Dr. Cable Reveal

The voting was fierce and furious, and David won in the end. (I think so, anyway. Counting is hard.) And yet there is a prize for second place, Dr. Cable-lovers, and this is it!

So here in all her full-page glory is Dr. Cable from Shay’s Story, the manga adaptation of Uglies!

And don’t forget to click here for the BIG version!

Hope you like her. I think she’s the right mix of pretty, intimidating, and older than all the other characters. (She’s been around a while, after all.) Of course, it would be cool if we could hear her razor voice too . . .

Can you figure out where this scene is?

Fan Art Friday (Actually on Friday Edition)

It’s Friday (in the US, anyway), which means it’s time for excuses about why I don’t have Fan Art Friday up yet. But this week I thought I’d do something different, and put up some fan art!

Let us start with this fantastic video by The10thDecision, which is a sort of greatest hits of Leviathan fan art—plus some I haven’t seen before.

I quite enjoyed that. It’s a lovely reminder of how talented and wonderful you all are!

This is a pretty cool picture from one of my favorite settings in the Leviathan series—the ratlines! It’s by leaffystar19.

It’s cool to see a super-dramatic event like this that’s non-canonical. Because, you know, Alek could have slipped and almost fallen at some point while he was first getting used to the ratlines, and it wasn’t even worth mentioning in the novels.

Here’s a very . . . interesting picture of Volger from aieeetheygotfrank, who explains:

I’m not really used to drawing Volger, and there’s something very off about this… I think it’s because of the hair, but that’s the whole point of this so I don’t really know, lol. So anyway, this is kind of if Volger like lost his hair in the war or I don’t know? Like he had his scalp blown off? And now he has to wear a duck to cover it up? I don’t know? Question mark?

So I give you, Duck-Head Volger!

Can Duck-Head Volger fan fiction be far behind? (Thanks to our own Tobu for suggesting this.)

For you Uglies fans, here’s a cool Tally-wa triptych from totalimmortal220akasean:

These are pretty cool, especially because they remind me of the German covers of the Uglies trilogy, which looked like this:

See what I mean? Kind of like dolls, in the scary-doll sense.

And finally, here’s the obligatory Goliath Bonus Chapter fan art of the week, “Lad in a Dress,” from Caroline:

Alek has a sort of “Does this bustle make my butt look big?” vibe here. (YES, ALEK, IT DOES.)

Okay, that’s it for FAF. See you next Friday!

In the middle of next week, I’ll be revealing Dr. Cable from Uglies: Shay’s Story, aka the Uglies manga. I’m sure you’ll be TERRIFIED of her.

In the meantime, keep the fan art coming.

David Revealed

The voting for the next character reveal has swayed back and forth for the last week. It’s been so tight between David and Dr. Cable that I’m not even going to count the votes. I shall declare David the winner, and reveal Dr. Cable next week.

So without further ado, here is David:

Wouldn’t you love to see that dialog box on the left side? WOULDN’T YOU? Well, you’re not going to, because that would be wrong.

Shay’s Story begins about six months before Uglies, back when Shay and Zane are pals in an ugly gang known as the Crims. And, as related in the novels, Shay and Zane were going to run away to the Smoke with David’s help, but they “chickened out.” At least that’s what they told Tally.

Of course, the stories we tell about uncomfortable events in the past are often oversimplified. So I decided to come up with a more interesting reason for them to bail, resulting in Zane becoming pretty and Shay moping around until she meets Tally.

I won’t reveal here what really happened, but I can say without spoilage that Shay and David do spend a certain amount of time arguing . . .

Of course, as we all know from the novels, they do get together later in the Smoke.

There’s also some cavorting on the roller coaster . . .

One thing I liked about writing Shay’s Story (with Devin Grayson) was revisiting key locales from the original novels, like the roller coaster. Especially since we get to SEE them now. I love the way that artist Steven Cummings has made the Rusty Ruins come alive. (Well, it’s kind of dead. But you know what I mean.) In fact, I think I’ll do a whole reveal just for the Ruins.

Anyway, that’s it for this reveal. Next week it’s the deliciously evil Dr. Cable!

You can pre-order Shay’s Story at Indie Bound, BarnesandNoble.com, or Amazon. Or buy it on March 6 at a proper bookstore.

Fan Art Friday (Actual Friday Edition!)

So David and Dr. Cable are pretty much tied in the voting for next week’s character reveal, and I’m missing some final images for them, so I thought I’d do an actual Fan Art Friday while the election continues!

Without further ado . . .

Here are three pieces from kikane on DeviantArt, showing Deryn and Alek in a semi-chibi mode:

They are so sweet! And I love all version of chibi-flying-whale.

From Savannah comes the unlikely genre of Legend Zelda/Goliath crossover!

I kind of like steampunk in its cute-comic form.

From Abigail, another in the new genre of Goliath Bonus Chapter art, aka Alek in a dress!

Of course, if they’re going up to Scotland to visit Deryn’s mom one day, we might get something like this scene from from Camille, featuring Deryn and Alek in kilts:

And here’s some cross-dressing cosplay from Lauren:

And from McKenna, a drawing of Deryn on a Huxley, looking down at the ground with a pensive expression:

From Ashley-wa, an entry into the classic put-yourself-in-the-ugies-cover genre:

And from Sophie, an Uglies cover collage:

I also got a huge PDF of Clanker and Darwinist designs from a class in Edwards, Colorado. Here’s one of them by “BBA”:

I’ll be featuring more of these works in future FAFs.

And finally, I don’t know who this is from. Identify yourself!

Okay, that’s it for today’s FAF.

Don’t forget to keep voting between David and Dr. Cable, and remember that Shay’s Story now comes out March 6. That’s in

Everything Is Late

Fan Art Friday is super late now, so I’m just waiting till . . . Friday. #isuck

But as you can see, I’ve made up for it below.

But first, shall we vote on the next character reveal? Here are your choices:

Dr. Cable
Random Special

Hmm. This one might be a bit easy. In any case, use this comments thread to vote, argue, and otherwise inveigle!

In the meantime, please enjoy this entire PAGE of art from Shay’s Story. It’s from early in the books, when Shay, Zane, and the other Crims are sneaking into New Pretty Town.

But what you really want to see is the BIGGER and ZOOMABLE version!
So click here for that.

And now to repeat the annoying news: The release date for Shay’s Story has been delayed a week due to paper shortages. (Because we decided to make it bigger, so you can see all the art better!) It now comes out March 6, 2012.

Pre-order Shay’s Story at Indie Bound, BarnesandNoble.com, or Amazon. Or buy it on March 6 at a proper bookstore.

Tally Revealed!

I was all ready to reveal the manga version of Tally this week, and then realized that I didn’t have the final versions of the right pages. Oops. Then there was a bit of miscommunication, but now at last I have them!

So we are delaying Fan Art Friday (often known as Fan Art Sunday) for the Tally character reveal.

Remember that Shay’s Story (AKA “The Uglies Manga”) is all from Shay’s POV, and therefore starts about six months before the events of Uglies, back when Shay and Zane are pals. So Tally doesn’t enter until Zane and Shay have planned to run away and then “chickened out.” (That’s what they told Tally in Pretties, but it’s more complicated than that in reality.)

But when Tally appears, we are fully into the same events as Uglies, so some of the scenes below will be familiar. It’s kind of interesting, duplicating some Uglies scenes almost exactly, but in an entirely new context and from a different point of view.

Of course, there are some times when Devin and I decided to skip over a lot of the scenes in Uglies, using the wonder of montage! You may recognize these flashes from the book, when Tally and Shay are getting to be friends.

Here’s a close-up of a familiar scene in Uglies that gets swept past in this montage:

This scene is also directly from the book, but here only lasts one frame. It’s quite illuminating to see Steven’s vision of it:

What’s interesting is, when you read the book, Tally is the protagonist and is therefore the center of attention in this scene. But in the version above, you can see that Shay is the featured character. She’s literally foregrounded.

And finally, here’s an argument between Tally and Shay at a certain key point in the story:

Click here for a bigger version of this one.

The dialog is directly from the book, but as you can see, Tally has her back to us and we see Shay’s expression.

I didn’t realize any of this (at least, the visual aspect of it) until I started to look for shots of Tally, and realized that there were very few of her. Most of the time, she’s in the background and Shay’s doing something. Because the comic is all about Shay.

But there is a great shot of Tally from near the end of the book, when they’re in the Smoke. So here’s frizzy-haired, not very confident, under-suspicion Tally:

Hope you like her.

Fan Art Friday (For Realz)

Okay, it’s time to get rid of our protest-y black boxes, and check out the real version of FAF. My apologies for making you wait!

Here’s CatieKay’s rendition of a CERTAIN SCENE from Goliath.

Super atmospheric, with lightning! For some reason, the katakana in the lower left is defeating me. Can anybody translate? (Ka-i-ri-so? My Japanese sucks these days.)

And from Unforgiven-Unloved, check out Alek’s expression. He is in LURVE.

And the last of the SOPA-edits is AvistheArtistGeek, with her Leviathan Xmas decorations. 3-D FAF!

Just imagine little wee Deryn climbing up a Christmas tree on the tinsel ratlines. SO MUCH KAWAII.

But wait. There’s more!

Here’s a cartoon from fellie220:

There’s just not enough marker in fan art! Love the lurid colors! (Love typing “lurid,” too.)

And here’s some bonus chapter fan art, from Melissa M:

Volger looks funnier in a lizard head than I imagined him. But of course, IT’S VOLGER IN A LIZARD HEAD. (Not to mention: TAZZA WITH A HALO!)

This one’s for all of you who want the Leviathan series updated to World War II. It’s also a fandom cross-over move, with Deryn and Alek in Hetalia mode. (Hetalia is a web-comic that anthropomorphizes the countries of WWII in comical and stereotypical fashion—and, as pointed out in the comics below, has been adapted into a manga and anime.)

Interestingly, it’s actually a collaboration between top-cap and magic-the-echidna, who did half each of the image. Click here for a larger version.

And from RakWel we have an Uglies cover redux!

Everything is very manga and Japanesque today, isn’t it?

And now for a vanishingly rare species: So Yesterday fan art!

Anybody remember the purple hand scene? ANYBODY? (Seriously, SO Yesterday is my book that the least people have read. GO FIX THAT.)

We’ve seen work from Art-Band Geek a few times here, but I thought this was a touching scene:

Dalek looks happy there. Happy Dalek is a good Dalek.

And finally here’s an alternate Clanker walker from Tyler:

It’s not from the books, but it totally has that clunky Clanker look.

That’s it! Don’t forget, there will be a reveal of Tally from Shay’s Story (aka the Uglies Manga) early next week. Like, Monday or Tuesday.

Also, some slightly annoying news: The release date for Shay’s Story has been delayed a week, due to paper shortages! But that’s only because the publisher wanted to make it bigger, so you can see all the lovely art.

It now comes out March 6, 2012.

Belated FAF

It’s Sunday afternoon here in Sydney, and late Saturday night in the US, which can only mean one thing:

Fan Art Friday!

Of course, I have an excuse for being slow, which is that I ended the week with a big reveal of Zane from Uglies: Shay’s Story, the graphic novel/manga version of how Shay met the original ugly Crims. (A lot of you thought Zane was insufficiently ugly. Of course, uglies in the Tally’s world aren’t really ugly, just normal. That is the point of the series, by the way!)

Ever since saying I was out of fan art, I’ve been deluged. So I won’t be posting it all here today. But don’t worry, if you’ve sent me something, it will show up one day soon.

Let us get started. Here are a couple of cool images from gorrin, who has a lovely pastelly style.

I love seeing the Leviathan in color, and roaring!

And here’s the rare pieces of fan art showing the steam-powered elephants of Istanbul! (Why aren’t more of you guys drawing them?)

I like these two Dalek drawings by Shirushi-sanbusaku. The first shows our pair looking a bit sozzled and having a dance:

And the other is, you know, what happens after the dance.

Note that Shirushi-sanbusaku also did Darwinist Rock on YouTube!

Here’s a piece that’s not really fan art. A fan of mine was at a show by his art teacher, John W. Bartlett, and found this drawing . . .

. . . and said, “Tazza!” and took a picture to send to me. Of course, it’s just your average thylacine, but we thought we’d show you it anyway. (With the permission of Mr. Bartlett, of course.) Tasmanian tigers are so distinctive, which is why so many of us wish they were still around.

Here’s a very cute cartoon from Levi, showing the airship/kappa/cruiser battle from Chapters 14-15 of Goliath:

I love the expression on the face of the Kaiserin Elizabeth, the Austrian cruiser. (That was a real ship, by the way.)

And here’s some more Dalek, by Carly, which shows Alek in some colorful clothes, for one. (Maybe once he’s no longer a prince, he can indulge his innate love of color!)

I quite like this Dalek pairing by TheLanguidClown:

And finally, for you My Little Pony fans, here’s a mix between Rainbow Dash and Deryn, by Agehachou. I’m not sure if this is a real reference to Deryn, or whether it’s just generic steampunk/My Little Pony crossover. (Because that happens all the time.)

Still, check it out:

Just noticed that this week’s FAF was all Leviathan. Does any Uglies fan art exist based on Steven Cumming’s drawings for Shay’s Story? If so, send it my way!

Okay, that’s it for the moment. There is more fan art in the shed, and it will be here in a week. (Less than that, really.)

Zane Wins!

To be sure, it was really close. Zane and Tally were only about two votes apart. (I say “about,” because it is boring to count these things accurately.) So let’s just reveal Zane this week and Tally next.


So without further ado, here is (ugly) Zane!

You may recall that the Crims were an ugly gang before they were a pretty clique, and Shay was a member way back then. The manga starts with Shay’s first meeting with Zane and the Crims, which is months before she knew Tally at all.

Note also that Zane has blond hair back in his ugly days. He didn’t get all black-haired and goth-y till he becomes a pretty. (In manga world, white hair more or less means blond.)

I like this bit of dialog between Zane and Shay. Plus, I HAD to show you some hoverboards.

And finally a panel that involves SLIGHTLY BIGGER SPOILERS, we learn that a dog whistle plays a major part in Shay’s Story. (Okay, maybe not a major part. But enough to go “ta-da” about.)

Hope you enjoyed that. Next week we’ll be back with Tally Youngblood. And Fan Art Friday will be going up on Saturday, because otherwise I’d have to post two days in a row. And it’s my year off, yo.

Pre-order Shay’s Story at Indie Bound, BarnesandNoble.com, or Amazon. Or buy it on February 28 at a proper bookstore.

Character Reveal Voting

As promised, I’ll be revealing a character from Uglies: Shay’s Story (aka the Uglies manga) every week between now and February 28, when it comes out.

I showed you a bit of Croy last week, of course. So who shall it be this time around?

Dr. Cable?

Shay has already been revealed, of course. Ugly Shay, anyway.

Note that we won’t be revealing anyone in their pretty form (well, except Dr. Cable and some random residents of New Pretty Town) until Book 2.

Use this comments thread to vote, debate, inveigle, coerce, and otherwise pressure your peers.

You can pre-order Shay’s Story at Indie Bound, BarnesandNoble.com, or Amazon. Or purchase it on February 28 at bricks-and-mortar stores everywhere.