesting:

1) Sarah and Justine wrote the novel together in secret. They didn’t even tell their agents! (Sort of like eloping.)

2) It was the first novel either of them had collaborated on.

3) They have very different writing styles. (Sarah outlines everything. Justine wings it.)

4) They live on different continents. (Sarah was in Ireland during the writing, and Justine in NYC.)

5) And finally, the book itself is a paranormal romance, but it’s not about a girl who’s in love with the vampire. It’s about her best friend . . .

Basically, Team Human is the story what happens when your best friend falls in love, and then starts ignoring you. Except when she’s telling you in endless detail how amazing her new boyfriend is, or when she comes to cry on your shoulder when things aren’t working out. In short, TH is about how friendship can suffer when love is in the air, and about how much worse the suffering gets when the new boyfriend is a gorgeous immortal bloodsucker, and wants to turn your BFF into one too.

So we’ll probably be discussing the genre of paranormals overall, and how Sarah and Justine wanted to shake the usual formula up a bit.

But when does this chat happen?

Tonight! (Sunday, July 8)
8PM Eastern US Time

5PM on the west coast and 10AM Monday in Australia.

And here’s the official trailer:

Team Human Birthday!

Team Human is out now! (In both the US and Australia. w00T!)

Click here for more about the book. Or here to read some of the scintillating reviews.

Here’s the awesome trailer!

If you do Twitter, there will be a big tweet-up about the book AT SIX PM TODAY (US east coast time) with the co-authors, Justine Larbalestier and Sarah Rees Brennan. Here are the details:

UPDATE: The tweet-up is over now but it went splendidly, and trended WORLDWIDE!

If you missed the tweet-up, come chat with all three of us at on Sunday:

Sunday July 8
8PM US-ET (5PM Pacific Time, 10AM Monday AUS-ET)

We’ll be discussing what it’s like to collaborate on a novel, which should be interesting. Click here to find out more.

Okay, that’s it. See you on Friday for FAF!

More Sydney Appearances

Thanks to everyone for a fantastic time at Kinokuniya’s Free Comic Book Day. There was cake. I have proof:

Lots of people brought me cool fan art, which I’ll be sharing with you next Friday.

For you Sydneysiders who missed me, I’ll be appearing twice more in the next two weeks. The first one:

The Aurealis Awards
Saturday, May 12
7:30 for an 8PM start
Independent Theatre
269 Miller Street
North Sydney NSW 2060

The Aurealis Awards celebrate the achievements of Australian science fiction, fantasy and horror writers every year. Kate Forsyth with be mistress of ceremonies, and I’ll be presenting the award for Best Illustrated Book or Graphic Novel.

You can get tickets here.

And the second:

Sydney Writers Festival
A Neverending Story: Fantasy Worlds
Sunday, May 20
Me, Isobelle Carmody, Justine Larbalestier, and Joy Lawn (facilitator)
Sydney Dance 4, Pier 4/5, Hickson Road, Walsh Bay

From steampunk to the supernatural, from urban fantasies to dystopian futures, our love affair with speculative fiction is all-consuming.

Three authors who create imagined worlds explore our enduring fascination with fantasy and unpick the complexities of the genre. Isobelle Carmody, Scott Westerfeld and Justine Larbalestier talk to Joy Lawn.

Here’s the online details for this event.

And finally, here’s a little promo for my sister-in-law’s new e-book start-up, SnappyAnt. Her first app is an animated and read-out-loud iPad version of a picture book called My Mom’s the Best, by Rosie Smith, with illustrations by Bruce Whatley. You know, for Mother’s Day!

It’s all about wee baby beasties interacting with their moms, and is very cute.

Note that in Australia and UK iTunes store, it comes in its original Oz-English version: My Mum’s the Best. (Fight the power!)

You can check it out at the iTunes store.

Okay, that’s it. See you on Friday for FAFF, if not sooner.

Real Live Stuff of My Dreams

Last April Fool’s Day I was a bit bad, revealing a fake illustration from the upcoming Goliath. But today, even though it’s getting close to April 1, I am being TOTALLY FOR REAL with a random round-up of things that reality stole from ME:


A company called Helimalibu provides flying cameras for “a variety of industries such as, Residential and Commercial Real Estate, high-level inspections for electric towers or HV lines, or for land survey and construction purposes.” The film industry is considering using cameras of this type for movie-making. And, of course, police are using flying drones in all sort of ways.

For more, read this story at FastCompany.

Aviatrixes of Yore!

That’s Amelia Earhart, aviatrix, trailblazing woman, and paragon of goggled hotness. I want that jacket.

Ganked from this story at QuiteContinental.


These paintings by Bill Pullman, a meteorological painter, attempt to recreate what the Tunguska Event in Siberia looked like to those on the ground. This is the meteor (or something) strike that leveled millions of trees and for which Nicola Tesla attempts to take credit in Goliath.

Flash Tattoos!

Thanks to everyone who tweeted to me about Nokia’s patent on vibrating tattoos. For those of you who missed the low-information internet storm about these tattoos, they’re skinplanted ferro-magnetic patches that respond to a device (like a phone), so you can feel a very personal buzz when you have a call/message/eBay auction to attend to.

I’m sure at some point many of us will have implanted devices to make interfacing with the internet and machines easier, but I have one problem with a ferro-magnetic tattoo. What happens if some April Fool’s Day prankster develops a “buzz broadcaster,” a device that gives everyone around them a great big vibration?

Nothing good, I’m sure.

That’s it. Have a fun April Fool’s Day, and try not to be evil.

Shay’s Story Spoiler Zone


Use the comment thread of this post to discuss Shay’s Story. And if you haven’t read it yet, GO ELSEWHERE.

I know what you’re saying. “But I’ve read the Uglies series five times. What new can I possibly learn?” Well, don’t forget that new points of view mean new information. Shay’s Story will reveal all sorts of previously unknown things!

And, as is traditional, we must always remember this comment from back in May 2006, in the Specials spoiler thread:

oh god, i read the spoiler section before i read the book. i would have read the book by now but the bookstore doesn’t have it in yet! i got the first two before the sale date. why can’t i do that now!? crap i can’t believe i read the spoiler section…crap

Let these lamentations be a warning to you. And let the spoilage begin!

Uglies Manga Imminent

Several things:

1) Uglies: Shay’s Story comes out TODAY, March 6. (!!)

2) I don’t have the art for the Smoke reveal yet, but I will soon.

3) There is going to be a trailer for the graphic novel, also soon! (Not this one, a real one.)

4) I want to do a meet-up on the Forum soon, maybe a week after Shay’s Story comes out, so we can all talk about it. What time and day is good for you guys?

5) And finally, here’s a list my previous blog entries on Shay’s Story, just to whet your appetites.

Here’s how we worked together to create the manga.

An interview with Girls Read Comics Too.

A WesterForum meet-up in which I answer a LOT of questions.

And here are all the reveals:
Rusty Ruins
Dr. Cable
and Croy!

And here’s, you know, the cover:

Pre-order Shay’s Story at Indie Bound,, or Amazon. Or buy it at a bookstore or comics store starting NOW!

Nook owners can buy Shay’s Story by clicking here.

For iPad owners, the Shay’s Story page on iTunes is right here. It says you can read it on your iPhone, but you’d better have pretty good eyes, because it’s fixed width format. iPad is way better.

Australians wishing to shop online can get it pretty cheap from Fishpond.

Shared Worlds Workshop

I recently contributed to a cool fundraising effort for Shared Worlds, a teen fantasy and science fiction writing camp in South Carolina.

Artist Jeremy Zerfoss created a tableaux of fanciful monsters, and each writer chose one to write a short description about.

Click here to see the full-size work, and click on any monster for its description. See if you can find mine!

From that page, you can donate to Shared Worlds or register if you think attending would be fun. It’s open to 8th through 12th Graders.

Here’s the press release from Shared Worlds:

Neil Gaiman, Lev Grossman, Scott Westerfeld, and thirty-seven more of the most imaginative writers from around the world have contributed to Shared Worlds’ “Critter Map,” a webpage of fantastical beasts. Their whimsical descriptions of imaginary creatures created by pop artist Jeremy Zerfoss are in support of the Shared Worlds registration and fund drive for 2012. Every summer up to 50 teen writers come to Shared Worlds SF/F Teen Writing Camp at Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina, from as far away Japan to participate in this unique camp. This year, registrants include teens from all parts of the United States as well as Germany and Indonesia. Wofford College provides a structured, supervised environment in which the students can excel and demonstrate their creativity.

At Shared Worlds, the students form teams in classrooms to build entire fantasy or science fictional worlds in the first week and then write stories in those worlds the second week. Top professional writers are on hand to provide feedback and to conduct workshops. The guest writers for the 2012 include New York Times bestsellers Julianna Baggott, Naomi Novik, and Tobias Buckell as well as Prix Award Winner Karin Lowachee and Hugo Award winner Ann VanderMeer. The teens also get to attend author readings, take fieldtrips to bookstores, and create videos about their imaginary worlds. Shared Worlds also publishes an annual book of the students’ writing.

“For many of our students, Shared Worlds is a transformational experience,” said the camp’s assistant director, fantasy writer Jeff VanderMeer. ”They not only learn more about writing, they also get to have fun solving problems in in the world-building groups, and they form what will probably turn out to be life-long friendships with like-minded teens.”

The “Critter Map” is the cornerstone of a donation drive intended to ensure that attending the Shared Worlds Teen Writing Camp can be a possibility for all registered students, no matter what their financial need.

Click here for more info about Shared Worlds.

Tally Revealed!

I was all ready to reveal the manga version of Tally this week, and then realized that I didn’t have the final versions of the right pages. Oops. Then there was a bit of miscommunication, but now at last I have them!

So we are delaying Fan Art Friday (often known as Fan Art Sunday) for the Tally character reveal.

Remember that Shay’s Story (AKA “The Uglies Manga”) is all from Shay’s POV, and therefore starts about six months before the events of Uglies, back when Shay and Zane are pals. So Tally doesn’t enter until Zane and Shay have planned to run away and then “chickened out.” (That’s what they told Tally in Pretties, but it’s more complicated than that in reality.)

But when Tally appears, we are fully into the same events as Uglies, so some of the scenes below will be familiar. It’s kind of interesting, duplicating some Uglies scenes almost exactly, but in an entirely new context and from a different point of view.

Of course, there are some times when Devin and I decided to skip over a lot of the scenes in Uglies, using the wonder of montage! You may recognize these flashes from the book, when Tally and Shay are getting to be friends.

Here’s a close-up of a familiar scene in Uglies that gets swept past in this montage:

This scene is also directly from the book, but here only lasts one frame. It’s quite illuminating to see Steven’s vision of it:

What’s interesting is, when you read the book, Tally is the protagonist and is therefore the center of attention in this scene. But in the version above, you can see that Shay is the featured character. She’s literally foregrounded.

And finally, here’s an argument between Tally and Shay at a certain key point in the story:

Click here for a bigger version of this one.

The dialog is directly from the book, but as you can see, Tally has her back to us and we see Shay’s expression.

I didn’t realize any of this (at least, the visual aspect of it) until I started to look for shots of Tally, and realized that there were very few of her. Most of the time, she’s in the background and Shay’s doing something. Because the comic is all about Shay.

But there is a great shot of Tally from near the end of the book, when they’re in the Smoke. So here’s frizzy-haired, not very confident, under-suspicion Tally:

Hope you like her.